I decided to give WOTLK a go

Hello everyone.
So for a few weeks i have been playing on Classic Era/Vanilla, my level 31 night elf hunter is there and waiting :slight_smile:
I remember Arthas from paladin to Lich King in Warcraft 3, i was and is my favorite character, by that alone i think it is worth to give Wrath of the Lich King a go and it seems that this was one of the all time favorite expansions for many and the time when WoW had the highest amount of people playing the game.

I am curious about one thing and your opinion about this, it seems that the most populated servers or the the top ones are mainly Horde, i wonder why so many people prefer the Horde over the Alliance?
In terms of the expansion, is Horde a good faction to be part of in Wrath?

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Have a great day.


no it’s not.

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Why do you say that?

it’s not worth it but i believe that they’ll try to fix the issues before icc comes. if they don’t then it might be over for classic overall. only good part about wotlk classic is you can experience wotlk raiding once again . if your intentions are raid logging then yeah give it a try

It depends what you’re looking for. Wrath offers a sped- up leveling journey to 80 and at level cap some of the best raids wow has ever had to offer.
People still look at gearscore/achievements/logs when inviting you to a raid but simply raiding with a guild fixes this problem.

I can’t comment too much on PvP since I play on an Alliance dominiated PvE realm (Pyrewood).

Classes are well rounded and aside from some specs most are or will be viable throughout Wrath’s cycle.

One last thing: if you want to (re)experience Ulduar now is the perfect time to join.

If you’re looking for an extended leveling journey like in ERA you won’t find it here I’m afraid. Most people are rushing to max but there’s still loads of people leveling alts.


Raid logging? No I’m leveling from 1 to 80.

Don’t listen to dragon players. Yeah, it’s worth a shot.


Yeah means when you get to 80. In wrath most max level players only do raids when they don’t need anything more from dungeons. Hence the term raid-logging.

i meant by your goal, if all you want to do is leveling then you might enjoy it yeah. tho leveling battlegrounds might be a problem because of the bots if you want to participate in bgs.

unfortunately it’s not that crowded in leveling zones right now. mostly end-game that’s why i said raid-logging

shut up dwarf

Hello @Deveon .
My journey in WoW started with Pandaria, i went through BfA and Shadowlands but quickly found them boring. For a long time i was away from the game playing other MMORPG’s, since i saw that Era was available i have been focused on that, it feels like a completely different game, the world feels dangerous and worth exploring unlike retail where at times we just steam roll everything.

The thing is that at some point Blizzard will probably re-release Cataclysm so before that happens i want to experience and enjoy Wrath and see or try to experience it for my first time as many did years ago, plus Era is always there available and i think it always be there since i believe that Blizzard knows that there’s a significant amount of people interested in Vanilla.

In terms of what I’m looking for i want to experience PvE and PvP content. I tried looking at Thekal server since it seems the most balanced out there in EU but apparently and unlike Era world PvP isn’t a thing sadly but i guess i can always go to the battlegrounds :slight_smile:

Because of braindead mob mentality, it was always more edgy to play horde and they had “better” racials … and over time it snowballed so its basically play horde or struggle …

I would say horde has slightly better story in some places, but wotlk is probably the last expansion where alliance isnt completely useless …

Wpvp basically doesnt exist in classic since vanilla, so you more or less want to pick larger realm, to have player pool and to not stress about your realm emptying over night …


Most people play horde because they prefer pve over pvp.

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It has to do with endgame content mostly. Most races are ‘better’ suited to raid with on horde side this expac. So hardcore players will play horde. If they play horde a lot of semi-hardcore players will go there as well, and so on.

Most realm firsts have been horde too.

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The realms, I assume you are talking about PvP realms, most are filled with players who don’t want to World PvP, seriously, they don’t.

If you are looking for an Alliance PvP realm then your only real choice is Firemaw.

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Don’t listen to all the negative naysayers on this post. All you’ll get on these boards is a solid wall of whining, QQ and misery.

They’re angry about server imbalance, they’re angry about bots, they’re angry about not having RDF, they’re angry about perceived bugs in the game, they’re angry about class imbalance, they’re angry about pretty-much everything, and while some of their complaints are legitimate they take the negativity too far, and describe it as a ‘broken game’, when clearly it isn’t given that there are hundreds of thousands of people playing it and enjoying it.

In truth WotLK Classic is always well-worth playing, with the following caveats:

If your the kind of person who has a mindset of world firsts, speed running, meta/min/maxing/BIS/parsing who has no interest in anything but rushing through top tier raid content at breakneck speed with top progression guilds then it’s fair to say that you’re going to have problems playing catch-up.

If you prefer PvP then you’re going to find that some BGs may be challenging due to various issues which do include faction imbalance among other things.

Some of the massive mega-servers are Horde dominated. The reason for this is mostly due to the min/max/meta thing I mentioned earlier as it is perceived that Horde racials are ‘superior’ to Alliance racials. Early in the days of WoW Classic the big-name streamers and Youtube influencers made a huge deal about playing only Horde, and only on PvP servers for the ‘best experience’. Consequently everyone and their dog rolled Horde, joined a PvP server, and joined one of the huge megaservers.

If you like crowded highly-competitive megaservers swarming with players then you’ll likely want to roll on one, but if you prefer a more chilled experience you may wish to avoid them. It really depends on your playstyle.

You may also experience some problems getting groups for low level dungeons due to said removal of the RDF tool. Personally I think removing it was a mistake on Blizzard’s part, but that’s just me.

There’s also some people who say they have issues finding spots for PuG raids and L80 dungeons due to very high gear/performance expectations for invites – characterised by the dreaded Gearscore addon. This seems to be far worse on the megaservers, as they have a far higher player pool to choose from and so can afford to be highly selective.

Personally I don’t care about any of that, I don’t play on a megaserver, and I only play with friends of guildies, but again, that’s just me.

If you do decide to join, my advice would be to find a good, decent, friendly guild. Don’t just accept an invite from the first random whisper you get.

Good luck.


They have stronger racials thats why people prefer them.

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In what server you play? What can you tell me about it?

Play Gehennas or Golemagg Horde… maybe Mograine…

Wrath was showing signs of cracking when I quit around New Year’s… and apparently, things are much worse now, so I never got around to playing it again. Sad, since I was really hyped for it!

Re-rolled Era and I’m enjoying it a lot.

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While it is true, it is misleading for new players. The racials only matter if you’re hyper competitive minmaxer trying to get top parses. Anything below that makes almost no difference. You really dont need extra button to worry about if you miss to refresh a DOT on a boss for a few seconds or missing BIS enchant. Sweaty ally will do more dps than casual horde, a bit more haste for 10sec. On 3min. Cooldown wont make a difference.

My point is, unless you are performing at the top 1%, play whatever you want, it doesnt really matter.


mean i only log for raid night or do dailys agent tourment just for fun beyond thet dont need anyting noting relly to do hc + does not fill void

yes i cbe lvl boring as it cen get na my alt my main eugh for me