I dont have enough gold for mount


Another beggar post?


Quoting this for good advice - but if this starts to bore you, skinning is something that is fast to level and has immediate income.


By not training skills you don’t need. By not buying anything off the auction house. By selling everything you find. By waiting a few levels until the gold for quests and items dramatically increases.


Mentally you can adjust to running about in the first place, gives less stress and anxiety.

Admitted, I had some of the most fun in the open world with my level 10 and 19 Twinks, pre-Cata and before the dreaded sidespan car, so I am used to hoofing it about.

At least that is what I say to myself when I once again struggle to keep a Gold piece to my name at 28 :wink:


I usually get my mount around 45ish as a hunter, would farm a little more if I was a slower class and get it by 43.

But in general it’s possible to get it before 40. A stack of certain grey items sell for 1g before 40



This, you don’t need all your spells while leveling… or just in general really. Lots of people up to 60 wont have all their abilities maxed out to be honest.
Don’t spend money on your professions unless they are gathering professions like Mining, skinning, herbalism, fishing


I got 9g an hour farming centaurs in Desolace as warrior. Was pretty decent XP, got me 5 levels.


Yesterday I was lvl 38 50% with 35g, I just grinding rock elementals in Badlands until 40 vendored everything except The engi stones and obviously elemental earth, once I dinged I went to IF put everything on the AH, (had 32 Elemental Earths sold 10 for 8g a time.) Woke up this morning with my AH funds in and had 110g… GG ty


Damn dude! That’s pretty nice to be honest.


Yeah each 5-10 kills bandage, and keep going. Also there were 2 chests around that respawned every 20-30 minutes, got a blue dagger from one, and greens from rest, though sometimes you get nothing : (


Well, if you have fallen on hard times… always the inn at goldshire ;D
Hey sometimes it’s like that, you’ll usually get food and some resource like linen cloth or something from the chests even if they don’t have a green. :stuck_out_tongue:


I must say I was tempted to dance on mailbox a few times, but I pulled through.


You’re supposed to grind… hard.


Find mobs that drop greys that vendor for a high amount. Farm said mobs till your bags are full and sell everything. Vendor greens that drop and sell blues if you’re lucky on the AH. Also run skinning if you’re farming beasts and vendor the leathers


Are we talking about grinding on the mailbox or killing mobs? because that could be a good tip for making money


I didn’t have a mount until lvl 43 or so on my first character in Vanilla and I was far from being the only one.

  1. Don’t buy skills that you don’t need/use while leveling.
  2. Don’t spend (too much) money on AH.
  3. Don’t improve your professions unless you can make money out from it.
  4. Loot and sell everything to either vendors or AH if you posses rare items/materials
  5. Grind, grind, grind. Kill and loot everything, even when you’re just traveling from point A to point B. Most of the money comes from sheer grinding. (unless you hit a jackpot with an Epic drop and manage to sell it on AH for high price.)

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Learn some professions and get a job :slight_smile:

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On hitting 40 I had like 65g. After that I mailed back all the copper, bronze, tin, iron bars I was stashing, some leather as well and went to /Trade and AH with it. Bronze/tin sold instantly while iron was to high level and even now there is no market for it. Vendored a bit, did some more quests, did one farm run of Shimmering Flats basilisks and done - mount same day as level 40.

What’s important to note that vendor value of stuff increases a lot around 40. If you continue questing you will get even grey weapons that can vendor for more than 1g. If you can quest - just continue and gold income will increase.