How many have or will obtain “Jîgglesworth Sr“ today?

Really unfortunately that all groups collapsed on the last bosses :confused: hopefully will you get it this reset at least.

Have a nice trip tho :slight_smile:

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That was brutally unlucky to say the least, Jailer is literally a dummy, they just needed to hold the raid together for like 5 min longer to be completely done with it.

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Compared last week Sylvanas or even before that Big Daddy D?
Jailor boy is just a war of attrition
Either your team get bored and dissolves or the Jailer eventually die

You are really out of luck. Totally random group yesterday, first group I came across in lfr. No requirements, nothing. 0 wipes, few deaths total, max speed. Also, the people I spoke to had a similar experience.

Relax, maybe take a little break and everything will come to its own. You’re out of luck and that’s it.

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When does the fated events end? I missed the first week so I hope I’m not too late to get the achivement and mount.

Here you go

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I’ll never get this. A mount I likely wouldn’t have used in any case.

LFR is tough enough to require a gear level (higher than catch up gear too) but not “worthy” of getting a mount (when you can get dozens of them from various sources, so hardly the a massive reward).

I’d be ok with this, if the mount could be acquired later in legacy loot (with 1% as usual).

Well it turned out I was right
The Lords gave us a headache, but had an awesome pug team
Jailor? Not even noticed we killed it
The most anoying part were, like in LFR, those nasty big ball-mobs with reality shape ability…
Whoever designed those have a twisted cruel mind

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I missing 3 last bosses on nathria. Hopefully will get it done next week but stuff in IRL might prevent that, and if so, will have to wait till next rotation.

I got mine yesterday! All HC runs and I’m very happy with it.

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never understood people who shave their heads and arent bald… why u do dis?

Just got it and am happy! The Jailer was a bit anti-climatic after all that but guess it’s fitting for a lame villian. :rofl:

Laziness mostly.

can blizzard please fix the spread legs on Mr Jig glesworth my night elf model spread her legs way to much on this saber…
How it looks ingame
how saber suppose to look


Must… resist… stupid … and dirty… Goldshire joke
I must!
But jokes aside, you are right, It looks indeed… strange
Draenei do the same…ish.
Maybe intentional? It is a broad back we sit on… :thinking:


Since 9.1 I have been maining my hunter again to get the lego bow and I also wanted to get the Tazavesh mount and the Cat mount.
As of yesterday I have got all of these.

And just like the ghost lady in the Casper movie I am about to cross over (until the prepatch)!

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:rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat: :rat:

I am excited that I can go back to playing other games!

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My guild group cleared everything up until Jailer on heroic, but we ran out of time.

Will get it this sunday for certain.

Nope and never will.

I only do LFR so in a lot of people’s eyes, worst of all Blizzard’s eyes, nope.

There was no reason whatsoever, no justifiable reason at all why this mount was suddenly removed from LFR except for the reason that the only people who hate LFR other than players who I can only assume have the personality trait of “Hmm. There’s a glass of cyanide. It’s marked as lethally poisonous, smells of almonds, yup that’s cyanide. Now if I ingest this it will undoubtedly kill me but you know what because I’m a spiteful person I’m going to drink it and then blame people who actually get a benefit from this for my subsequent death” are Blizzard themselves.

And as for the usual suspects who demand yawn!! again, for the removal of LFR.

OK. If you get to remove content from the game that does not affect you as it is entirely optional then so do I.

Are you prepared to suddenly see the loss of your vaunted Mythic and Mythic+?

Oh what’s that? I couldn’t hear your answer over the howls of outrage at some content you do getting removed. After all… Fair’s fair right? Ahhhh but a lot of players play Mythic so that can’t be touched. OK gotcha. cough bit like LFR then but let’s see what we can remove…

How about PvP? No one does that surely, I certainly don’t. Do you? Oh only sparingly. HUZZAH, we all agree that PvP is for the chop along with LFR!. Oh do be quiet you there with the rated battleground and arena progress, didn’t you know?? NOBODY does PvP!

Get the picture?

ANY removal of ANY content is detrimental to the game.

Now then. Let’s move on to the standard two excuses why LFR players should not get the slime cat, which is used for the hilariously patronizing purpose by the usual suspects.

Number 1.

“Make your own group”

Here are the problems with that scenario based on MY own experience.

I have two jobs, both of which eat into my daily life the same way a hungry whale eats into a shoal of krill in the Atlantic. One is my delivery job, which can be either from 7 am to 4pm or 3pm to 10:30 pm. ANY day of the week as, yeah. No such thing as a weekend off in retail.

