I can't get 1.4 because of?

How many crying topics you guys can post per day?
count from 0 to 10

10 = boosters
9 = arms warriors / bm hunters
8 = oneshot rogues / rm
7 = ret paladins
1 - 6 = your hands


you’re already crying about people crying :stuck_out_tongue:


predicted message

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Wait there are really people who can’t get 1,4?

solo alts probably, geared mains doubt it.

top 30% is 1550 in 3s and 1504 in 2s according to luduslabs so I think it’s pretty safe to say that A LOT of players can’t get 1400. I think you are all overestimating the skill of the playerbase.


possibly yes, i blame boosters and lack of alt gearing tbh.

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It has always been this case, challenger was top 35% until the bfa rank revamp and the cutoff was around 1.5 so boosters or not, 2 arena players out of 3 can’t get above 1.5. the average player is really bad at PvP. I also think there’s a stigma in the PvP community to call everything trash what’s under a variant threshold (usually what we achieved, a 2.2 player will call trash a 2k stuck, a 2.4 player will call a 2.2 trash and so on) so it doesn’t help with having a real understanding about what the average ratings are and even if 2200 seems low on the PvP forums, it’s still being top ~3%. Being 1600 nowadays in 3s is being in top ~30% which isn’t that bad.


I’d say big problem is gearing. 7 ilvl is quite a big advantage. Many people to avoid better geared opponents ask their full geared friends and it even makes it worse. Also people who are 2400 in RBG most of the times aren’t that good in arena and you can see that clearly.

I’ll be honest I played on 2100+ first two seasons of BFA and now I feel that 1800+ is tougher than it was in BFA. The main reason is that you play vs alts of very high experienced players who are in each bracket longer because of gearing. At 1400 cr you sometimes meet players who are extremely good what wasn’t the case in the past. I mentioned it already I know 2800 exped players playing at 1500 on alts because getting to 1600 takes a lot of effort.

To clarify don’t get me wrong I don’t say you will always lose to someone who has better gear because I played vs boosted animals who despite of 227 ilvl couldn’t keep their partners as H Priest for example. Literally guy sat whole Sheep with trinket and Guardian available when we killed his dps in first go.

That’s honestly reassuring. Been stuck at 1.8 for a bit (discounting two months where I didn’t play) and genuinely discouraged, especially that I’ve managed 2k last season.

reached 1K6 as hpal in 2s as fae and then venthyr. i quit it there.

not worth to push atm. i’d have loved to be able to reach 2K2. maybe also why so few people get over 1K5 (according to Hydragummy data)

topics have been indeed very boring lately.

Just the same threads getting spammed while them being not interesting in the first case


Pushed 1.8k on my shaman at the start of the season (where i nornally stop every season in 2s) and for me personally i did not enjoy it this time round. Way too many one shot/exploting going on and the gear difference now is just way over the top.

Iv been doing the campaign and mythic 0-2 with my gf the last few weeks on this char and we are still no where geared enough to compete on a level playing field for rated arena.

Yes, there are lots of people who cant get to 1400. I am one such person. 450 odd games on my mage, and I have fallen off a cliff again.

I get +8 rating for a win, and -15 rating for a loss. I have a >50% WR, and I am still nowhere near. Am I good player? Probably not. I would say I am average at best, but it still feels close to impossible for me personally to get to 1400.

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This actually matches the statistics on Luduslab. According to them, the median rating in 2s on EU seems to be around 1360. Meaning, if you really are “average at best”, you will most likely be playing below 1400 like over 50% of the playerbase.

Imo this number is massively bloated by PvE players doing a few games for fun or conquest items, without really knowing anything about arenas. To not be able to get to 1400, you pretty much need to get some of the very basics wrong. If I had to guess the number one reason, I’d say most players at that rating don’t have a gameplan at all. Climbing is all about recognizing win conditions (yours and the opponents), planning accordingly and sticking to that plan. You can’t just run in there blindly, do “something” and expect it to work.


al lower rating the win-loss ratio should allow you to climb the ladder, if it is intended for the average player to be able to get some stuff.

You are completely ignoring MMR. Just having a 50% winrate doesn’t mean you should be able to climb, if it’s at 1200 MMR. You will always hit that win-loss ratio at the rating you currently belong to.

Russian troll talking about predictability lmao

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In that case, why are you crying over this n00b crying over crying?!

but the issue is always the same: we can make 8 wins streaks from 1200 to 1300 and then go down to 1200. this is always the same, you climb up a bit, then you fall down. The question is: is this working as intended? Should it be so hard?
If I want to get equipment the RBG is the way, I played 18 games and got 1.4. This versus the 500+ arenas played with my bro.
I do not think that players committed to Mythic+ are in such a trouble to get equipment, am I wrong?

p.s. by the way, getting into a decent RBG team is such a pain I do not want to commit any more on it.

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