Idea: re-progression server

I know a lot of people are excited about completely fresh servers, which is great. I wonder if alongside the fresh servers, blizz could give at least one server that allows people who want to continue to progress their classic era characters to do so. I can see three options for doing this:

OPTION 1: Free realm and faction transfers between existing servers
This would need to include transfers between pve and pvp, and would allow the existing populations to pool on one or two servers, or potentially all on alliance pve cluster.

OPTION 2: Free transfers to one of the new fresh servers
Obviously free transfers to all fresh servers doesn’t make sense because lots of people don’t want non-fresh characters on their fresh servers, but if only one of the fresh servers allows this, then people could just choose not to create fresh characters on that one server if this was a concern for them. Equally, people who wanted to start fresh alongside existing players from classic era would have an option to do so.

In this scenario, phases would unlock in the same progression timing as other fresh servers, and you’d have some characters who have loot from later raids. This is perhaps not ideal, but is presumably fairly simple for blizz to implement, and actually in practice it’s probably not a huge issue for pve as people could choose whether or not to include people using later phase gear in their raids.

This realm would need to be not linked with others for pvp, or imported gear banned from pvp use to avoid an unfair advantage. It could even be the case that battlegrounds are disabled entirely for this realm, since classic era players can’t play battlegrounds now anyways.

OPTION 3: Re-progression Server
As in option 2, blizz would allow transfer of existing characters to one fresh server (and all other fresh servers would be unaffected) but any gear from later phases would be either un-usable or scaled down until the phase that it came from. I prefer the scaling option because it means that characters who already have better loot from later phases are not taking loot from characters who actually need loot from the current phase.

The benefits of options 2 and 3 over option 1 are that players who want to continue to progress their characters can still progress through the raid content again alongside fresh players, possibly including their own alts.

I appreciate that many people might say that they don’t want to play on these realms alongside existing characters, which is fine since I’m not proposing that this applies to all fresh realms, just to one.

Option 4: reroll

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Option 1 fine but the rest just No.

All that this would cause is nobody new to roll on your new server, transferring your current problems with you. Nobody would want to join a new server where level 60’s were around from day one manipulating the economy and benefiting from ever increasing scaling gear.

We need to fix your problems at source, your problems are the vast majority of people don’t want to sit on a perma P6 realm and you and a few others do, but not enough of you across the 3 realm types and 2 factions to enable raids. Those that paid to keep their char will want it kept on their realm type.

There’s no easy solution that will please everyone, but what you’ve suggested here pleases nobody.

There’s enough people, but they are soread across too many clusters. Providing a single server for them to all transfer to would solve the problem.

Create new char. No transfers. Bye


Option 2/3 is no.

You’ve posted this a few times before,
It’s not fresh otherwise.

you are aware ppl will farm MC again 1 week after launch? whats your angle?

He being cheap, mostly :sweat_smile:

Not sure whether you’re responding to me, I got the notification for it XD.

OK, let there be fresh realms.

At the same time I need TBC character clone service to be available again, because:

  1. I don’t want to start over again toon pulling.
  2. I don’t want to play on a completely depopulated realm.

Thanks. Bye.

It still is available.

It’s not available for characters, which have been created later than TBC launch! Even not for a fee!

You didn’t mention you wanted this. You do realise the copy was from TBC to Classic Era? Altering the fixed date is wrong in my opinion.

It’s kind of obvious why they wouldn’t allow a copy from TBC to Classic Era as the characters may be above the level limit. Also coping to fresh realms defeats the idea of fresh realms, as in starting from the beginning again.

No, I’m talking about from Era to TBC character cloning. There is no need to argue about this, I have already consulted this topic with Blizzard Support: cloning is not allowed for this toon, because it has been created in July.

In the ingame shop only character transfer service is available for me between Era servers (25€), which is completely pointless.

That will never be allowed with a newer date or an up to date character.


Personally I see the difference between doing it from a certain date and doing it from a current and up to date Classic Era character.

Trying to make me look stupid is backfiring on you. My statements do not contradict one another.

OK, to conclude this: if I will be forced to start the progress over again in any way, I will do it in TBC, not Era.

You won’t be forced to start again on current Classic Era or Classic TBC. The only time you will be forced to start from the beginning is if you play on any new Fresh realm.

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Fresh realms are not mandatory.
Fresh realms are for fresh starts, not for transferring existing chars on. I’m not sure who the hell thinks this is a good idea, or attractive to those without a high level