How many ppl got duelist in shuffle compared to other seasons?

is there data like this? would be curious since getting ur elite mog on characters u never played on shuffle is very easy

i feel like DPS have a freerun on getting points in that bracket


probably will be 10x more, i know so many ppl (including myself) who only did it on alts because it was so easy and didnt require any gear at all

i found that 2131 is top 1k in EU and in shuffle the same rating is 9602 but 3v3 is tbf alot deflated cuz of shuffle so i would assume its a little less but maybe not since shuffle is not really arena and is more related with M+ or RBG in terms of playstyle

Bad season too compare i would say
2s and 3s are dead, i would love too push raiting there but you barley find a team so i Q SoloQ

Also in the first few days raiting is free and if you try too climb with a fresh char at last we can say its a bit harder if is not the fotm specc

was the only thing i found to satisfy my believe but s1 SL 2,4k was Top 5k so i assume its pretty much the same maybe 2k?
i dont play arena anymore tho i got all my elite mogs except for pala and rogue and thats it i am sitting as healer in LFG Tool for 3s on 1,8cr and i dont find mates i wish i could play arena but i already rerolled healer in shadowlands so i could play actively arena and now i am sitting again in the tool but as healer and lack of players i just waste my time doing nothing pretty much


i just gaveup and solo shuffle is not fun as healer its not a gamemode designed for healers since u pretty offten go 3:3

i dont think its harder my hunter is full blue and got 1,8cr in 84 games and only 57% wr and i never played hunter before (no flex) rating gains as dps is just way easier didnt push beyond 1,8cr on DPS since i use that only for collecting elite mogs and the weapon enchant and tabard i got as healer

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Accounts with SL s1 duelist - 3%
SL s2 duelist - 2%
SL s3 duelist - 1%
SL s4 duelist - less than 1%
DF s1 duelist - less than 1% (but morethan SL s4)

This is only taking counting account-wide duelists, I don’t know if there is any site that can tracker number of characters that got it instead of number of accounts.

Source: w w w. dataforazeroth .com/

Shuffle is a joke but tbh 2s 3s are dead and I guess even if you had a team for it, it’s probably rough to climb.


funny thing is many dps get duelist and elite free in df even for the first time their life

maybe it is good thing for the health of pvp in this game i dont know

what i do know tho is its completely biased towards dps and its stupid how unfun and bad they made healing for df

and i guess everyone by now know how its like to gain rating as healer compared to dps in ss, so effectively heals are just there to enable challenger/rival players for life achieve their first duelist/elites while they self remain stale with 3-3 matches

was thinking to hop onto classic tho but maybe its time to move on tho? maybe i just dont enjoiy wow as much anymore i notice iam saying the same stuff i said in tbc and shadowlands

next season next expansion cataclysm will be more fun for sure so on so on maybe its a me problem idk

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yep having the same problem coming into df from 3 expansions row which didnt enjoy pvp wise at all

df is just 4th bad release row now and like some have said blizz cant rly afford to muk up this much or many expansions row they will start lose even more ppl from pvp

i dont know how narrow the scene can anymore get or how deflated we want 2s / 3s be till its just same people face each other over and over

now theyre even doing these overtuned changes every 2 weeks or ninja mmr changes into some shuffle mode which no one asked for

the mode people asked were soloq not shuffle q, soloq aka lfg with a button to que up into normal ruleset 3v3

Haha, sure, getting to 1800 is relatively easy, but after that is insanity really. Everyone just plays meta classes and is skilled.

People that say duelist is free in shuffle are omega clowns or trolls.


considering the ammount of people with 2.1-2.4 first time walking around df with no previous pvp history in the game I cant rly agree with that statement

I honestly mean no disrespect but I had absolutely zero effort going past 2.1mmr and gain 2.1kcr as dps

i did it in 2 days with 90 played 60% win in sea of melees playing in 3 melee lobbys as caster, did it little over week ago on a post nerfed lock as demo pre to the current tyrant buff which is obsolete anyways on any real level

anyone with sense on prioritizing or something between ears can gain the duelist in shuffle as dps and shouldnt struggle with it in my opinion

the design is that dps players climb with the 4/6 5/6 gains they make which is completely different story for healers who mostly see 3-3

firstly u need to understand the basic prios and secondly u need to recognize the ones “feeding” there going 0/6 mostly and then u play around it

u peel when theyre on ur team and u do ur hardest to make them die when theyre on enemy team

playing it as healer and playing it as dps i think every dps should gain duelist this season from it :thinking:

it was same with shuffle by its design when it were on paid beta in sl, its horrible for classes that are designed to mostly be pure healers. they will go 3-3 mostly because reasons of the some dps players just being 0/6 type of guys and other dpsers not doing much or nothing on trying peel for the “weakest link”

ps. unrelated but the ammount of people with bad prios ive witnessed over 20 years of playing different mmos just 80% playerbase swarming over some tank player designed on soak dmg while there is glass cannon types and healers just complete free next to it or behind it

I think ppl just have problem with prioritizing in general? Like…

A.) do I close the stove where food is burning

B.) do I stare my phone before doing anything else

A.) do I make sure im in time to something x

B.) do everything else instead make sure im on time to something x

You know things are bad when I am agreeing with Jexxa but solo shuffle is a complete ****fest.

