How would your character kill the one above? #11

Counter his measly, hack attempts at spellcraft and incinerate the warlock. One less demon-bargaining dropout around to smear the good name of magic.
Tear him apart as a mighty bear and feast on his flesh!
Frost magic. Lots and lots of frost magic. There's no way in hell I'm letting that bear form anywhere near me...
Sitting on her accidentally. Karmic justice for avoiding bears \o/
Quickly grab her head and use his worgen strength to twist her head with enough force to break her neck. Then use a solution to make the remains melt.
falling off his mount and landing ontop of Hensworth.
With someone that heavily armoured? Meeting him head on is probably bound to end badly.

That in mind, try and stay in his blindspots while half-swording into the gaps of his armour, with the occasional magic trick to give him the edge. Be it an incantation on his own blade, a flash to the foe's eyes to blind them or a brief illusion of himself moving in a direction different to where he's actually going.
I’d try to wait for Yailt to be left alone, so that there are no witnesses. Then, I’d try to sneak up on him and finish with a quick up-close shot from the flintlock pistol to the head, probably producing a loud noise in the process.

If I didn’t manage to sneak up and/or missed with the flintlock, I’d have made a run for it in an attempt to kill the Nightborne with a rapier ASAP. Orrr I could try using poisons, even if it’s not really my thing.
Night attack.

As dangerous as this Worgen probably is in the darkness, even he can only withstand a storm of thrown daggers and shadow imbued arrows for so long. Especially from a source they can smell but not isolate the exact position from, of several false signatures. He can hide, but it always does seem like his pursuer can almost sense his life energy.

It wouldn't be clean, or quiet, but then out in the wilds that doesn't really matter now does it?
stab her with his spear, and leave the remaining for his raptor
Slice his throat with her claws, Then leaving the body as a snack for Snuggles, the felhound
Offer her poisoned tea.
With love of course!

Or tremendous amounts of violence, which is the obvious soloution...
Dubstep. That crap will kill anything. Including your will to live.


An axe, swung at the face. Tends to do the job.
With a Sindragosa plushie, which breathes Remorseless Winter over the dwarf.

‘’Oh. Now who gave me an actual frost whelp instead of the plushie I asked for?!’’
Put between a rock and a hard place. Effect: Death knight goes splat.
Make good use of all the exposed skin, a simple dagger should do the trick...
Considering you're a shal'dorei... hummmm
Polymorph her, then disenchant! if that won't do, then teleport her to The ruins of old Dalaran.
Human warlock.

Tactical Assessment:Weak shoulders, possibly compromised bone structure from dark exchanges.

Dispatch with a 35 pound tail whip to the neck. Near instantaneous death. Followed by ‘Hammer-time’.
Stab in the neck. Likely from the side.