The other is full time carer for my mum. Which eats up pretty much the remaining part of my day except for maybe a few hours, in which I have a vast amount of things I would rather do than sit and wait for people to join a raid.

OK so let’s say for argument’s sake I have finally gathered enough hardy souls (usually around the 12am mark, possibly 1am) and off we go. 1st boss down. raid still holds. All is well and good. On the way to the second boss. “Sorry guys, gtg, have work in the morning but gl”

“me too.”

“and me”

BY AMAZINGLY GOOD LUCK the three who understandably bailed (because who has time to raid at 1 am if you are working in the morning…) are DPS.

Phew. Bullet dodged.

One person joins. Onto the second boss.

The second boss dies. Then the tank says he or she has to leave. Tired. Understandably so.
“Can anyone OT?”
“no… this is my alt and it’s not geared. But I’ll try…”
Party wipes at 74 percent

Then it begins. What starts off as a trickle of people suddenly leaving, becomes a flood and I am left at approximately 2 am, with 2 bosses to my name. And I have a shift at 7 am, and when I get home I have my mum to look after.

This means I will have to go through the whole thing again.

Now on LFR. 3 bosses to a wing. Once the wing is done. Phew. I can relax until tomorrow and get the other wings done.

“Join a guild”

Ahh, an old favourite and one which is trotted out to even more hilarious patronizing crotch thrusting.

For guild read “clique”

I have joined at least 5 guilds since organized raiding destroyed what was a very social and very happy guild I was in for at least 5 years. We raided, but on OUR level, and if we wiped, oh well. Brush yourself down and have at it. I organized mount achievement runs in my old guild, everyone got both Ulduar mounts, both ICC mounts, everyone got their black and twilight drakes from Sartharion remember one mount per run and the corrupted Firehawk from Firelands. Then serious raiding took hold and what was a social guild where anyone and everyone could join a raid, now became a clique of 10 where the clique got the good stuff. the rest of us had to make do with scraps tossed to us by “alts”. And when I say scraps I actually meant people who actually believed the gm when she said “it’s our alts that will be running so we don’t need the gear…”

Oh, the naivety of players who quickly learned their mistake after one raid and then never joined again when their loot was hoovered up by the raid leader and given to the clique.

That guild died about 2 months into MoP.

Since then I have been in various guilds, and always running into the same problems. You are trying to break into a clique and unless you are one of the realm’s best raiders you have little to zero chance of breaking into this clique, what’s worse, should you be gullible enough to accept calendar invites that is no guarantee you will actually be invited.

Then I face the same obstacles I have when “make your own group” was discussed.

No one is going to sign up en masse to a guild raid at 2 am and sign up and stay for the whole raid, and they are definitely not going to do it 5 times a week.

So when people simply wave a hand at LFR players as if they are petulant children who just asked if they could see the animals with patronizing drivel like “make your own group” or “join a guild” remember to look at the number of players who join your lfr that are in a guild and then take note of the number who will reply if you type in instance chat “hello all”.

If it’s more than 2 you are lucky.

if it’s more than 3 you are truly blessed, and then smile and remember a lot of these people are the same who will never tire of telling you about “the social aspect of wow” yet are so disdainful and scornful of said social element they can’t be bothered to take all of 5 seconds and say “hello!!” back.

I’m not looking for a major political debate on possible resolutions to the Ukraine conflict or the energy crises facing the world, a simple “hello!” back to my “hello” would be nice.

And last we come to Blizzard themselves. Ever since LFR started in Dragon Soul, it has been an uphill struggle to get people to understand that LFR suits a purpose for a very large amount of the player base. it’s convenient for them timewise, it’s convenient for them socially, it’s convenient for them personally if they have social anxiety problems et cetera. But all of this pales in comparison to the uphill battles we have to endure with Blizzard themselves, who seem determined to punish the same large amount of players who use LFR.

The removal of the slime cat is yet just another example of the utter contempt Blizzard holds for its players if they cant raid.

As I said at the start, there was no earthly justification whatsoever for taking the slime cat away from LFR, it was just spiteful and if it WAS done to try and push people into normal, then it may work for some, but for players like me (because that’s what I am, a player despite LFR) it is unfeasible.

And it will go on and on until whoever makes the decisions for every expansion and patch to spit in the face of LFR players is either replaced or told to stop being so precious about Normal.

Souldefiler, back from a month’s ban, about to be flagged for trolling and banned again.