I got Permaban for no reason


This is … well i have no words. After 9 days of played, first level 60 of my casual guilds, 350 gold in my bag as a Mage, with my 60% mount, 3 alt full of low level consumable via Mining/Herbs + cloth farmed during my quest grind (no dungeon spam), i got a permaban for a non-valid reason :slight_smile: .

  • I never bought golds.
  • I never RMT.
  • I did quest grind, no dungeon grid. That’s why i’m 60 with 9 days of played. I did a bit of SM/ZF grind to afford my mount before going Stranglethorn Valley and avoid getting camped. Otherwise, i did not go into dungeon since SM/ZF.
  • I AoE farmed 58-60 only as a Mage because of no quest.
  • I layer hop 2/3 time per day MAX to not wait mob respawn, and not in public (whisp on my guild mate). Meanwhile, the server is FULL of /4 LaYER pLZ



Account name: WOW # 4

Sanction on the account: definitive closure
Violation: exploitation activity - Abuse of the economy

This account has been closed due to direct or indirect involvement in unauthorized trading of gaming items for real money. This type of exchange is detrimental to the integrity of the World of Warcraft game environment.

Thank you for your understanding.


Customer support
Blizzard Entertainment


If you haven’t sold or bought gold - fight it. I doubt Blizzard wouldn’t remove the ban if the account is clean.


They already thanked you for your understanding, why are you not being understanding? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not saying you DID break the rules… but they are not usually wrong. However, on the off-chance that you are being 100% honest, I hope they realise their mistake and unban you.


I started a ticket and i will phone call them when the service is open. We will see what they say.


I meen they must have found somthing fishy in the logs, but if you truly are being honest ask for proof of exploitation


Layering abuse (to abuse the economy) is against the rules.

I’d say it was justified, sorry.

I mean, you can claim that you did nothing wrong but they don’t just ban you for no reason. Layer-hopping to farm mass amounts of materials in such a short window of time is essentially abusing the economy.


Maybe your account was hacked. That happened to me in tbc. Due to the hackers involvement in rmt my accoubt was banned as well. Got it back though.


No it’s not and also they nerfed it via an internal cooldown. It’s not a valid reason.

If you want to ban all people who layer hop, you can ban 75% of all EU server. When you get invited by someone, you layer hop. So how do you do dungeon if we ban people who change layer ?


Blizzards message seems like generic corporate bullsh*t response. I mean as long as you did not buy/sell gold then there’s no reason for banning you.

Before someone says layering - it’s a system that blizzard put in place with all its upsides and downsides of which everyone is aware of and uses to their advantage.

Even if you abused the hell out of layering then by the same token blizz should ban majority of playerbase. They knew exactly what type of gameplay it enables. Players themselves warned them and despite this blizz did nothing to combat this. Didn’t even put explicit ToS rule about layering.


Most of us (majority of players) didn’t abuse layering to farm mass amounts of materials. If you think we/they did, you’re disillusioned. It’s like a drug addict saying to a non-drug addict “Oh come on, everyone’s doing it!” when they’re not.

The proof is in the pudding. Blizzard looked at your logs and have clearly seen a suspicious, unhealthy amount of materials farmed over a certain space of time.

You can try and get your ban reduced through appealing, but if I were you, I’d just create a new account and start over without abusing layering to be on the safe side.


Doesn’t matter - if you abuse the system they put in place, it’s on you, not them. You have the choice to abuse it or play by their rules at the end of the day.


I’m not “full of mats”, i’m full of low level mats and cloth, because i get level faster than my herbs/mining skill.

In my alt bank :

  • Full of cloth.
  • Copper ore.
  • Low level herbs.
  • 1 epic item i get from quest grinding after killing 27623 mobs in the game.
  • A bit of green recipe and some blue recipe that i bought to AH to resell it after because of inflation.

There’s no high level mats and arcane crystal / black lotus.

TLDR : I never layer hop to get material. It was only for questing and AOE griding in 58-60 because of Mage competition who are all in the same spot - thanks to Jokerd, and only 2 or 3 time per day max. Is it “abusing game economy” for you ?


Like I said, you can try appealing it and get them to investigate, but it’s clear that they’ve flagged your account for layer-abusing/economy abuse.

Doesn’t matter if the materials are all low level or not, they see exploiting as exploiting. :stuck_out_tongue:


If I were guilty I’d appeal the ban via ticket instead of posting it on the forum to seek out community sympathy. My guess is you were layer hopping and were reported by multiple people, which is why not everyone abusing it has been banned. Just a guess though of course.


how is that even possible


Oeeeehhh hard to keep a story straight if you are not honest, huh ?


Layer hopping cannot be bannable offense, because where do you draw the line? Is grouping up for elite quest mob (thus hopping layer to party leader) when your layer waits for spawn is bannable? If not, then how about situation when you farm mats in EP, someone in general asks for help with enemy faction, invites you, thus making you hop layers and gather more resources along?

There are no clear rules posted by blizzard about this system and its usage. It’s like saying you abused farming honor by constantly queueing up for BG on retail.

Again, you layerhop almost every time you get invited to party. Everyone is guilty by your logic. Only that differs is scale of the offense.


People all over the server abuse layering. I see it 24/7.
You can’t ban all of them. FaiLizzard must fix that $hit. It should not be bannable, since I can understand the people who use it.

Never used it before neither for avoiding enemy gangs, neither for farming or anything else.

For topic starter:
In case you’re clearly did nothing wrong, explain it to FaiLizzard stuff, ask them for the real reson of banning with arguments.
If you’re clear and di nothing wrong, we all as a gaming commity will support you in fighting FaiLizzard out.


We can all sit here arguing about whether or not different things are or are not against the rules and trying to pick holes/flaws in each others sentences and thoughts - but at the end of the day, Blizzards email gives little to no info as to what actually caused the ban so its all speculation at best.

Make a ticket with Blizzard to try get either unbanned or the full story as to why you was banned and ignore all the speculation and hate in the meantime.


No, it’s not. People stream it and don’t get punished.