If Shadowlands is next , bring him back plz !


Arthas !

There is a golden chance here to bring back Arthas the human !

Not horde nor Allaince , hunted by both …

Also possibly a great story of redemption were he learns and see what he done and then start from there !

(Zakkaru) #2

You really don’t want this.


The current lore team would butcher Arthas. I don’t want that. He used to be my favourite character in Warcraft III. i dread to think what they’d do with Arthas.


Leave the man resting in his grave!


You think you want it, but actually, you do not.


Now I want it, too, damnit…


Something like the shadowlands would have been a perfect fit to show us Garrosh from a better side. After being dead for so long it would be easy to write him so that he got tired of vengeance /doesn’t give a f*ck about what happened when he was still alive.
But sadly Blizzard had to kill him off on another planet in another reality, just to tell us next expansion that he had so much potential.

(Vankya) #8

Actually, there is someone similar to Arthas and that is Sargeras. He will return, maybe in the next expansion.
Also, all the prophecy came true, Anduin bring a controlled and all, in those spoilers…


If anyone should be brought back it is Vol’jin and Kael’thas. Those had heroism, Arthas was just a douchebag.


Nah bring back Tirion. He’s the only guy that is capable of just standing between the factions and doing his own thing that isn’t Khadgar. He was also literally just thrown away at the start of Legion for shock value and so that some paladins could wield the Ashbringer. What a waste of an amazing character and his faction.


I really hope the shadowlands leak is not true, atleast not exactly like this. If they make Sylvanas a hero at the end it would be so horrible


I’d post that The Office meme but I guess it’s not even needed

(Cyrisela) #13

If bring back characters use ones like kael and rasta or others wer were wasted in story and now dead.

(Cyrisela) #14

I agree on getting tirion back i could always use a 5th horsemen. And maybe ashbringer repaired and then corupted aswell :smiley: .

(Cyrisela) #15

You forget rastakhan and zuljin


Arthas became great because of his fall from grace, which set him apart from the generic human paladin trope. Redeeming him not only takes a big crap on that transition, but on the whole character turning him into just another cliche.

If you want to bring someone back, bring Garithos, no redemption story needed cause we all know he did nothing wrong.


At this point, it wouldn’t even bother me if they brought him back.


Trust me, you really, really do not want Arthas back from the grave.
He doesn’t need any redemption. From the way I see it, bringing him back and giving him a redemption arc would damage his entire story and almost make it feel pointless, in a way? Some characters really don’t need a redemption arc, cause it would just butcher them. Arthas is one of those characters.

Also (I know talking smack about the writers is a meme at this point) but if the Shadowlands leak turns out to be true, I have to admit that the writing is rather corny. I don’t want that to happen to Arthas.


You think you do but you don’t.

(Tyrandé) #20

This opens a whole new drama, why Arthas and not Garrosh? or Kael etc…this Shadowland Business is gonna make people go crazy if it is true.