How much does the community actually want an old world revamp like Cata?

I never want a Cata style destroy/remake the world thing again.

But gradual graphical updates I’m good with.

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Well, the open world pre-cata gear isn’t really something I miss, not enough pixels on that stuff anyway… but as I already wrote, nowadays they wouldn’t need to just remove the old zones but could keep them available through bronze dragon NPCs, so no problem for you.

Revamp all transmogs to cool 3d stuff yes. Id also love to see a revamped Stormwind city with new assets and city buildings. Empty buildings for rp and stuff roleplayers could use.

Revamp of the general nature around Azeroth. Like upgrade the trees and plants and stuff from the 2d mario graphics they are today.

Revamp the sky boxes all over Azeroth with proper skies and clouds. And especially the night sky! Always envied Guild wars 2 and final fantasy’s night sky boxes. The night sky over old Azeroth look white dots made in ms paint in comparison.

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the lore, the story and the world are too far gone. a world revamp would serve no purpose. retail should focus on endgame things while leaving the rest to classic wow

I am all for it. Consider we have so many zones already that they are starting to add underground zones. That’s not bad or anything but at some point they need to look at what we have existing in the world instead of adding more and more zones.
Frankly, I’d go for a continental revamp rather than a zone revamp because the old zones are useless and the visuals are just low quality compared to what they can do these days.
Having played my Alliance characters a bit more these days it’s amazing how anyone can claim Stormiwnd is some beautiful city. It’s not. Can’t wait for the nelf tree.

For me it’s not just about the graphics, though I admit that would be fun.

For me, there are several additional factors.

  1. The old world is the core of Warcraft and should be where most new players start their adventure.

  2. Starting your adventure means getting a feel for your race’s culture and origins. Only a world revamp can make this work well.

  3. The old world was revamped for Cataclysm, and therefore it has as its baseline a moment in time where everything is in upheaval. Upheaval can be a fun part of a quest chain or world event, but if it’s there all the time it just feels weird. The permanency of the world feels broken - it’s stuck at a moment in time, not just a period.

  4. WoW was designed with these weird cliffs around every zone. I can understand why did it from a gameplay point of view, but I don’t think it worked out that well. This would be a great opportunity to get rid of them.

For me, an old world revamp is really more than anything about attracting new players.

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I would like for Loch Modan to have its dam fixed by now. It was one of my favourite zones before Cata, and I’ve always been salty at what they did to it. :frowning:

No super mega ultra revamp required for me. Just have the literal destruction cleaned up a little bit after so many years.


As someone in the open world all the time, I would love the revamp. The game is 20 years old. If you want newer players, you must maintain and upgrade the older content. Many older players will complain but how often do they actually do the older content and classic is there if they want the original old world.

I think we’ll see a revamp, yes, assuming Northrend revamp works fine. Do I want one? Maybe.

Blizz is obviously switching up the new player experience at the moment, and I expect they will want to give new players the feeling that they’re playing in a “current” game when they’re doing content set in the original zones. But what will that mean? Just updating the open world graphics? Updating NPC, tmog and mount models? Updating quests to remove content (NPC voice lines, quests) now considered unsuitable for the 2020s? Or even retconning old storylines to remove all the content currently accessible by Zidormi? Or will we get a New (post MS) Azeroth and an Old (pre-MS) Azeroth with the option to flip between the two?

Nobody can answer you that question as individuals

I would definitely prefer plot to happen in old zones, updated to their current state in the story. It makes much more connection to the world and changes in it, instead of going to some island/planet/dimension which for some weird reason didn’t exist/was hidden before.

Several versions of zone could be achieved with phasing atm. Yes, dirty, but we don’t have a better solution atm.

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Quite happy for a world revamp to be honest though I do think the world revamp I’m not opposed for it to be right off the bat and actually make the levelling experience link towards the current expansion but give people the option of a chrome addition to do those quests prior to other expansions, I’m all for new locations for expansions but I also feel like its wasted effort when it becomes dead content after an expansion when the actual world of vanilla where you mainly are is still stagnated but I’m guessing a world revamp makes more sense now because the expansions are going back to old zones.

