If you are 450 ilvl and you join premade to win a random BG then you must be very bad at this game

Simple as that, even the truth hurts, that must be said.
If you think you are atleast decent why don’t you join some RATED BG instead?


wrong wrong wrong i lvl big plus bg metters lot also problem is thet players are bad tink cen simple walk in win not there tack to be play at it like army u need heve battel plan u dont heve thet u lose also problem here is thet russian premade are big problem moment most lose russian pre made

What he said! Well if I knew what he said, I might agree!


Just overall in games i never got this, join non-rated games just to (S word) on new players & be toxic af when your a competetive team

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i said u need battel plan and good players brain for bg win this days

Ahhhh :roll_eyes:

ye sorry for cofusing words

You can farm achievments in unranked bgs. Fx i did all deepwind gorge achievs in 1 week (including 74 consecutive wins), before the bg was going to be remade


Yes we are farming that market control achievement now as well. We are on 35/39 wins.

Queue are 1 minute. And every other bg you win.

You might aswell go and hit training dumies instead. The challenging is the same if you ask me. Dont know why some nerds play this game but if you enjoy hitting training dumies, then you must be very sad IRL…

I don’t get why ppl think ilvl is so important.
when I came back for this patch on Wednesday I had like 405-410 ilvl and topped dmg meters every bg by a long shot and without much effort.

in expansions prior to WoD ilvl was way more important.

Like I said on previous posts , I have a gladiator friend with 415 ilvl range in community. It happens 1/1000

You must be joking or very lucky if you didnt met these nice guys in 450 ilvl gear that form premades on random. :smiley:

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i mean… if your issue is ilvl… then maybe just spend 1 hour and get to 435?

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even if you get farmed in rnd bg’s, it’s not like you lose anything valuable. The only people who take bgs serious are tho ones farming honor ranks/cosmetics.

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Ilvl isnt the only issue as well. My both guardians were 440 ilvl this patch. The one I went full mastery gear farm worth 10 people kill.

Other one random stats and most people were killing.

After 430 ilvl I always went correct stats.

But forums speak about ilvls all the time which makes them weak on bgs too.

No matter the arguments, if you need to join an overpowered premade to win a BG, then you’re just pathetic, that tells me you need to compensate something, maybe low self esteem IRL, dont know, but is not normal to be happy hitting undergeared people in randoms.

5 people queue is allowed by blizzard. And everyone doing it with legal way with blizzard’s rules.

But if you see 10 people premade just take ss , and report them.

ofc its normal, hitting bad players will always be fun, it was more fun in earlier expansions tho since there are so many “bad player protecting systems” in the game these days.

You must be joking, this shlt is years old, and blizztard never did something about it. Lets be serious, can we? :slight_smile:

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