How would your character kill the one above? #11

With a hug. Without kindness or remorse. Only pure unadulterated cold rage.

Contract complete.

As I completed the last thread, it falls to me to continue our adventures in murder and glory. I just killed Hex's character.
"Chilled to the bone? Delightful. While on the topic of putting one out of their misery, it has been decided by the upper echelons that you are too dangerous to walk these lands. On the plus side, it brings me a joy to be the one to finally cremate you."

With swirling arm gestures, Dalari forms a whip made of deep red flames, she cracks the whip on the land erupting inferno geysers and with a wave her hand causing the stream of flame towards the death knight.

Anti-magic shields are raised, but it is not enough. In the sky, a large meteor obliterates clouds as it descends. The blood elf watches in delight, but as it fall she claps her hands as the meteor bursts into Shadowflame; its unnatural fires twist with darkness and cursed roars echo as it melts into the land before blasting everything into ever-burning cinders.

A foul portal opens, Dalari raises her glasses as she gazes onto the scenery ablaze, "Messy, but necessary." She steps through just before it closes itself.
"Ooooh, whips, I like you! What a shame..."
She slowly raises her rifle to point directly towards Dalaris head, who is completly motionless due to the slow acting paralyzing poison, which was contained in a single small splinter the Nightelf has shot at her earlier and the Warlock had mistaken for a insect bite, only noticing as she slowly got weaker and weaker.
"Oh well, i was my pleasure meeting you."

Very slowly and with passion!
Void-infused arrow to the eye. Sometimes the simple kills work the best. Not easy, with a shot like that, but simple.
Thuldrell would be the one holding the headsman's axe at Ossiewald's execution for
when he's inevitably caught and brought to justice for the innumerable crimes he's committed.
Would thank the great hero for having caught such an horrid criminal, get to know him, become dear to him and, in a moment where he feels safe and happy, stab his heart with her poisioned kris.

A job well done
Aztheda would stand to the side applauding a job well done , before attempting to capture her even if she is now part of the horde. She's curious about the nightborne and how they are doing without the nightwell. In the process Emiliela would probably die of the experiments.
"Now now sugar.... no need to scream, i just wanna play abit. I promise that this wont hurt at all...."
Challenge her to a cookie eating contest. No human with their puny frames can eat more cookies than an orc. She would explode in the attempt.
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Partake in the cookie eating, offering Morbyd a glass of milk to easier get the cookies down.
However the milk has a mixture of various posionous animals and plants mixed into it, Killing the orc soon after.
F*ck him into the ground!

...or just tear him apart as a giant bear, who knows?
A clean and swift swing towards the back of her neck should do the trick.
A whip, a stone grinder and a packet of salted peanuts.
Eh.. Maybe if Deazur decides to push a bleeding gnome into a meat grinder, she might follow it!
Looks around to ensure that no one is seeing them, and then give Deazur a kick, so that he too falls down the meat grinder.
After that she'd walk off, cheerfully humming a tune.
With a thrown lightforged Elekk plushie, 'secret weapon' of the Vindicaar.

A yellow Cardinal bird looks on approvingly.
Out of self defence, after being attacked for doing something that by the draenei's interpretation is a defilement of the Light.
The spirit would crush him, clearly!
Before Crush can get too close what remains of him gets sucked into a soulstone, Ronae inspects it before putting it away.