[H][Tarren Mill]<Dark Wolves> Casual raiding, M+, Social Guild LFM

I am guild leader of Dark Wolves, and have been running it since it was first born April 2007, initially on the Lightbringer/Mazrigos realms but then, due to declining population and activity on those realms, we made the decision to transfer the entire guild, and its members, to Tarren Mill and we’ve not regretted it one bit (other than the cost!!).

We are now looking for more members, primarily those looking for group content such as M+ and raids, but equally (and possibly more importantly) those looking for a long-term home to just chill, perhaps who enjoy pet battles, pet/mount/transmog collecting, ticking off achievements and a variety of other aspects of WoW.

For M+, we are fairly active with members running anything from sub-10s to 20+. We are the home of the creator of the well known site https://keystone.guru/ which has recently become part of raider.io: https://raider.io/news/539-press-release-raiderio-announces-acquisition-of-keystoneguru

We also run a “Mythic Monday” group where mentored groups can gather to discuss tactics and routes with no pressure, which is useful for those who perhaps want to test alts or are worried about venturing into them with random groups.

M+ tend to be organised in-game and/or via our discord - where we welcome guests to come check us out and join in some M+ if they wish.

For raiding - we run casual raids twice a week, on a Wednesday and Friday evening. We welcome those with little or no experience (and, of course, those with plenty!), and have no minimum attendance requirements - so if you can only raid once a week, or once a month, that’s fine too. Please note that we do not do mythic raiding. We concentrate on Normal and Heroic only. If you’re a mythic raider, look away now :wink:

If this sounds of interest, please visit our realm post for more information.

Updated first post with additional information.

Hello, are you still recruiting?

We are. The only time we really stop recruiting is if/when we have a large number of people join in a fairly short space of time (usually around new expansion time) - and that’s just to give people time to adjust so we don’t dilute the “feel” of the guild too much :wink:

Great, I’ve just returned back to game after a break, I have a Priest and Paladin still working on Gear both around 400 ilvl but would love to get back into Raiding.
Do you have a discord to contact someone on or should I just do it in game?

You can contact me on our guild discord https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe