I cant verify my account beacuse i used unreal first name /last name

hello my account has ben locked and im not allow to unlock it even while i have 100% contorol on security at my account . but they will not belive me that i am ownership of account how ever i changed pasword many times and i added my phone number and battle.net app mobile . i even sent my photo id national but they told me that they will unlock it only with an photo national card that have same informations than informations are alrady used . i just never thought maybe once day i could need verify my own account with my real name . well like usual i would set just randoom username on any other games in any platform. today is 2th day that my account is locked help me!

ii. When you create or update an Account, you must:

  1. provide Blizzard with accurate and up to date information that is personal to you, such as, but not limited to, your name and email address.

first of all thank you for answer me . ah yea well i was wrong i agree just now as ownership of account who have access to all of my security have to ask you to verify me with my other verify ways and allow me to upgrade my account information .well then i can request to unlock my account.

As you were advised here: Help unlock me please - #2 by Xochthu you can only discuss this over ticket.

It appears that Blizzard thinks your fake name looks too much like a real name though.

i understand :slight_smile: and know why . i’m using an extension on my (browser(microsoft edge) that’s name is [Fake data] and its working look an fake information generator for some lazy people looks like me and who want to skip some sign up form’s it can compelet all empty fills with just fake information’s , just for saving time .anyway it was my mistakes so I can only say that I regret it and respect Blizzard’s decision to neglect it.

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