I haven't played a second of BFA, because of the exalted rep requirement on allied races

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You can report the second thread :wink:

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why these “brainless snowflake whining excusmakers whatever worst bad” thread are mostly made by alliance and people are wondering why alliance is what it is in world pvp pve everything when forums shows who plays what faction.
FOR THE HORDE AND BANSHEE QUEEN if you are considering to go horde GET GOOD or stay bad.


I’m a casual player. Really casual. In three weeks I did the entire expansion story so far, get 396 gear for my main and 325 for every alt, put BfA reps on Honored and Legion Argus reps on Honorable.
And all of that trying to remember how warlocks go now. So… It’s not that hard XD. Believe me. If I did it in three weeks, it means it probably can be made in a few days by any normal player, hours for hardcore players.

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oh get off your horse.

I came back late legion (2 weeks before bfa) i unlocked void elves a month or so ago, its not hard. at all. as annoying as it is - it really isnt. I spend a few days doing dailies - at 120 you can basically one shot most :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Can I have the salt in your tears? I want to make a Margherita and I´m out of salt.

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