How many have or will obtain “Jîgglesworth Sr“ today?

Cut the crap you can easily search for a laid back guild who do casual raiding


I GOT IT!!!.


Congratz m8 :slight_smile:

Planing to host a pug on friday as normal for unexperienced people and those without achievement as I’ve done with nathria and sanctum. Has gone fine so far so expecting to get my cat then.


Update. 2 bosses left…

After 4 groups and countless wipes people still can’t get thier heads around lord of dread… If I had any hair (I’m not bald, I shave my head) then I’d be pulling it out at this point…


The amount of pugs i’ve joined since reset alone all dropping at lords…
I haven’t slept all night my intention was to get the cat mount and then go to bed; so I guess I’m not going to bed then.

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Ye it was kinda crazy to see how many that failed the mechanics on “Dreads” it isn’t even that hard :stuck_out_tongue: but ppl just go in and blast without any clue.

Had similar problems last week in SOD with Fatescribe!

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Just got done with it.

From an honest heart, not trying to be toxic; The raids were a joke on normal… did all three raids with LESS than 10 wipes combined.

I can’t see how people are complaining about having to do normal for this.

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This are the wipes I had:
CN: 1 daddy D
SOD: 2 fatescribe, 2 Sylvanas
SOF: Dread 2, 1 Jailer

Cleared normal so I could get myself a dinar and got the mount as well :slight_smile: Got a heroic raid with the guild soon-ish.
now can lfr get the mount too so other people can be happy as well?

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I don’t know what to buy with my dinar yet. I already have good trinkets and weapons. So I guess I have to take the weapon that looks coolest :stuck_out_tongue: or useable as off-spec.

Gg and Gz on mount :slight_smile:

Painsmith’s fist weapon for me, it’s doing trinket level damage :grin:
That being saaaid if you want a pretty weapon, the weapon from the nine on mythic is awesome, same for LFR. I just don’t know what to use to fit it with my transmog style

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Ye I wish I did the run on my paladin instead of my Druid. I’m a bit more limited now in mogs :smiley: but I did get the mount from the nine on my very first fated SOD run. Always something at least :smiley:

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some random draenei was saying i don’t know how to play my main class (Guardian druid) cause i had gavel of the first arbither (best dinar purchase according to both wowhead and icyveins).

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Got the mount today.

No guild, no friends, full pug.

Overall it wasn’t too bad. A couple of wipes on some mechanical bosses, but nothing to lose your mind for. Worst boss was probably Sylvanas with 4 wipes because the encounter was simply too long.

The hardest part was finding people that didn’t leave after 1 wipe or that didn’t want to kick someone at the last boss after doing 3 hours of raid. Seriously, there’s some really toxic trash in raids. Not even pvp is like this.

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Update 2.

I STILL need lord’s and jailer … I’ve collectively spent around 10 hours in SOF today…

Found a really nice guild group who just needed a couple of pugs. The only problem? Fresh clear…

“Sod it” I thought, “I’ll power through, at least they seem to know what they’re doing…”
And my gods did they! We were popping off, boss after boss drops without a single wipe, we were the most poggers group ever to be created…
But then, just as we down Rygelon and the possibility of finally killing Lord’s enters my mind… The world crumbles beneath my feet…

“Thanks for coming everyone, we’re going to call it a night here”.

Tilted doesn’t even begin to describe it…

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The guild got 'em a couple hours ago.
Kinda nice but… was anyone else hoping for something a little… cuter?
like a slime version of the Sunwarmed Furline?
still a cool design all the same.

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Ye I wish it was like this:

But hey, it is kinda cool now too. :slight_smile:

Ohhh noooo! Can you join them tomorrow for last bosses?

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Thank you and again thank you. With our guild we just do normal because we just want to get the mount first, then maybe some heroic.

I’m going away to visit my mum today and I wont be back until Sunday.