I haven't played a second of BFA, because of the exalted rep requirement on allied races


And I won’t buy the next expansion, either, if you keep them.


Errrm it is not THAT hard to unlock them, i am a casual player and i got most of them unlocked without much effort.

(Dottie) #3

Don’t say that, the OP had a good whine going on.

I don’t even think the OP owns BfA.

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Bfa is out for over a year and even with the delay the forum has after cancelling your sub and your game time having run out any account cancelled after release should be unable to post by now. So i ask you, did you pay a sub without having bought bfa or did you buy it, payed the sub and not played it or are you just lying?

Edit: he is lying. :slight_smile: took me a second: https://worldofwarcraft.com/de-de/character/eu/silvermoon/oolacile

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I feel your pain dear OP. You are right to have one such opinion. Sadly this opinion coupled with your integrity will prevent you from playing in the near future.

So, OP. Can I have your gold?


Put in the effort or go play space invaders

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So quit. Noone cares. Bye.

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It’s not about being hard it’s about being new and returning player unfriendly. If next xpac contains trash like this I am done as well.

Yes yes we know, you’re modern wow’s biggest fanboy. Can you seriously not understand how damaging this system is for new or returning players? No course you can’t. I really have to wonder if you’re that dense but I guess you are. Every thread you feel the need to slide in your fanboy opinion with which nobody agrees fyi hence why everyone left this game.

Just think for a second how systems will affect new or returning players and how they were back when wow was popular instead of dying. Can’t be hard.


I don’t find it particular unfriendly to new players that they have to grind like the next guy

No need to be spoiled and ask to get everything on a silverplate the moment they log in

At least they don’t have to wait as long as the rest of us did when we wanted allied races dispite we earned the reputation

It’s out there, go n get it

(Hinklink) #10

No it’s behind weeks of spoonfed braindead dailies. Wow never was this cheap. All previous allied races came without rep locks.


It have always been the case in this game, we get more for free than ever in modern WoW


Yes yes we also know that your BFA’s top hater. If Blizz would give you a free gold bar, you would complain thats its too heavy. Now when you once again “said your piece”. Feel free to go to sleep and come back tomorrow. Since its obvious you cant sleep untill you have done your daily WoW hating. :rofl:

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That is so funny, but I’m not, believe me.

Damaging, yeah right, if you play the game you get quite a way to it, the OP just comes along occasionally and complains, probably after they just got back from a ban.

I do like the game, but I’m not Blinded by the bad parts to a completely hating position as you are. Just quit if you don’t like it.

Well, if they play through the game, as the OP can’t as they don’t have it, you get a good amount of rep towards the allied races.

Yes it was, and it always has been rep gated, your blinkered view doesn’t see this.

No they didn’t, all allied races are behind rep locks. Oh wait, you can’t tell the difference between races and allied races can you.

Rep locks have been around since classic, mostly to get gear and/or mounts. Now they have used them for allied races. Not something I like but Blizzard won’t remove the rep gates. Then again, I don’t give a damn about allied races.

(Darklight) #14

I agree with everything else, but this.

Now I wouldn’t consider getting Allied Races (at the expansion in which their reputation is relevant) an issue. I don’t have to like it, but it’s not THAT bad.

I would say there is a fair argument that if this system continues perpetually, and we have 10 maybe 12 Allied Races each with their own respective quest chains and Exalted requirements… Expecting a new player to go back and do ALL of that? Extreme would be an understatement.


Considering the allied races of (the) old expansion(s) are WAY faster, it’s not that bad.

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Doesn’t change the fact that you’d be denying a new player the ability to play Mana Elves, Void Elves etc and telling them to main a race they perhaps never wanted just to grind out 10-12 reputations to Exalted.

It’s not THAT bad if you did them while they were relevant, because naturally progressing through an expansion drip feeds you progress towards unlocking them. But if it continues perpetually, that list is going to keep getting longer, and there will inevitably be a line drawn.


I mean I started in BFA and the first thing I did was unlocking void elves and by accident also unlocking LF draenei.
It doesn’t really take too long and the only thing that would really make unlocking 10+ allied races a complete chore is the zandlari/kul tiran “complete all the quests in the zones” stuff, the reps aren’t the issues imo
Edit: completing all the quests is already a chore considering the game gives you literally 0 advice to how youre supposed to complete the zone storylines that arent war campaign

(Darklight) #18

And that’s why it would be an issue if it continues. 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20…

At what point would you consider it absurd to expect a new player, in order to have access to all races, to go back and do X number of reputation grinds and X number of 50-100+ quest chains?

My honest belief is that this system has zero longevity. It can’t keep going and adding forever.


IMO at a certain point the previous allied races should just be unlocked, same with pathfinder.


Yeah but… how likely do you think that is?