I haven't played a second of BFA, because of the exalted rep requirement on allied races


Not very :frowning:


What exactly is your definition of “gated” content? because i remember buying tabards for rep and farming mobs untill my eyes bleed was a legit way to farm however i wanted for how long i wanted. not like this trashpile of bfa.

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Agreed, that IS the solution, but then you’d have people arguing that “Well Pathfinder isn’t that hard, I had to do it 3-4 years ago and so should new and returning players too!”

It’s easy to point and laugh till you consider how much grind you’d be lumping on the non-haves. Keeping Pathfinder and Allied Races from years ago exclusive isn’t sustainable business practice. You’d scare more potential players away than you’d retain.


True, but didn’t that happen to Pandaria flying? Wasn’t there an elaborate scheme to get it (clueless, didn’t play it, aplogies) and then it got turned into a purchasable skill with gold?

I think there was an entire fiasco with Kite flying and … what not. Yeah, I’m fairly sure of it :thinking:


If they could correct that, they could correct current pathfinder things.

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I don’t remember that being a thing, but then I took a 6 months hiatus between Cataclysm’s end and MoP’s launch. Cata’s content drought took its toll. I’m probably not the best person to ask on that.


I mean blizzard could launch 100.000 different versions with every possible combination of solutions and people would complain that they don’t have enough disk space for all of them.
People will complain no matter what, all we can do is hope that blizzard makes the right decision.

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Emphasis on hope.


I mean they’ve been doing stuff kinda right

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The one thing I’ll say about BfA and Legion is this: They’re both at least better than WoD.

But that’s a whole different topic.

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Yet you’re subbed and paying them.

This is the dumbest form of protest.


Your 111 one char atleast . You have an active sub to be able to post so you are trolling .


No I don’t think this is true, I don’t have a sub/game time active rn and I think I can only post on the General Discussion and Classic Discussion.

But this has been the case for a long time, right?


You can still post in classic forums and depending on when sub ran out you usually can post for atleast another month i will find a link for you .


Oh that’s so cool, thanks I believe you.

This explains how my friend was unable to post today – his sub ran out longer ago than mine. He was able to post until a few days ago, but today it was done done.



There you go hope it helps .


So it will be just the Classic one left for me in a bit. Cool cool, I can live with that :grimacing:


Nah, share! Dont be selfish, share with Sandarioo

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Needing a certain level of rep, ie honoured to buy some stuff and the good stuff was only available when exalted. Some factions had dailies even worse than those now. Those nasty ones so you could buy a dragon in TBC come to mind for instance.

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so do not i gladly pay money for it.

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Hmm. This community’s funny.

Classic Wow: Go kill 20 bears and gather their brains. And btw, they have a 20% chance to drop the brain. So you’ll be doing it for 50 kills at least, if you’re super lucky. oh and btw, people can steal your loot too. so goodluck.


BFA: You have to grind a rep by doing quests and world quests and stuff like that.