I haven't played a second of BFA, because of the exalted rep requirement on allied races


Too many years and too much convenience has really made people lazy and entitled.

Funny part is when some of these moaners announce that they are tired of grinding and will go to play classic when it will launch…


What do you mean? i returned 2 weeks before 8.2 and i got flying 10 days after 8.2.
Just follow the quest line that takes you to Naz/Mecha and then just repeat stuff there every day and you are good to go.


I think you misunderstand the problem.

It’s not, and I repeat, NOT that you have to “do something”.

It’s the what you have to do on what character that is the problem, because:

  1. You’re not doing those quests on the character you’d like to do those quests on. Especially if you’re a new player you need to level up a character that you don’t care for to unlock the one you care for. That involves also spoilers to the story.
  2. Reputation is very much timegated now, so are other aspects of the gameplay that you need to unlock certain races. There’s no control, like (however boring) rep farming by killing mobs. So if you miss a day because of work, you can’t sit down in the weekend to catch up.

But sure, instead of understanding the problem it’s much much easier to just shout how lazy everyone else is.

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You think allied races are any different. They’re not. The menu was full, they needed another menu. You are part of the group that makes retail die, hope you’re proud of it.

You and all 1m others. All the 9million players that left wil have to do braindead chores in draenor, legion and bfa and possibly the next xpac, can you guys really not just think. Guess you cannot.

No in fact it was not. I could directly get a goblin, worgen or whatever, buy flying around max lvl, also tabart, member? No you don’t you started playing actively in legion lmao. Which explains a lot.

If you fail to understand how this is off-putting for new and returning players than you are part of the problem. Nobody is going to do all those boring chores except for the most dedicated of unemployed.

I’ve nearly unlock all allied races (so i know what im talking about) and these are my last. I will not do it again, in fact if this is the direction wow keeps going than i hope they enjoy their 500k retail subscribers in 9.0 because pretty much nobody will bother. Might do some classic, but i’d rather have them fix retail.

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You clearly never played classic. Rewards have meaning there. In retail nothing has meaning anymore. Besides allied races were always playable from the get go, they also marketed it as such, unless you read every tiny word under the graphics where it says nothing about doing boring chores (dailies) for weeks on end.

Either way Allied Races are fundamentally flawed and damaging to new and or returning players. That is why we get posts like this, the vast majority just leaves and laughs as wow became low tier free2play trash.

It’s their loss, more and more people leave retail and the remaining ones will be monetized to hell and back. It’s also my loss because my favorite game gets ripped apart inside out. I am very critical and negative of the game because it’s needed. If they listen to the fanboys like dottie like they always do btw, prepare form classic to hammer retail into hell cause nobody will play this filth anymore.


I don’t understand. Allied races are completely optional; you’re not forced to unlock them at all, so it should really have no bearing on your feelings toward BfA as a whole.
In general I hate reputation grinds, but Allied races is the ONE thing where I believe it makes sense. You should work hard to earn their loyalty. Already unlocked all 4 horde allied races, and one of them I did accidentally. You’ll get there eventually.

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It doesn’t matter. They’re on the box some people want to play them. Wow has very limited character choice already. So when they can’t play as an allied race, well than that’s it — journey over.

Bfa has nothing to offer so almost nobody sits this xpac out for the great hoa or essences lmao, or the horse mounts for rep? Or in pvp with like 5 abilities and scaled damage, for no rewards. No bfa is a huge failure, wow cannot afford mistakes like this anymore or at least retail can’t. Unless you like more store mounts and longer queue’s,

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So, for a returning player, level an alt to 120, do all the story quests, do all the war campaign quests, than do daily chores for 3 weeks, and than start again on lvl 20 lmao, nah the design of this is flawed. It’s mobile game mechanics, we call them “egg-timer mechanics”. As soon as your game runs on that it has failed. Or is a mobile game.


Depends on the allied race you want. For Nightborne and Highmountain I didn’t have to touch the war campaign.
The story quests are to learn more about the allied race, which I find nothing wrong with. Which daily chores? I don’t recall it taking 3 weeks to unlock an allied race.
Your level 20 comment I don’t really understand. I mean, that’s a good thing, right? You get a sweet new mount, and you get to skip that boilerplate grind to 20 each time you create an alt with an allied race.
But anyway, it’s obvious we’re not going to agree, which is fine.


