Hubs for Horde centric Roleplaying?

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this is a bit Off-topic but I’ve been recently playing my Night Elf hunter, and I’ve grown extremely envious of all the Roleplay that goes on and the options available for the Alliance when it comes to finding a community to Roleplay with.

I’ve been Horde centric since I started playing back in 2007, and recently returned to playing the game and wanted to try Roleplaying out, but I’ve noticed that the Horde Roleplay scene isn’t quite as active as the Alliance side. I’m coming at this purely from a brief investigation, so apologies if I am uninformed of the active community on Horde side.

I love the Horde and their aesthetic and I really want to have the opportunity to find a community to possibly Roleplay with. The Alliance at the moment, seems has a lot more variety, and while I don’t mind swapping over factions to engage in some Roleplay, I do find myself out of my element because the whole Alliance aspect is very new to me still!

I was curious if anyone or perhaps the Horde Roleplayers here on AD could possibly point me in the direction of some communities that are active? I’m interested in RPing on my Demon Hunter, so I know that may limit my choices, but if anyone could provide some advice, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post!

Hub-wise for Horde you’ve got the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar, and I think Silvermoon sees pretty frequent activity as well - there’s some smaller groups you might run into as well in other places, I know there’s a whole bunch of Forsaken around very frequently in the Sepulcher for example.

You can also go to Dalaran for cross-faction roleplay, although that’s not exactly Horde RP of course!

I’m not too certain on guilds Horde-side and Demon Hunters in them etc so someone else might be of better help there.


Hi and thank you for your reply.

Appreciate you pointing out some hubs there. I see the Valley of Honour is quite active, I haven’t seen much going on in Silvermoon, but maybe I haven’t been there at the right times!

You mentioned scenarios like Forsaken Guilds having areas they they frequent, are there any other examples of Race-specific locations where Guilds hang out in?

Completely forgot about it in my original post, but the first thing that comes to mind after those is BIlgewater Harbor in Azshara - haven’t been there myself but I believe it’s used by some Goblins and assorted groups and guilds!

For demon hunter RP on Horde side, I’d check out Demonbane if I were you. Don’t know if they have a place where they usually hang out, but try and message Xatheran in game.

If you’re not just looking for a DH centric guild, I’d check these crazy guys out:

[H-RP] Dust Devils - Action adventure, justice forever! [RECRUITING!] - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (


Silvermoon is active, though it’s ordinarily more centred towards the blood elf community which is surrounded by active and recruiting guilds. You often find it’s a little quiet of the guilds are off doing something. (Not to say you can’t get RP there without them) But it is there! Orgrimmar is a biiiig place for RP as well as stated above, but it can be a little loud so I advice the addon Listener if you go there.

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I personally think the issue is that most Horde RP is guild centric, thus, the best way to be exposed to RP on Horde is to look for a guild that suits your character and join them. Check the forums! There are plenty guilds on Horde of any kind that are currently recruiting :).


Thank you for the recommendation friend; you’re far too kind!

Admittedly I think most of those 5 clicks on the link to my forum thread are from me…

But yes! Everyone above is correct; the Valley of Honour, Sepulcher and Silvermoon are all quite active Horde hubs, but most Horde guilds are usually out and about all over the world - best thing to do is check the forums, ask around IC and explore! =)

There’s usually a few guilds hanging around in Orgrimmar in their ‘downtime’ between events, I’m sure any of them would be happy to have you!


Wow, so many replies, thank you so much for all your kind suggestions! Ideally if I could get into a DH guild, I would ecstatic, so I’ll enquire into Demonbane! I’ve been spending a bit of time in Silvermoon and I’ve seen it’s actually more active than I previously thought!

Have the Void Elves joining the Alliance caused the Silvermoon scene to become a little quieter? I was talking OOC with an Blood Elf Role-Player and they mentioned that Fairbreeze Village used to be a great hub, but has since gone quiet which seems a shame because it’s a fantastic spot!

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