If people who NEVER went anywhere beyond challenger suddenly got elite in DF because of solo shuffle you know something is wrong. You also know that anyone defending it are delusional and most likely do it to defend their ego.

It is not free but you cannot compare it to 2v2 or 3v3.

Soloq shouldn’t even have been this gamemode. It should have been something like “I am queing for RMP so please find me a mage and a priest close to my CR / MMR / EXP”.


You can compare it to 2v2 or 3v3 in previous seasons i’d argue, because the majority of the lesser skilled players, who used to over inflate rating in 2v2 and 3v3, have now flocked to Solo Shuffle instead.

The very lowest point of the current 2v2 ladder now is at least 1800/Rival, because there are less players to pad and overinflate someone’s rating, and the top of the entire ladder is only 2592.

You also need to factor in the solo vs group element as well.

Some comps were absolutely dominant in certain brackets for years (for example RMP), which meant that individual players could not shine unless they rerolled to these overwhelming combinations themselves. Solo shuffle has meta too, but at least more specs/combinations thrive compared to the old 2v2/3v3 ladder being gate kept by a few absurd comps.

TLDR- Solo Shuffle is not necessarily a different beast entirely. People can’t just face roll to 2400, and still have to carry ‘bad players’ (in each shuffle lobby), just as you would lesser skilled team mates in previous seasons.

If anything, it just means that people who were more skilled than you can’t carry someone to higher ratings anymore.

This is arguably evidenced by the way that some people can’t even break say 1400 in Solo on their own, yet have reached 2200 before in 3v3 or 2v2.

btw what do u guys think about the dps with 50% w/l and 2400-2800+ something ?

like ive seen dps with 2800 rating 50% w/l 1600 played

but ive yet seen a healer over 2100-2400 with 50%

does this point in direction that as dps the mode can sorta be just “grinded” with enough played because of the nature of things going towards 4/6 positive for dps and healers remaining 3-3

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Ah Nija a perfect example of someone who isn’t “actually” duelist but got it because of an overinflated solo shuffle and defends it because it makes them feel better!

Can you explain why the leading specs across 1800, 2200 and 2400 are specs which can win on pure damage such as dh / assa / arms / uh? Why are there almost no mages at all? Less than 4% across all specs?

TLDR - people will defend solo shuffle when all it takes is that you have one healer better than the other and win once vs the good healer 4/6 in order to climb!

Imagine ACTUALLY thinking that playing with random people and no coordination is harder / a better proof of skill rather than to sit in voice and communicate… I am sure all those people who never breached 2k but sitting on 2.6k in solo shuffle as some meta spec actually were gods in shadowlands but had no one to play with :slight_smile:

I know you are ignoring me but for the rest - perfect example of how solo shuffle cannot be taken seriously.

Definitely it’s hard and frustrating when you don’t play meta and you play something that need your partner to win game.

Otherwise like you said, play meta spec and roflstomp people with unhealable dmg. Most people I see and face just tunnel 24/7 thx to the ridiculous dampening change that carry them even more cause normally you can’t do that.


Yeah it was the most stupid experience I ever had.

  1. I could train someone all game just spamming assa damage - round won
  2. I could try to play slowly and peel, do my best to help my team and wait for them to setup with me etc - round lost.

I can’t even imagine what it must be like for healers in that gamemode :cold_face:

That being said - there is SOME skill in playing no voice with randoms and making it work. But comparing it to actual 3v3 I don’t think is possible.

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only easy if you defeat the queue boss.

for me basically impossible to play and climb solo queue on dps because i cannot wait so long to play just 1 game.

healer unfortunate is no fun and you have little control.
chasing a hunter to give him heals across the other side of the map is really cool

I’m not sure you should be casting stones Lukien, as you were clearly carried in previous seasons, yet can’t even break 1400 in Solo this expansion without your partners or abusing RMP/Assassination in 3v3/2v2.

I was merely pointing out that parallels can be drawn between achieving high ratings in Solo Shuffle this season, and achieving high ratings in other brackets in previous seasons, because there were more ‘less skilled’ players to inflate said ratings in those brackets previously; who have now mostly flocked to Solo Shuffle instead.

The difference here is, rather than abusing overtuned combinations like Rogue + X, you actually have to succeed without the advantage of coordination or paid boosts, in a broader meta; which has had more tuning passes since launch than the past 3 expansions combined.

I am by no means pretending to be some skilled player myself, as the rating inflation is obvious this season, just as it was during Shadowlands and before as well.

I just find it funny when people like you come out of the woodwork, complain about something being too easy (via overinflation), yet have abused an overtuned class for years and benefited from just such ‘overinflation’ in the past yourself.

Hypocrite much?