Hunter pet and overall stuttering | Fix?


Not sure if im the only one or not, but recently i have noticed some micro stuttering in game.

Frequently when summoning and dismissing pet, also when mounting when pet is active, turning the camera quickly and just general movement without the pet also.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem in game?

Specs are
i7 8700k
RTX 2070S
16GB RAM @3200MHZ

All setting’s are WoW default as even tried a fresh install, GPU Driver and windows version both up to date also.


its since patch 8.3 and for me it doesn thave to do with pets but with that freaking debuff you get from the corruption called: in the end… as soon as that pops up the game starts stuttering. till the 20 stacks are off and everything is fine again… when you have the buff you also see a little blue dot thingy above your character … watch it it might be the same for you or an anyone else… but for me it is…

Hi there Pxnisher,

A very similar issue was recently discussed in this thread. As noted there and indeed a great first step for any performance issues would be to try without any addons. You can try simply disabling them temporarily with the in-game command /disableaddons, or check out this article for the details on how to do a full UI reset: Resetting the WoW User Interface.

If you continue to see performance issues after a reset, you can also find more info and steps to try here: World of Warcraft Performance Issues.

Tried this, the stuttering still happening. Is this just me? Or is anyone else having stutter problems?

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blizzard is imo beeped up… everyone is complaining and what has blizzard for a fix? the same old crap over and over again… reset UI and delete cache blah blah blah blah bllah… many people have done that and its still there… and for me my computer is like 5 months old with brandnew stuff and everything was perfect till patch 8.3 now everything stutters like a jojo when that freaking buff : The end is coming … pops up… then it stutters and when that stupid buiff is gone everything works fast and smooth again… so with other words… stop telling people to delete their folders and reset UI cuz thats bullcrap… you blizzard should have fixes for all these problems instead of the same old crap

Pet problems still happening… :expressionless:

Same Problem here. With pet out the game stutters every 4-6 second. Without pets its running fine.
tried without addons. same problem.

That seems to be my issue, stutter when summoning pet and slight micro stutters with pet on in general.

Same issues here, with pet game stutters, when i summon mounts or summons pet, or after combat, just litlle stutters but is annoying, without pet or on another class ( warrior, dh) stutters is gone, so this is something with pets.


It looks that way yes, I can play on other chars no issue at all. Hunter main atm is stutter central.

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i have the same issue on my hunter but it also happens on my other alts in new zones/raids, im getting slutter every 3-5 secs since 8.3 came out

yeah this is still happening.

Can confirm this is happening on my hunter and only my hunter as of 20/02/2020. There is a slight, but noticeable and annoying, micro stutter when Hunter pets are summoned and when they are dismissed via mounting. No issues with warlock/dk/mage pets.

Kinda strange bug this tbh…

If you remove all Azerite related items (neck, armour). Does the amount of stuttering change?

Tried that, nothing still the same issue happening, on other characters its fine… on my hunter just constant stutter with pet out :frowning:

This problem still persists…
Please see link for dxdiag perhaps i need to update something?


replace the C to see link, not sure how else to post it

I have the same issue. Not sure if it helps or has any connection but i get the same micro stutter when I open my achievements tab. I have noticed that during this stutter my frames also drop by about 5. If I do the same experiment with the achievements tab and I keep opening and closing it they drop indefinitely .

Have tried everything I could in game settings-ui resent -clean install both the game and windows-all drivers up to date-different ati control panel settings(freesync-anti-lag etc.). In general I get 144fps without any other issues.

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I’ve reported this issue many times during BfA.

I thought it had been solved, but no. It’s back for me now as well. And yes, it’s 100% client-side, because I literally killed my UI and reinstalled the game on a much MUCH more powerful computer to test everything out, with the issue persisting. >.>

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Yeah, this problem still happens… really frustrating.

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