I'm confused why I'm getting declined from keys when i've timed 18s

Are you getting declined, or are you getting the notification that the key has been delisted? There’s a difference.

The number of dps applicants for the keys at the moment is crazy and the chance of getting accepted for anything is very slim.


The only solution to the problem would be auto pairing in a match making system. I dont want a johnny to decide if I get to play the game or not.

Ngl, it does look sus to have 17s/18s in some keys, yet never have been to Everbloom at all, and have only done a 3 DHT.

That’s a big risk for an Everbloom 18 pug, and I wouldn’t personally take it either.

OP is also 452 ilvl… not exactly a glowing indicator of having put in the legwork to be ready for 18s.

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That sounds ok but i dont want the game to decide who i have to play with.

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Sad WW monk noises.


If this is your main you can’t compete nor be desirable with 452 ilvl.
I know, gear doesn’t mean everything but why would some pick you over a 460+ DPS?
It’s annoying but it is what it is. Get more gear.

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I’m Johnny :sunglasses:

What if you are a good player but took 2 seasons break? This old season RIO to me is bullcrap

because you have 3 keys completed above 10 and 1300 score, can’t tell if you’re just detatched from reality or just completely clueless, also your ilvl is abysmall

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sorry Monks and druids are not real classes. :dracthyr_cry_animated:

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you answered your own question in your 2nd question .

pug other keys starting on +5 or +8 :slight_smile: or lower you key run agait on +13 and then push higher key .

460 ? when i que my 13 keys (+2/3 13 then lower it again to 13 :slight_smile: just did WM 15 for that 1 GV slot ) i have plenty of 470 or close to 470 people signing tonight clearly farming wyrm crests :slight_smile:

why would i take 450 dps and trash score over peopel who have like 465-470 and 2000-2200 io :slight_smile:

How to get invites:

-Play a tank/heal
-Have higher ilvl
-Have done higher keys

but most importantly

People will allways take whats the easiest thing to get to things.

I’m not even on the chart on my main :frowning:

Yes ive timed half the dungeons at 15 im going to q for an 8 :man_facepalming:

There is a Dark legacy comic that explains it fully



I agree so much with this. I play as tank but now when DH is meta I never get declined.
Meta=>tank/heal=>ilvl=>score this is how to get into a group

It’s a decent advice if one insists on pugging and has no score on a certain dungeon. Queue for the highest you get accepted and complete it (let’s for the sake of the argument assume it was a +8). When you queue next for a +12-13 the owner will see you completed a +8.

It’s either that or keep running your own key to reroll it and hope the RNG gods are merciful.

my ilvl is low yet i do more dps my gear is optimized they are taking any old stats with higher ilvl

I pul over 150k single , over300k aoe
I’ve seen 460 scrubs pull way less than that , quite frankly it’s embarrasing to watch

Also ret tier is broken , last season tier season is better. Best ilvl i can have with 4 set is 447 hence lower ilvl regardless