Hunter Mark : They are about to do the same mistake of BFA AGAIN!

This is what they intend for 10.2 !!!

Guardians of the Dream PTR Development Notes:

Back in BFA when Hunter was Fully rejected in M+ and raid and Marksmanship was litteraly the last choice in PvP, I spent a lot of time back then to tell them why their calculation was messed up and why it caused so many issue that maked Hunter bad :

If you don’t have time to read all the point in the topic back then here 7 reasons why from BFA to Shadowland the damage increase from hunter mark was removed :

  1. The dev team back then understood the issue that the damage increase on a active dispellable was a complete mess to balance in PvE and PvP on all hunter spec

  2. The dev back then understood a dispellable damage increase on 1 target will always make hunter taken away in PvP

  3. The dev team back then understood A GDC Everytime for each pack in M+ was making -5% damage on hunter on every mob in M+ because the GCD was not worth it on every mob to press

  4. The dev team Back then understood Any % damage increase on single target will cause serious miscalculation when doing AoE Damage with marksmanship

  5. the dev team back then understood the main utility of Hunter Mark was to see units stealthed, not damage increase


  7. The dev team understood hunter mark was already punishing enought by being limited to 1 target !

Hunter mark Should always stay a reveal invisibility since it’s dispellable and single target.
Adding Hunter % damage increase only on single target will nerf in AoE and many other situation by 5% from base compared to any other classes

We have to stand or we will meet a complete balance mess for all hunters

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hunters mark shouldve never have been added back into the game, make it a pvp talent or delete it from the game

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Yeah this is a BAD change!

They need to find something else for a raid buff


This change was worth it just to see how many people are incapable of doing basic math and understanding that this is worth 1% boss HP.

Maths, how does it work?

And you also don’t have to press it in aoe situations if you feel its not going to be worth it. (It has a 20 sec CD in combat)

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This lame buff will leave us AGAIN as the worst class to get invited in high keys? If you are clueless stop posting just to prove you are a blizzfanboi.

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If you think hunters mark is responsible for that? What laughable logic.

Its one thing to be a Blizz fanboi, its another to just hate with no logic or brains.

There were tripe hunter teams not long ago, did hunters mark make or break this? :clown_face:

Not long ago is closer to 5years ago by the way.
and and hunter’s mark was changed before that happened


2 out of the previous 4 seasons hunter has been exceptionally good/meta.

Shares absolutely no correlation with hunters mark whatsoever.

That is kinda wierd to say considering 2 seasons you are talking about is effectivly 1 season. As there was so little tuning wise happening in those two seasons and yet you should know this.
Damage is king in M+ for sure, that does not change that hunter’s mark as it is right now on the PTR is not a good and there are way better things they could do then to just take Careful Aim from MM hunter and make it worse then put it on a GCD with a 20second cooldown that people will expect you to use in the dungeon.
It is clunky to use.

And for Raids that damage increase is not in a place where it really matters if it did matter MM would be this awsome spec for raids because it has had this ability for a long time now of the increase damage in the top %.

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Doesn’t really change anything. If you want to consider it one season (despite 2 different dungeon pools, and it lasting far longer than a single season) that’s fine, it was still very strong not too long ago, showing it had absolutely nothing to do with hunters mark.

There are a lot of arguments why hunters mark is pretty bad, but this is one of the weakest. The only fight this entire tier where hunters mark value would have been reduced is echo - so 8/9 fights it would have essentially full value, including sarkareth the main boss of the tier.

Next tier, the only fight where execute damage looks remotely important is larodar - without having seen fyrakk yet. Plenty of reasons why hunters mark is bad, but this is not really a big one. The reason MM isn’t ‘an awesome spec for raids because of careful aim’ is because of tuning. P1 of fights might not be exceptionally important - but they aren’t unimportant either, for most fights this tier and next, it has equal value to all other phases.

In an m+ context, arguing about AoE application is far more of a big deal than where the extra damage is placed.

I wish they made hunters mark auto applied when you press cobra shot/arcane shot and multishot then it wouldnt be THAT bad i guess but still pretty meaningless, bring back cata hunter

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It honestly has to be auto applied. I mean right now it looks like warlock curses and we all know how many warlocks apply their curses on the targets in pve.

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and then you realize the other usage of it during pvp, namely to prevent a rogue from stealthing and think to yourself

man, if only that was not auto applied…

been there, done that, the last time around that it was made auto-apply (don’t remember the expac tho)

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Hunters mark 10.2 change is a joke and abadone at that.


They still don’t change it, because the guys who get that idea have a big ego and believe since he’s at blizzard he can do whatever he want without listening to playerbase, BFA mistake again

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BM hunter was OP in M+ and raid in BFA 8.3
Survival was bad except in arena.

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