I cant trade or use AH for 30 days?

Hello, i just bought the classic subscription 2 days ago and i found out after playing the game new players have 30 days trade restrictions and i was playing hardcore so it’s basically necessary for me to use the AH to maximize my items in each level so that i won’t die. If i knew that buying this would come with limitations as playing a demo game i wouldnt buy it. I want a refund if it’s possible since the game is not playable this way

And it doesn’t specify anything regarding this trade restrictions when you purchase a subscription, i think it doesn’t make sense to pay for game time when you cant even get the full version of the game.

I think it doesn’t make sense and any new player experience this would not play the game again or buy another subscription, if it’s only to avoid gold trading or botting, there has to be a different alternative than just blocking new players like me

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Apparently it’s a trial of the system but I don’t think they will remove it. I have made my opinion plain in posts about it here and in the SoD forum.

In short, I think it’s wrong and will drive away new customers like yourself.

I expect this thread to be merged with the others about this.

Im sorry to say but you problay wont get a refund either becuase of their refund policys.

Quote from https://www.blizzard.com/en-gb/legal/58e4a812-afd0-4d47-b34d-d4fdf99e41cb/blizzard-refund-policy “We refund paid games or expansions within 14 days of purchase, as long as you haven’t played for more than two hours.”

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I don’t think that refund policy has any legal standing in these cases, at least in the UK.

Users bought a product for full access to the game, then part of that access was revoked after a couple of days without notice. They havn’t got what they paid for and as such should be entitled to a refund.

But of course getting them to actually refund you is the challenge.

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I’m not after refund at this point but at least they should inform about this or implement something else instead of just restricting new players and making them play some sort of a demo version of the game without trading which i believe is one of the core elements of any mmorpg game

Toyota found out that in the UK, you can’t change the cotnract of sale, after the sale has occurred, when they decided to make “remote starting” a payable extra, when it had been included in the original sales contract. Especially when its not in favour of the consumer.

But its unlikely anyone is going to take Microsoft-Blizzard to court over just £15.

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Aye, when a contract is involved, generally any discrepancy will go in favour of those that didn’t draw up the contract, such as the consumer.

Interestingly Blizzards own EULA actually states they can not make the changes they have without prior notice.

But as you say, no single person is going to take them to court for a month subscription. But other organisations that fight for consumers have been known to take on these large companies on behalf of the public. Still probably unlikely to happen though.