I get people don’t want to see that change but with the current philosophy of wow I think they would make changes for the better and they need to accept that the games looking tired for a 2023 title “almost 2024” and it certainly needs to up its game on visuals if it still wishes to bring in new players which I’m sorry to say are more or just as important as us old vets.

I’d love some kinda upgrade, graphics only/Darkshore style with phasing/ Undercity/Lordaeron style where things progressively change over time, but I really don’t want an endgame rare hub out of these zones and also it’d be great if they did it progressively(so a few at a time, with story relevance like Quel’thalas would be for Midnight) as they have been so far. It allows them to give all these zones the attention they deserve, compared to, say, desolace which just felt terrible in pre-cataclysm and it’s just barely better in post-cataclysm. They need some love.

This is the one and only reason I don’t want it to happen. Otherwise that would be the best course for WoW to take.

I’m quite torn on this. I dislike the phasing mechanic where we have multiple versions of one zone. I’m tired of Deathwing’s mess still cluttered all over the old world map, it’s ridiculous by now :wink: Yet I regret the loss of some of the zones as they were originally before Cata, and a full revamp might lead to the loss of more zones that I think are great.

Personally I’d love it if the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor would be sorted out, zones restored to a somewhat pristine state, proper representation of regrowth in Plaguelands and such. Timeless storylines that tell you more about the races and the land.

But there are some buts. So in the end I don’t know what would be good.

old world revamp
like Cata

Have an expansion where we work towards restoring the old world, and actually seeing a difference as we do. Because I want old Ashenvale and Astranaar back.

But they’d have to be on top of their phasing mechanics or it’ll just be annoying for players. Like you spot a mining node or such, and then it phases when you get near. Fix those bugs first.

Would be nice overall if we actually had visual representation of our accomplishments.
For example, it’s been 19 years. There are still Defias running around in Westfall.
Of course for playing mechanics we can’t have this without phasing, but it has to be super easy to switch between them. Having to go to a specific NPC won’t cut it.

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Given what they already managed to do with the upcoming Nightelf captial buildings and Boralus with its alleys, I wouldn’t mind a touch-up on the older cities and replacing older buildings in zones.

My actual problems with the Cata revamp are the changeing of how the classes works and the fact that with no way back we can not get the old story anymore.
Thanks to all those Bronze Dragons in the changed zones and maybe even chromie time I would have not the problem with a changed world.

Revamp? Yes.

Like Cata? No.

It sounds like they’re very much got this planned for Midnight and The Last Titan, and when they’re set on something like that, it’s basically done.

When it comes to updating visuals, getting high poly designs in the game I’m always up for it. Playing SoD atm, and I’m an old vanilla players that was there from the start. After my 30 seconds nostalgia kick I go “daaaaaaamn this looks dated.”

When it comes to actually updating the story lines of preexisting areas, what happened it Cata was really annoying. Basically, everything happens off screen or one cinematic, one day you login and tadaaaaa, deal with the aftermath. A revamp should happen incrementally, we should have multiple quests that actually let us experience what happened in the area. Really hope that’s what they’re starting to do with the “Return to Gilneas” quests for 1.2.5 and it won’t be a quick in and out scenario.

And herein lies the problem. Because of exactly what you described, wow has one of the WORST new player experience. How do you even keep up with what’s going on as a new player? One moment you’re fighting for a faction war with some pseudo Aztec trolls and drunk sailors, and then all of a sudden, forget all that, go to the dragon isles, factions are at peace, you meet a completely new cast of characters and species and fight a completely new enemy. Like whaaat? Seriously any completely new players that happen to be reading this? What on earth is that like?

At this stage, the only thing that would make a bit of sense in terms of new player experience would be to have one huge scenario, that basically leads you all the way to the latest expansion, which would then get updated every expansion. Otherwise, the old world needs to keep up somehow.