How many premade posts should we do

You must be feeling special that Blizzard contacted you and only you to tell the reason they fixed the game.

And I stopped playing AV. It doesn’t feel good when you get stomped every match, does it?

Unlike you I have been around the forums for a long time and have seen Blizzard reps say only ingame reports go to the right people.

Right. Now you know me? Why am I surprised, another retail player posting here…

You have made 4 posts, wait 5 now.

I post on a retail characters as I am known on it, just goes to show how long you have been on the forums.

No one knows you. Sorry.

really? They even named a store pet after me.

A lot probably, but you have my full support.

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From the rules:

When multiple threads cover the same topic we will typically leave one of them open, lock one with an explanation, and delete the rest. This is done to allow other topics to still have a place on the forums. Which thread is left open typically depends on the thread length and how constructive the first post and the thread in general are.

Pity Blizzard don’t actually do it.

I don’t actually spam and I haven’t properly played Miylee in years. She was my posting Avatar long before this board was made and that isn’t going to change.

If you want an example of spam posts: look at your history in this thread alone. Five posts, five sentences. At least my words are all condensed into singular posts.

Oh I Miylee !

I think you shouldn’t speak as if you were in charge of anything about the futur of queueing in BG (because you really aren’t at all).

You should rather focus on easy predictions like I do, such are “expect many more threads about it”, which, with little surprise, became reality (two more threads about premades in only three days since our last conversation…the magic is real ! :mage:).

I’m not speaking as if I’m in charge, I’m speaking as a matter of fact. You want retail features in a Classic game, features that simply don’t belong there. Furthermore, you’re asking for a permanent fix (causing permanent damage) to a temporary problem.

And to add to that; you’re completely ignoring the core issue: the ranking system. It doesn’t matter what happens with Classic: whilst the ranking system remains, PVP will be about farming. Which, as I keep saying: is why it was removed years ago.

Easy and irrelevant predictions. I might as well say “Tomorrow somebody will complain about bots, multiboxers and/or Russians”

“Tomorrow somebody will get their world buffs dispelled and will be angry”

“Tomorrow I will wake up and get a cup of coffee”.

Know what purpose those predictions serve? None. They aren’t relevant to any form of conversation, discussion or argument.

Some may see a “temporary problem” while other see a proper solution. Depends on which side you stand. The actual situation is a “permanent problem” for many us. We can’t BG as we want. We are getting bored or angry.

When we write threads about it, people who disagree put our intelligence, social skills and even our presence as players in Classic (which isn’t Vanilla, just a reminder) in doubt, and gently invite us to go to Retail. Our arguments are usually instantly ignored or obliterated. Because whatever we say, we “are wrong”.

And they want us to care about their concerns about an hypothetical “temporary problem” ? Come on, we just want to selfishly enjoy BG again instead of being farmed by premades, is it that hard to understand ?

As I told you in a previous thread, words can’t compete with the daily frustration to meet 8 premades (sometimes more) in a row. And as I premader myself I’m also getting bored to roll on PUG and see my teammates giving up to optimise their honor progress.

This must change, we campaign for it, expect more threads about it.

and mostly a joke…

That’s not a permanent problem. Premading will be reduced significantly when AQ is released and then reduced even more when Naxx is out. People premade for efficient HPH for the gear and nothing else: most PVP gear gets outscaled by AQ gear.

We’ll also have TBC within a year or so, think premading will be a problem there? You’ll still meet the odd premade, more so at the beginning when people are getting geared for Arena. But after that? Not really, there’s little point.

Because you don’t have an argument.

Your entire argument is “i dont like it”. “I don’t care about the consequences of my changes because I’m not the one paying them”.

That is a poor and short sighted mindset and no amount of pretending to be poilite is going to hide that.

Then join a damn premade. Play the game the same way as everybody else and stop asking for retail features in Classic.

And as I told you in a different thread: leave if you don’t like it. As I also said in a different thread; do you watch Amon Amarth and demand that they cater to Taylor Swift fans? No. Or at least, I hope you don’t.

No, it must’ve change and it wont change. You adapt to classic, classic doesn’t adapt to you.

Classic ic a niche game with a niche playerbase, it isn’t made to cater to everybody. If an important aspect of Classic isn’t catering to your needs as a player, you need to play something else.

Like everything you’ve ever said to me, then.

There is already a fix to this

It’s called joining, or creating your own premade… you know, playing with other people in this MMO game as you are supposed to.

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Keep pretending (with your retail char) that BGs are all about premade and always was…

Like the character matters, i couldnt care less about premades, the fact is that threads like these are made by people that think this 15 year old game with every flaw figured out, should change cause they dont like how it works.

Funny that every shi**y comment comes from a retail char. What a coincidence right?

Pretty clear to me that you dont have a good argument when you attack the avatar instead of my point

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