If people have to die then nerf Craven Stratagem already

This legendary literally the biggest joke of this expansion.

We don’t need to buff Unholy and Affliction if we nerf this legendary. Craven Stratagem literally dispels UA without any punishment and Necrotic Wounds (nothing else can do this). How are these classes suppose to ever pressure Hunters.


To be honest, I dont understand, how did this item manage to get into live game. Like nobody would ever use it in pve and its super obvious that its a pvp disaster. Unfortunately there are many such mechanics that make pvp feel like a bad social experiment. Why should hunter as already god class negate any form of performance from certain classes is beyond me.


Yep, warlocks aren’t bad and affliction’s problem isn’t low dot damage. It’s that being double teamed by 2 melees is a bit rough atm and that hunters exist

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Imagine surviving tons of pressure, avoiding traps as much as you can, baiting the counter shot, only to see your 6 globals - setup disappearing into nothing. Just because hunter pressed ONE button with a 15 sec CD. Game design at its finest. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


I play a lot with Killshot legy atm. And the normal PvP talent wich dispell magic on 30 sec cd is more then Hunter needs, maybe carven should give only that PvP talent Survival tactic so u got one free slot…

But yeah many thinks are broken in this game and this is just one (Ww&ret burst potential with crits//warri toolkit // pala prot legy, rogue restealth conduit, mage shield, Druid frenzy conduit, and some Dps offhealing still protect people from dying)

ALSO make Maledic interruptable

Exactly what I’m thinking about, stuff like craven triune is purely a pvp thing so why do they created them if the game is ‘’ pve oriented and balanced around it’’?

Legendary is fine as it is atm. Very few specs actually have a disadvantage with that legendary.

shut up. just shut. up.


Craven is super obnoxious but without it Hunters would be the easiest class in the game to kill right now. It’s just a symptom of bad design due to borrowed power systems.

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It’s only spriest and aff lock that have an issue with it. You got plenty of other classes you can easily take out.

Unholy DK and Necrotic Wounds removal? Ele? Destruction Warlock? Boomy? Feral? Assassination Rogue?

You serious?


Yeah I only play craven vs warriors nowadays. Normal 30sec is usually enough and I like the added pressure on kill shot procs.

This is in 2s tho. In 3s hunter is super squishy so I usually run craven.

Forgot about those. :rofl:

It dispels the ‘combo points’ from UH, making it so you cannot use your signature ability on him [apocalypse].

And then there is this PvP talent that gives them 1,5 sec immunity on using feign death xDD

I agree with u broda, nerf that toxic leggo.

I mean, mages’ Triune was nerfed TWICE already and this is untouched.

Triune was meant to be nerfed. They nerfed only tooltip in 9.1.5. Absorb is the same kekw

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Did they still not fix that?

Nope, not at all

That’s hilarious. I didn’t think it’d last past the first week of the patch.

They are too busy working on 9.2 and new expansion so don’t expect even hotfixes.

And there we go. There is patch note about legendary being nerfed.