I'm confused why I'm getting declined from keys when i've timed 18s

I don’t get it timed Atal 18 , time waycrest manor 17 , black rook 18 , Murozond fall 17

Haven’t done the other because I keep getting same key from the four I’ve done.

Constant declines even at 14s it’s rather silly. For the dungeons I need rating on. I hit over 2.5k in last season for all to see.

I want to do a key I am more and very capable of timing your key yet you still decline.


The issue is elitism, This is something Mythic + has become incredibly toxic for and will probably want you to have previous achievements, I was recently benched in a guild that promised me a spot as a healer and instead of telling me ahead of time

“as they made the decision prior to the reset made a new group and had me awkwardly waiting for a invite as they were remaking the group”

What I’d suggest if you have IRL friends who play or older friends on your BNET who also play to ask them and see if you can create a core group for yourself, Sorry to hear this is happening to you as it does suck.


Yes, as they said, you are not the problem. The problem is elitist toxic meta-slave M+ Pauls.



It has nothing to do with elitism and toxicity. There’s a million DPS queued for every key and the leader cherry picks those with the highest ilvl/rating, because why would he make his life harder…

It’s just supply and demand.

You can try it out yourself. Swap to healer and you’ll get instant invites. You can just leave with some excuse before the key starts.


To some degree yes, but this isn’t THE reason, it’s a rather simple one, wanna know it? It’s the abundance and endless choice of DPS queing for Keys. OP for example has done a handfull of keys at a decent hight, other people might not have done 17-18, but then might have done all keys at 13-15 there for still have a much higher Rating, thanks to the “First Rating” of each Key.

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It’s not elitist to pick the best tool for the job.

“Ooh you elitist, you took a good quality screwdriver over an unknown one” said no one ever.

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Depends on the leader of the party yes,so he/she is picking the dps with highest ilvl im guessing to make the run as fast as possible,and make his life easier, which makes sense but its sad,which does make a problem if theres a lot of DPS applying,why would he/she take someone who is 440 if theres people with 450+ or even 460 applying

If I saw that in group finder I’d avoid it feels boosted and people want the best chance of success (no offence)

I got 3k last season and I’m still getting declined a lot.

It’s pretty wild honestly.

Fortunately I do tend to be able to get people for my key, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.


there are just so many dpsers signing up i guess.

You probably have a point, Though I have noticed that some people are also taking into account something called Parses? on the M+ fights too as a friend told me a moment ago asking them their view on this forum post.

Just noobs looking only at your ilvl, good players will look at prev Io, etc

about 80 dps players apply in about 1min to a 18+ key.
most of them have a previous rio of ± 3k and a current rating of 1.7 - 2k
the item lvl often is 460 - 470

so if you are not in that range, you will have a hard time to get picked as a DD
The requirements for these keys will go up by every week and once you are behind, you can only run your own key.
As DPS you have the only option to no life the heck out of the game the first 2 weeks or you will not get invites. If you play a bad class/spec on top of that well then it is GG, play own keys or don’t play at all

just pretend youre a helpless coward and wait for your friends to carry you

I think it is because of numerous factors:

  1. Most importantly I take it you play retribution? If so then your chances of getting into keys are lower as Retribution is a really popular spec, so if you sign up for a 14 you can guarantee that there will be atleast 5 other Retris in queue with you. If their ilvl and/or score is higher than you then you are already at a disadvantage.

  2. People do not look at ptevious season’s score too much, and even if they do I doubt they will be impressed with 2.5k. Due to augmentation evoker it was incredibly easy to reach 2.5k.

  3. They likely either had someone with Cres in the group, or thry already had a paladin in the group already.

I personally would recommend joining a guild or community focusing on M+ instead of trying to pug.

M+ needs to redesign again from Blizz

To be fair compared to other dps that will be applying your Gear and IO are both quite low.
It is a risk to take you in the group at your ilvl as opposed to a player with 470 ilvl and 2000 score.
Its a simple as that, you may not need the key you have but if you do it you will get another one which you might need, then you can make your own group.

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There isn’t much I can suggest besides running your own key and praying to the rng gods your new one is a desirable one.

Oh trust me, I as a tank getting insta declined, so I feel your pain.


^^ This

Doesn’t matter what key level I apply for, you just work your way through the declines until a group takes you.

Best is to push your own.