[H-RP] Dust Devils - Action adventure, justice forever! [RECRUITING!]

First up; the Velvet Glove. Bunch o’ high society scumbags thinkin’ their blue blood gives ‘em some divine right ter lord it over the rest of us.
Next, we got Serenity Falls: soul stealin’ freaks playing doctors and nurses, pushin’ the limits of science, breaking boundaries and bodies in the process.
After that, the New Order: rogue loyalists, armed ter the teeth, loyal ter nobody except their ego-trippin Supreme Leader, and the Banshee Queen she serves.
Then, o’ course, there’s Lucy Lockjaw: mah personal nemesis, and the meanest son of a gun who just couldn’t stay dead.
Speakin’ of which, let’s not forget a certain you-know-who…

Yep, it’s a real freakshow out there, boys n’ girls. Ain’t just the Alliance or the Legion we gotta worry about no more: now we got villains lurkin’ in every shadow, hiding around every corner, diggin’ their filthy claws into every city on the planet. But every time; at every turn - we’ll be there to meet 'em. Because we’re the Dust Devils, and when the bad guys go thump in the night; we’re the folks who thump back.

Henlo Argent Dawn! It’s nobody’s favourite cowgirl zombie, back at it again with my bullheck!

And against all advice, I’m still running that roleplay guild of mine; throwing clones into Orgrimmar, explosives into letterboxes, and my poor guildies into danger more times than you could shake a stick at!

We’re a gang of do-daring do-gooders who bravely do battle with the B-list villains you’ve never heard of! While the real boys in Red head out to fight the soldiers of the Alliance and the legions of N’zoth, so the Dust Devils heroically engage with the far less reknown, but no less deadly, villains waiting in the wings, ready to burst out and claim the world for themselves-!

From sabotaging New Order superweapons to sinking Velvet Glove zeppelins into the sea; if it’s too dangerous for anyone else, in we go!

And we’re still recruiting; both for signed up guild members, and for anyone else who might want to hang around with us! Any race, any class, any motive - with a full event every week (and numerous smaller NPC encounters scattered throughout!), there’s always something going on! And there’s no need to formally sign up; so long as you’re willing to give the badguys a bloody nose, we’re happy to have you along whatever we’re up to!

Just whisper me on Kaitylinn in game, and with luck, we’ll see you out in the field!

Though just…don’t feed Sckrink. She bites.

Peace out, AD!


Good luck Joe, i’m sure you’ll kill it.


Ah the Arch villain! Best of luck. :slight_smile:

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I’m interested

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Haha, thank you friend - though hopefully I’ll kill it in the good way, and not like I did my goldfish! ;-;

Thank you! Though I’m not sure about Kaitylinn - she’s not organised enough to be an arch villain, though I can’t speak for the rest of them; we got villains on top of villains here in the DD!

Fab to hear frien! Dm me ingame sometime ! =)

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Hmm… Now I be curious….

But she’s a darling she wouldn’t bite <3

Guess that’s unique to Sckrink then!

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And so the Commander flooded into the village; at the head of a crack team of his finest men. His first mistake. One by one, all eventually succumbed to the ravages of the violent infected - only the interference of these so called “Dust Devils”, a rag tag crew of two forsaken, a goblin and an orc, had spared him a similarly grusesome fate.
Alas, even with his own life spared, even with the help of these new found friends, he had been unable to save a single villager. Instead, as he realised only when smothered beneath the enormous shadow of the New Order zeppelin appearing suddenly overhead, an entire legion of Droptroopers emerging from its bowels, he had only kept the remaining villagers alive just long enough to serve them up to the New Order on a silver plate…

Well, what a bittersweet ending! The Devils go in to save who they can from the ravages of the New Order’s devious virus, only to accidentally hand the Order a whole new batch of innocents to infect!

Well, okay, it wasn’t entirely our fault! How were we to know we were being followed?! The wind was blowing against us, we couldn’t hear the zeppelin engines until the last minute! And besides, if we move fast, we can still find out where the Order has gone, right?!


Oh geeze; tune in next week to find out, folks!

Trust me friend, in this case, some questions are best left unanswered!

I mean you say that, but have you ever been close enough to find out? No, and neither have I; I know where she’s been!

She’d be flattered to hear you say, darling <3

But yes; another event down! We thought we were on a high note, blowing up the New Order’s base in Silverpine; but it turns out we’ve just played right into their hands! Want to come help us stop them, and maybe give their evil Adjutant a slap with your own two hands/paws/hooves?!?

Give us a poke, and we’ll make it happen!


I personally love the events that you come up with. It’s a nice break from the slow RP in Orgrimmar with a hectic fight for your life… Or… Un-life in our case…

Link up soon

The dead man impacted hard against the wall; his brains splattering across it in a sickly green stain, as his body slithered slowly to the ground.
In fairness, he’d seen the bullet coming the moment he’d been brave (or stupid) enough to give Lucy Lockjaw bad news.
“Find the boy”
Lucy stated, flatly, unmoved by the sight; smoke still rising from the hot barrel of her gun.
“Kill the Devils”.

