I haven't played a second of BFA, because of the exalted rep requirement on allied races


Allied races are good because it’s a brand new reward system that we’ve not had before, the ability to unlock a playable race by completing in game content and story related to their in game presence.

What else would we get?
Another mount? Toy? Transmog? They’re boring and over saturated.

Being the righteous defender to the returning players is great and all, but I’d rather they focused on content for the active people opposed to instant gratification for people seeing the game for the first time (at least the first time in a while, anyway).
I also don’t think it’s going to turn away any new comers or really get any reaction of than a “oh damn it, ok I’ll play my X anyway” if you’re returning your your race is that important opposed to the new content etc then I don’t really know what to tell you.

My ONLY issue with an allied race is they just feel like better versions of their counterparts.
Ie high mountain Tauren just feels like a more detailed and stronger version of a regular Tauren, but this creates incentive.

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I have no idea if they will take this model forward. A lot of things in BfA seem to be to make people play more and ramp up their metrics. Players have a choice of course but many of us will go and jump through the hoops of whatever requirements.


Looks at comment section.

Yup, I’m not touching this…


Allied races are a reward for playing the content. They are a reward for the rep grind, seeing the story. Its much easier to do current content grind than go back and do old content grind.

I’ve been playing the game for just under a year so far and the races that are current (mag’har and zandalari) i’ve got easily, with little work and passively going through the sory. If i want, for example, a Highmountain Tauren then suck it up im going to have to go and grind for them, which is the exact same thing as pathfinders.



Are we supposed to care or what, Mr.Bananarama Man?

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Rewards have meaning in classic but not in BFA. Yea right. a couple of copper and possibly a piece of gear had meaning, but somehow having an entirely new race to play isn’t REWARDING ENOUGH.

This isn’t about how difficult or easy or how long or short it is. This is about a bunch of you people who want everything to be free and easy to access all the time. You don’t like doing it? Big deal. You think i liked reaching 175 jewelcrafting? getting pathfinder? Unlocking all the allied races including alliance ones on a character i didn’t want to play, but did anyway? You do these things for the reward you get. I did it for mounts and allied races and to earn gold. In order to get to the things i want to do.

And if you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to grind, then i guess this game wasn’t meant for you.

Enjoy grinding in classic when it comes back in a month. But based on what i’m seeing from you people, most of you will quit classic in about 2~3 months.

And stop expecting everything to be available. You want to play what you enjoy? Be my guest. Do mythic+ all day. Finish mythic raiding. Do battlegrounds. 24/7 arenas or whatever that interests you.

But don’t expect to be rewarded with something you don’t want to move a finger for to get.

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Oh it’s you again.

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This ^

I took breaks in Legion and for a couple months in BfA and have all but 2 of the Allied Races unlocked, the Fat Humans, and Short Metal things won’t be unlocked as I don’t play that faction.

The rep grind is nothing like as “bad” as is being portrayed in this thread, just playing the game ( very casually at 120 ) I’m at 3 Exalted Reps with all others at Revered on one character and my other 120 is at a minimum of Honoured on all. Realistically that’s from logging in doing Emissary WQ, Warfronts and the storylines.

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I don’t even play alliance. I just have a character who i casually play with and i unlocked both.

These people act as if allied races took years of grinding to get. While you can do it in like 2 weeks.

It’s just being lazy or not interested, at this point.


Yea i remember those… But fortunately i could scout for dragon eggs instead if my dailies were all done. So in the end i could still choose how and for how long i could farm that rep. Now you can’t, and that sucks.

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You are obsessed with mobas


And you are obsessed with hating WoW and anyone who even mildly disagrees with you…


If you keep arguing with him about the obvious: MMO’s need grind he will come full mongo calling you jobless, thats what he does when he runs out of un-smart answers and face reality to answers.

Anyways, its just one among the others that have 0 intention to play wow. They just wanna whine about it like spoiled children.


agreed, I might accept a rep requirement but not when they’re time gated to siphon more subscription time.

I think retail wow is just dead to me.
Raiding is a joke,

" oh it’s harder! there are more mechanics! yes and our characters are ten times more power full and we’ve got thousands of tools assisting us, literally telling us what to do and when to do them to guarantee a succesful clear and still the majority fails, because no one puts time and effort in to learning their class to find the most efficient way to play them. Nope, they all depend on getting bigger higher item levels cus high ilvls > mechanic execution.
And now that Pve gear > Pvp gear pvp is dead to me as well.

I’m now forced to play Pve in order to compete in pvp.


The allied races unlocking system could be weak and can be made smoother, however damaging is not.
You do realize that wow is an mmo and big part of the mmo is grinding. Heck, 90% of the stuff you do is grinding if not 100%. Dungeon runs, raids, pvp in general…etc. All of those are grinding, you are either grinding to gear up or grinding honor or rep or whatever.

OP actully reminded me of the time i accessed a private server of Ragnarok Online, where everything you are supposed to grind for is available for purchase with the ingame currency.

The question is, how do you think blizz should simplify the unlock system? Do you want it somthing like some of Neverwinter races where you pay them real money and and the race is unlocked? Or what do you suggest?

Now for all those who complains about the system, i suggest the following:

1- suggest a better system.
2- stop whining and enjoy the game the way you normally do.
3- quit the game.

However, if you choose the 3rd option i will be happy to get you hard earned gold and put it to good use…in your name /cough


What the moo? Allied races, seriosly? I have all horde ones unlocked and I didn’t have to grind anything? They all got unlocked just playing the game (very casually). All I had to do was like 10 min quest chain for each of them I think.

I don’t care about allied races so I don’t even know the requirements except the quest chain.

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Personally I’d like a system where you buy an expansion along with the features touted and advertised and shown off as major content, and then you get that content without tedious work.

I don’t know which game I can give as an example of one where you buy the expansion and get the races though. Just silly-talk that, isn’t it? I mean maybe it could happen in some parallel universe that’s completely insane, but Blizzard doing that with WoW would just not make any sense, right?



Yeah right, get to the back of the line mate, that gold is mine!


Well allied races are part of BFA, you just need to unlock them thats all. If you didnt upgrade ur account to BFA…you will not have any allied race…to unlock lol.

My only issue with the allied race system is if you main one faction only as in my case i only play horde…now if i decided to reroll an alliance allied race for example…i will have to play with an existing race and go through all the process to unlock them…
I would have liked it if blizzare would made the sytem that once u unlock an allied race on ur main faction…its equivalent allied race on the other faction will be unlocked…much like when you get the war of the thrones mount on ur horde character…you get the alliance one as well…

Then again thats a typical mmo grind so yeah currently if i want it…i should work for it…

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aa here it is, so a double