I can't get 1.4 because of?

am i russian?

What about:

  1. The game being insanely boring right now and i literally feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier every second im online.
  2. 99% of the community plays just for caps.
  3. LFG is painfull due to the long waiting time and all the boosted players who are trying to hich a free ride.
  4. Were still forced to do random content we dont enjoy (the maw, thorgast etc).

don’t worry next patch will be the worst, i prefer to wait for s3

Sub is running out the 17th. Cancelled due to lack of soloq.

So good luck with your next patch :D.

you are a funny dude
you main sub rogue and bm hunter and as sub you barely sit at 1,6k with 51% win ratio ^^

stop treating lower bracket players as idiots, i mean what’s wrong with you? hands? can’t press buttons? ret paladins? what’s stoping YOU?

be gone lawl

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oh you got me dude))))))
gimme a chance

it’s like to ask how many sockets and gear do you need to climb 2.1 as an arms this season? I didn’t ask for things like this cuz it’s the last thing i should ask, maybe you were played with ur friends who don’t play arena or you had no plan to earn 2.1 who knows. Oh dude what a shame really ))

Yep. Challenger cutoff was 35% but was only taking into account players above 1000 rating which is still at least 11 wins. Still, I think 1400 is quite the real rating for an average not-so-implicated-into-arenas player.

i was trying push from 1300 up but on 1300+ games i played against team with +10k hp more that me where we get obliterated or my healer oneshooted from openings so you can push but you must have gear in this season there are biggest gear gap ever gg blizz

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Hm. Really?

Nah dude, biggest gap is the thing no doubt, but it is not the reason of struggling on your rating for sure. You are rogue at least :slight_smile:

what can i do when i get to 1300+ games and get 7times in row people with 40k hp that one shot my healer from opening or when they start train me like mad with triple of my dmg i beat arena masters and gladiators in past when gear is on same lvl but iam back to wow from december and atm its really crazy even trying …

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What the others did? how the others earned their rate? sure - they won, cuz they were better and knew how to play. You play rogue > RM is the strongest comp. Just find a decent mage, spend few days to watching idk nahj/pika/akro and other rogues stream, even palumor. Shadenox did a lot guides. Learn like 4 types of opens and timings vs orcs, i mean… it’s imposible to explain, boosters is a problem overall, but not a problem to got raiting if you know how to play your class. I know few gladiators rogues who played with newbie mages and it was hard to push even 1.6, and the problem was not boosters, the problem was is newbie/weak mages. I also know and met few RM who played at 2k with 205/210 gear, i hope you got the point.

low item level sub + healer is the wrong way ^^, but again, my buddy got 2.1 at his alt rogue alt with 32k. hp (played sub/holy priest)

yes but my best friend is healer :confused: and i really dont want play with some1 else game must have be fun for me back then when i was trying play with mage i get easily suprise for me to 2k rating but atm iam stuck with healer and me :stuck_out_tongue: but i just prep for next season where i catch up hopefully with gear and everything but thx

i know that feel when your friends play just few classes. Btw good luck mate, i wish you to earn something higher next season.

thanks :upside_down_face:

People should not feel bad about having issues climbing this season, probably one of the worst seasons to climb rating.

The boosting has gotten so bad, I decided to track the people we fought on 1700 mmr one evening for 25 games.

We faced MORE people with 2700+ exp then people below that experience, its absurd.

They should just give out glad mounts at 1800 because you’re already fighting glads all the time.

Assa rogue is kinda strong with healer atm. I got on my alt hunter 1,7k+ in ~100 games with people from LFG, no voice. I am sure you can do better than that with your friend, with voice.
But if you don’t want to play a good comp, the “better” spec for your comp nor playing the current spec on a “decent” level, then obviously you are not supposed to get any “high” rating, right?

Absurd is to believe every booster can 1vs2 people easily. Most people who buy a boost are Andies who fail to press 2 buttons, which results in a free win. If you and your mate are somewhat decent, you will most of the time have no issues to win vs the booster, since you are playing pretty much 2vs1.

i really like thoose 30k hp boosted melee guys in 3s who is dying instantly after switch, or backpedal healers in 2s boosted by arms/ww

That’s not the case tho because this was 3v3 so there is 2 boosters, and yes you can sometimes beat them because the boostie snags them up but just because they are buying a boosts it does not mean they are unable to play so in reality you’re fighting 2 multi rank one players and one avarage dude.

I got 1450 with this alt as a 170 ilvl playing with no exp ppl with negative win ratio from LFG who I basically carried through regardless of my gear, vs people who are all 32k+ hp. I have no conduits, no enchants, no legendary, no renown.

And I’m playing the worst 2v2 healer currently (Beside MW, we don’t mention MW).

Your ilvl is not gatekeeping you from the prestigious 1.4, nor are the boosters. If people spend as much time practicing in arena as they did complaining on the forums and reddit that the game is sh1t, they’d probably get somewhere.