I for one believe that the real issue lies with -WHAT- you need to grind.

Back in the day, you grinded rep to acess raid (I’m glad this is gone) but also to get mount and items. You chased BiS gear, and once you got that, you HAD that and then you could proceed to do other things or relax some more. PvP’ers worked to get their Pvp Gear and was happy with that.

Today, you work towards repgrinds for Allied races, mounts, m+ keys and such.
Beside of that, there’s nothing really you can aim at working towards. It’s all about joining the endless grindfest, and hope that you are on the good side with RNG. You cannot work dedicated towards gear, because it’s all about your luck.
And you never really get done.

Although I know why they made these changes (shoutout to all who remember the contentdaught in WoD) it’s just UNfun compared to how and why you used to grind. I understand why people then seek to something like allied races, to grind and get a feel of completion - And if this is why they do it… Then I 100% understand why they find it really trash that you have to grind outdated content. Especially if you are new and start from level 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys who sais “But they should work as much as I did!” or “they just want it all for free” should really come down of your pidestal and high horses and drop the snobbery. We did it the content while it was current, it happened naturally as we played through the -relevant- content, while aiming for other things.
Like a rolling passive, compared to how it is to grind for it if you are new or returning.

Sure, it is optional, so it was for us… for us it just happened naturally, it doesn’t now (at least if you want the Legion ones)
And if they won’t change how you get them now, they should do it by 9.0. Make a questline for an example.


Which ALLIED raced were immediately playable? Goblins and all those races have never been ALLIED races, they were just added races, its something different, even though they technically are a race they are advertised differently and its clearly stated you have to make them trust you to be able to get into their ranks and stuff

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True very true, which imo ads to the confusion, you need wowhead to figure out how unlock your desired allied race. As a returning player.


Well if you need free rewards go play a moba.
You have to grind in MMO’s as the rest of us do sadly.


Again, for us who played in Legion the “grind” for allied races happened passively almost, while we played the, then, current content. You cannot really compare how we got it, and how you get it now, so drop the snobbery lol


Its not snobbery, its reality. If you expect in an MMO to get free rewards then the problem is 100% you not the game im afraid.

Also i did play legion, ended up quitting because RL+work had a priority over it and BFA is kinda 0 grind compared to Legion :slight_smile:


It is snobbery, Because you all act like you worked hard for it, when you actually didn’t - if you played the content that is.

And it’s not about getting “free rewards” as in a general term, because no one is asking for that. Grinding outdated content for a race shouldn’t be a thing at all.
They could make it a, maybe long, questline, or link the rep on some rep you get from current content… like WQ or what ever.
And I hope they will do this with the Kul’tirans, Zandalari and what ever allied races we get next too.

Have the normal grind, then when expansion ends, make it in to a long questline or link it to future expansion Rep or WQ.


Im afraid its not mr layer. Sorry cant agree to this.

I havent worked hard at all, dont know where exactly you think i implied i worked hard but it was not hard at all. Also that is the main reason (how easy it is) to even laugh more and more with such special snowflake complain threats.

That is what you and me think, agree. Blizzard sees things differently though.

There is 0 grind to get the allied races. You just do the storyline, you do your world quests to get your gear+resourses+ap and passively exalted status comes.

As easy as that but we have to whine about it and complicate things.

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They are not allied races, they are races, there is a HUGE difference. I quote what I said about you earlier.

I raided in Classic, it was on another account. I joined it to a second battle.net account by mistake, thinking you could only have one WoW account per battle.net account back in 2009.

I do understand, all I am saying is that it was advertised as needing to do extra things to get them.

What complete rubbish, how can I make it die? If anyone makes it die it’s Blizzard not me.

As I and others have said, allied races are an optional extra, they are not needed to play the game. You seem to think that everything should be given to everyone without any difficulty. That is so noob.


It is a rep grind…just do the grind and you are done…i personally hate grinding rep more than anything and yet i am here with all pathfinders completed.


Good point. But if you open the achievements it does show you what needs to be done, and I could also head over to the Orgrimmar emissary to find out more.
Couldn’t hurt to stick it in one of the in game guides though (the one that suggests things for your character to do), so you can quickly bring up the dialog when you want to find out how to start it, and what needs to be done step by step.