[H]Stormscale - Looking to rebuild old guild

Hello there,

Its taken a lot of thought and decision on whether to finally rebuild our former guild. It sadly ended once we gained curve in CoN due to low recruitment that stemmed from disappointment in Shadowlands content. Pushing forward and recruiting for mythic was extremely hard and majority of raiders did not wish to run HC for the rest of the tier.

After some breaks and attempting to find a similar atmosphere in other guilds, we eventually went our separate ways. Currently myself (GM) and my better half (RL) have finally had enough of dealing with drama from other guilds. We made the decision to get ourselves back under our own guild name, recreate the old atmosphere and actually enjoy the game again. We previously gained curve in the tiers we were active, in a relatively quick pace even though we had a casual approach. The guild was called Faster than Lag.

So here’s what we have so far in terms of aims;

Horde (cross faction guild next patch)

**Stormscale - high population but not over populated **

Looking at 2 days per week raiding from 20:00-22:15 server time

**Likely Monday and Thursday **

Ahead of the Curve with a possibility of early mythic if numbers are there

So what we want right now is interest and 3 signatures to start the guild process. We are seeking players who are after a calmer approach to progression, that value spending time with guildies and building new friendships. We will eliminate toxicity immediately and aim to keep the guild environment a safe haven for all members.

If this has peaked any interest or you wish to find out more then add me on LisburnAsh82#2425

We have started to move some characters over to Stormscale as a commitment to the guild rebuild. (Thanks Blizz for the 30% sale!!).

Anyway, guild charter is ready and the old guilds discord server has been prepared. Just need to get that charter completed so we can begin the recruitment drive.

Specifically seeking players who may be of the older generation, have young children or early work commitments. Here we will work together to get you curve and a healthy vault reward.

Contact us :+1: