How would your character kill the one above? #11

A good swing with her spear to the head and we should be done, if not just stomp on the head a couple pf times.
Stealth up to her from behind and draw a quick slice through the throat with her dagger for a hopefully quick death.

After her kill, Kimly reaches for a set of matches and other fire equipment out of a small purse, making sure to burn the remaining body.

"I won't let her spread this curse further..."
Shoot in the face.
Shoot in the face.
Shoot in the face.
Stab in the face.
Feed him too much food.
Through force feeding after have been "encouraged" one too many times to eat by the pandaren.
Snatch his glasses! There is no need for violence if you've got what you wanted.
Break her spine against Trakkha's knee! like a kitkat bar!
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Beartrap and shoot it from a distance, i'd rather not engage in close-combat with an Orc...
"C'mon let's go toe-to-toe." The gnome puts his fists, as the human goes into a strike, numerous green-flamed imps scramble from the earth beneath her, biting, singeing and digging in their claws wherever they can. As the sheer amount of imps and pain causes her to fall to the ground. She eventually stills and the gnome is still with his fists up and on his toes.

"Is that all you got?" He punches the air.
That Gnome can try to bring me down with his puny Gnomes, he wouldn't stand a chance against the might of my bear form. I'd probably devour him alive...
Out of the shadows, quick slice across the Trolls throat, fade back into the shadows.....
A shadow tears his throat out with its fangs and gorges upon the free-flowing rivers of magenta.

No one was able to positively identify the person responsible, but witnesses say that a strange circular blade was sighted, very briefly.
Drop an anvil on her.

Scratch her eyes out for stealing my hairstyle!
Suffocate to death with a roll of paper.