[H][Zenedar] <Kalmarunionen> 6/10 SoDHC recruiting friendly and good players for progression


Kalmarunionen is a guild formed some 5 years ago now and has since semi-casually raided and cleared all raids on HC and dabbled a little in mythic raiding as well. We’re a guild full of old-timer WoW players and veteran gamers in general.

We currently have a roster of 17 players.

That said, we’re primarily a Heroic raiding guild. As such, our objective is to clear Heroic raids and whenever our roster allows it, we’ll do Mythic bosses.

Our raid times are:

Sundays 19:00 - 22:30

Mondays 19:00 - 22:30

We have a very relaxed and chill atmosphere. There will be cringy dick-jokes and other such non-PC content during raids, but it’s always meant in good fun and generally just adds to the well-being of the guild.

The guild speaks english in chat and over voice com and welcomes any nationality.

If you can’t make raids or need a break from playing, no problem. If you have to bail on the raid 30 min before start due to RL, well then, it’s not ideal but we’ll understand if that should happen. The average age within the guild has come to the point where people have started families or have other responsibilities so it’s just a consequence of playing the game for such a long time.

That said, we do expect you to know your class, maintain your gear (ilvl, enchants, consumables) and come prepared to raid. Our raid times and progress may be casual, but we expect you to know your stuff :wink: Quality over quantity. We may not raid many hours, but we expect focus and good play from your side while raiding.

Flasks and food will be provided during raids.

We are looking to recruit players with a down to earth attitude who want a good quality raid experience where everybody respects each other’s time and comes prepared and motivated to push content and progress.

We are always willing to trial any strong player regardless of class / spec, but in particular we have raid spots available for:

  • 1 Shadow Priest
  • 1 Balance druid
  • 1 Hunter
  • 1 Demon Hunter
  • 1-2 Mages
  • 1 Resto druid
  • 1 Holy / Disc priest

We would prefer you to join our guild, but it is not a strict requirement.

Additionally, due to the summer holidays the coming 3 weeks will have some raids with fewer players than normally.

If you would like to talk to an officer for more information and a friendly chat about our guild, please contact one of the following people in game or on discord.

Tallos/Tsuroko Tallos#8011 - recruitment officer
Bubblefett/Gandowlf Ev#8319 - Guild Master

We’re a fun bunch, I promise!

Soulrender down and recruitment needs updated