Hunter NERFS, when?

Keep pushing champions!

what? why? what?

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Why nerf ??

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I think he meant Demon Hunter.
Any mod that can move it to DH section?


more like rogues check the ranking assassination rogue is top by a mile while bm hunter is 4 th silly mage arcane beats bm on single target currently so yeah if you don’t believe me check the ranking

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Just landed.

  • Hunter
    • Beast Mastery
      • Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope 4-piece set bonus
        • Dire Beast’s Kill Command damage reduced by 30%.
        • Beast Cleave gained by Dire Beast effectiveness reduced by 30%.

According to Hunter discord it’s only a small nerf. BM will still be strong :slight_smile:

Perhaps they should put all that BM nerf energy into buffing/remaking MM instead so its not a semi-broken spec with useless ST damage.

But obviously thats too abstract thinking for blizzard.

Hopefully there will be more nerfs


Has the OP lost the ability to write full sentences?

Literally every thread is like a twitter post written by a 7 year old.

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Sind doch nur 2 mal 30 %. Dafür wurden sie ja erst um 3 % Gebufft.

think there are others than just bm hunters who could use a little nerf :slight_smile:
Ok, I don’t do m+ so can’t really say how bad it is, but this is grotesque

Link 3 mill damage arcane

I assume i can link youtube?
Can’t seem to read that anywhere if its against rules

You do know that those videos are made by people who have done specific pulls and stacked buffs that favour a particular spec during its CD window just to see what kind of numbers they can create in a situation that will never happen during actual content?

For that exact same reason 100% parses and even 99% is not good thing to look at and yet it is often used as the reason for why people yell about needing things balanced.


makes me laugh bm has been in the bottom 25 percent of specs all xpac blizz throws us a bone in the form of a actual useful cooldown (wild call) something we haven’t had all expansion and where in a good spot right now 4 th on the ranking yet sad little trolls who’s ego’s can’t take it that their getting beat by a hunter comes to the forums and whines nerf hunter nerf hunter qqqq grow up if i went by your logic i would be calling for demo lock nerfs there 3 rd on boss damage right now above bm and isn’t getting nerfed in the coming reset but i am not a jealous little person who see’s a class doing well and runs to the forums nerf nerf qqq


If only there was a blue post about this somewhere, like in the general tab on the forums … hmmm … ah well, guess it’ll be a surprise if/when it happens for you :smiley:

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For 13 years I didn’t look at his forum or post anything on it. I come now and it’s like it was yesterday seeing mage crying about hunter nerfs LOOOOL.
So, was it just a dream or there was really 13 years since I was here last time :stuck_out_tongue:

Mages. LEARN TO PLAY !!! :rofl:

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See… the problem with posts like these, is that:

  • You don’t share details on “why” a nerf is needed.
  • Didn’t share which Hunter spec you are addressing.
  • Write with emotions and not logic, about a technical matter.
  • Are clearly here to vent, because a Hunter killed you.
  • In general sound like a 12 your old made this topic, because of everything above… :sweat_smile:

Oh, and of course it’s a Mage complaining about Hunter. :joy: Literally the class known to do poorly against Hunters.


In a 1v1, hunter would have higher chance to win
In a mage vs war, mage should win, but what happens in a solo shuffle full war and one mage. Mage will lose.
In a solo where u have 2 hunters and a mage, mage will lose. So that’s the problem. Not losing 1v1 to a huner, but losing in a solo even against the class that you should win.
Hunters don’t need gray matter to think and press buttons. All are instant except aim and sniper.
All day running and still do a tone of dmg. It’s like a melee class from attacking from range

Thank you for your combination scenarios. But there is shorter way to see the big picture. We call this ‘stats’. And stats tell us number of frost mages (48) more than double of mm hunters (23) in 2.2k+ SS.

I feel the same way when i see a frost mage use its ice block consecutively.

What’s left? :joy:

Also you only cast Frostbolt and Glacial Spike if we judge frost mage with your mindset.