I was bored, so i did this

I was very bored… didnt feel doing anything. inspecting ppl in Orgrimmar… te see what they have for a tmog and where to get that etc.

So i decided to go to Silvermoon City. and take a flight to Booty bay. I wanted to see the world again since i haven’t been out for years or anything like that.

I have to say… this game is changed alot. But its so beautiful now.

just wanted to share this with you.


It sure is. Too bad life in it consists of several timelines and not a shred of purpose. :frowning:


Silvermoon was my favorite city back in TBC unfortunately now it looks outdated only the music is still fantastic. My only hope is for warfront revamp of the whole zone including ghostlands etc…


I also spend some time wandering around in the cities after I returned and the little detail changes amazed me completely :slight_smile:

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Seconded! The music in and around Silvermoon is definitely my favourite way to get the Nostalgia going too :slight_smile:


I miss my big tree home…


I wish it was easier to navigate between the main capitals. For some reason we are shoe horned into Org and SW.


Wish Blizz responded to “important” stuff rather than an “I took a flight path” blog.

Not saying the interaction isn’t welcome but…


I wonder if Booty Bay every gets rebuild or not… isn’t it still in it,s Cataclysm state?

They do, but there is nothing important on the forums atm.

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yeah i bet!!!

Go ahead and make your inn in a diff place. So many inn’s in game. Try something new.

Until all capitals are equal, no chance.

It is probably rebuilt in lore, but the zone hasn’t been updated yet. I suspect a lot of the damage done by the Cataclysm is, in lore, repaired at this point. Except the deep crevices and physical land deforms of course.

Im on RP realms so I love Silvermoon. You can just sit and watch some belf drama unfold…its like reality tv! LOL
Although if Im wanting to revisit some pretty scenery then I go fly around Pandaria.

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Get in touch with your inner mage. Makes it so much easier.

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I was thinking if I mained mage I could use any hub and still have the convenience of getting anywhere :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s great, especially if i need some enchants. I can just teleport to Northrend Dalaran and buy those before going right back to where i was, more or less.

The portal room with one to Silvermoon and the zeppelin to TB isn’t enough? Or the portals to both in the BfA city??

Same with Stormwind, it literally has a tram to Ironforge and a portal to Darnassus. I assume Boralus has them to Ironforge and Exodar and the boat goes to Stormwind. Literally dunno what you’re on about.

It’s fine if you don’t understand that not all the cities are made equal. It is not convenient to use the non current hub or our main city SW/Org because they lack the features of the main hubs.

I personally don’t want to play portal jockey in order to be able to use Silvermoon as my hub for example. Silvermoon you can’t move around quickly either as it’s still grounded mounts only. There is no barber, no void storage, no transmogrifier etc.

There is little point in using UC at all now (even if you go back in time and use the old version) and even the heirloom vendors moved to Orgrimmar.

I essentially spend most of my time in Dazar’alor or occasionally Orgrimmar. With my two engineer characters I don’t even need Orgrimmar for the AH any more.

The point I was trying to make, which I’m sorry wasn’t clear, is that it would be nice if all four main capitals were equal and had all the same services and portal connections. It would mean there was more choice of what base people wanted to use with the same conveniences and hubs wouldn’t need so much sharding.