Well, have we ever found ourselves a reason to get the hell outta Dodge! You go out to raid a Serenity Falls facility just once; you end up antagonizing the most dangerous outlaw in all of Azeroth in the process!

And just who is this mysterious boy; handsome, unconscious, but still incredibly powerful? What does Lucy want with him - what did the Falls want with him, and how long till the New Order decide they want him too?!

Are we going to find ourselves in the middle of a full blown bad guy turf war?! I think we already have - we’ll need all the help we can get with this one, AD!

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Oh boy… this is bad.

Bad as in “oh no what a dangerous IC situation youre in!” or bad as in “Who let you run a guild, Kaity?”

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Bad as in: Ye sure got yerselves in trouble. (IC ofc)

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The infernal engine fizzled and cracked, overwhelmed by the magical onslaught of the Dust Devils and their allies; before totally coming apart in a blinding white flash, evaporating metal, stone and flesh alike.
Already emboldened by Galen’s surge of Holy Light, the poor souls confined within the device, victims of the “treatments” enforced by the sinister agents of Serenity Falls, now stampeded to freedom - surging back into the wild to reclaim their stolen bodies.
The moment of jubilation soon turned to dismay, however, as a vast explosion below ground betrayed just how deeply buried the roots of the soul machine lay.
“Move - MOVE!”
The call rose; our plucky band fleeing towards the mountains, as the Serenity’s facility tore itself apart, tossing flames, bodies and debris up into the air - an ironically violent ending, for an organisation so dedicated to “Tranquility”.
Still, the blue trail of souls continued to rise - then disperse, as more and more unconsious people scattered throughout Orgrimmar sprung back into life, their vitality and spirits quite literally returned! The nameless boy too jolts awake - his soul entering through his chest, sitting up in a cold sweat.

Well! Hallow’s End came early for the Devils and their friends this week, as we had to don creepy white masks and robes in order to infiltrate the Serenity’s most luxurious Azshara facility - through as you might have guessed from the explosive ending, we didn’t leave quite as stealthily as we arrived!

Still, at least now our mysterious boy is awake - and we can get down to finding out exactly who he is, and why every super villain is Azeroth is so desperate to get their hands on him!

Thanks to everyone who helped us out last night - though dont expect much friendship from any remaining Serenity Falls agents you meet out there…Who knows, perhaps they’re already planning their revenge!

Be sure to tune in next time - things arent likely to quiet down any time soon!


Oh noes…. Azeroth is a villain??? :scream:

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All you need to succeed in life is a winning smile and 50 kilotons of Holy Light explosions


We have a plan.
By all that’s holy, we finally have a plan!
See, here’s the thing: about the Velvet Glove, right?! Because they use clones; a LOT of clones, to do their dirty work. Cloned me, you, Denisha - hell, even cloned Gravy by this point, as well as half the grunts in Orgrimmar! And I’d reckon that they’ve got so many folks out there lookin’ like other folks, that eventually even THEY lose track o’ which folks is which!
SO! Here’s the plan: we find a clone o’ us, bump it off, and take its place in turn! A sort of, reverse-Velvet Glove, if yer like! Instead of them slithering into our society, we slither back Into theirs!
But! How do we find a clone of ourselves? After all, we already beat mah own clone - and Bee’s, and Denisha’s, and Icepick’s. And they don’t seem keen on doing the same person twice.
Well! Turns out, there’s a lass workin’ for another old friend of ours - a certain “Lieutenant Erika Kruger”, of the New Order, who happens to be a spitting image of Bee. More or less; maybe if we rough her up a bit.
So basically; we rush in, snatch the Lieutenant, dress her up like Bee, bump her off where the Velvet Glove can see us, and take all the credit and gilt-edged invitations to fancy victory balls they can offer.
Then! We enter the party, pretending we’re clones - only to reveal we were the originals all along, and trash the joint. And just like that; BOOM! Beaten two badguys with one stone - two bloody noses, with just one fist!
The New Order lose one of their most high rankin’, and the Velvet Glove get a surprise they’ll never forget; might be the greatest upset in badguy history!
Course, it won’t be easy. The New Order won’t just give their Lieutenant away - and the Velvet Glove ain’t the type to hold a party without a security detail…But ah, that’s future me’s problem. For now though, Dust Devils! Let’s raise some Hell!!

Well; things are finally starting to look up, AD!

We’ve taken a few punches recently; from the New Order ambushing us at the Hallow’s End party, to walking right into the Velvet Glove’s most fiendish trap yet - not to mention the ever present threat of a certain [YOU KNOW WHO xxx]! Yep, there’s been a few broken bones (and hurt feelings!) on our end, but we’re finally ready to get ourselves back off the ground and give the badguys a punch of our own!

Sure, maybe it’ll kill us all in the process - going up against the New Order AND the Velvet Glove in the same weekend, on their own turfs, no less! - but hell! They’ve been strolling into Orgrimmar like they own the place enough lately, bout time we strolled right back!

Have we lost our minds?! Probably; but you’ve got to be a bit mad to be a Dust Devil! Tune in next time to find out how we did -we hope we’ll still be here to report it?!

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Attended a pretty cool event, hope to go to another one!