Hpala lf raiding guild


Looking for a guild that raids later in The evening as it fits my life style better.
Pref mythic raiding, currently 3/10m with some progression on inerva.
Currently alliance but could migrate both server and to horde for The right guild.
Prefer healing but also got a ele shaman alt (used to be main) enjoy playing both but healing is what im most comfort with.

Im 28 years old and from Sweden.
Work as a chef there for a later raiding guild would suit me better.
Give me a reply if you want to know more!

Hey man, we’re would love to have a chat with you, add me on DIsco: Felyra#0565.

Hello! Sent u a friend request on discord :slight_smile:

Hey, I am from 5/10 Mythic raiding guild with a spot for holy paladin. If you wish to know more add more on discord lynkanek#5132 or in game lynkanek#2659

Hi Snackbox,

Would love to speak with you more, please check out our recruitment post and if it interests you please do message me on battlenet.



Hope things are going well, if you have not already found yourself a new home check us out on wowprogress VISIONARY EU Horde TarrenMill and if you like the sound of get in touch @

AJNGUYEN#2443 on battlenet
ajnguyen#1093 on discord

Hi Snackbox, our guild could really do with a holy paladin!
We are AnV on Silvermoon, a relaxed late night guild who have been around since 2007. Raiding Mon/Weds/Thurs between 22.00 - 0.00 server time, currently 2/10M with good progress on Devourer.
We have a healthy amount doing m+ on off nights too.
If we sound of interest or want more info, add my btag: hellykins#2114 or check the website actaguild. org