I'm not into lore but

-remembering the words of that dread lord who said that “Sylvanas still has a heart of ELF” despite her monstrosity Looks.
-the last in-game video scene of BFA regarding Sylvanas… “she did visit her home Windrunner Village”
-feeling pity for her own Forsaken NPC’s when she was about to dive in the realm of death.
-not able to kill her sisters when she had the chance and could do it in that light novel.
-her regular quotes since 2004 which gives the impression of A fragile girl who’s fighting to not make anyone suffer the same cruel life as her.
-her words in shadowlands trailer “will set us all free” from death obviously
-that video of the alliance leader boy and sylvanas odd conversation

sorry to say it but it’s clearly obvious that sylvanas will ascendant into something that would be able to stop death itself and then no one will ever feel pain or even fight, probably she’s going to betray the jailer…steal his power to achieve her goals, after all? she’s not Garrosh No.2 nor Illidan no.2 She’s Sylvanas Windrunner the girl you all bought the expansion for xD
& she have to save you 'from becoming undead in the world of war…


uhm…did u watch the dataminded cinematic yet? Dont wanna spoil ^^ it is really good though:D

Well she is also the girl that made me quit WoW for 2 years :smiley:

And though Id love to see her coming back to her senses, the moment she burned Teldrassil, she crossed a line…she might aswell just die fighting the Jailer or Tyrande…We dont know but we shall see.

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which one?! Where?! On wowhead atm and don’t see anything, gimmeeee spoilery links plz! :sweat_smile:

The second conversation between her and Anduin?

If you cant find it, probably you already saw it and think Im talking about a new one?^^

It is not ingame yet afaik, so tread carefully if you dont want to be spoiled before experiencing it ingame: Spoilers incoming:

Sylvannas Choice–(Datamined)

It shows that you’re not into lore.

Ooooh this one, yeah I have seen it and did think you meant there was a new one :grin:. It’s ingame though, you get to see it during the main Torghast / Bolvar story line!

But I dont have any quests there since the first Twisting Corridors run :Y Nor does Bolvar give me any new ones?

Is it bugged or what do I miss?

Could it be Venari rep?

Hmmm Is this on a new, recent character hitting max level? I think these quests are still time gated and there have been bugs before.

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The last one needs to have kill sire in any dificulty.


No its on my main, reached max level some weeks ago. TC run was 2 weeks earlier also.

Thanks for the heads up!

Ok, thanks, Thats it, didnt bother with the raid yet. Tyvm !

On topic. The things you mentioned are correct but there are also things that show a completely opposite Sylvanas. The ranger general and the banshee Quinn, i am curious how it will end.

Well, if her goal is to end death and fighting forever, she obviously can’t succeed, since that would end the game.


Anduin will bring her Elven side out! Thats the whole premise of those cinematics! Mark my words.

And in the end they will walk away holding hands!

This is just the path she is on now - to give up hope and go full dark side or just be saved by Golden locks.

Though if you ask me her intentions pales before her actions

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Well, they used Warcrimes and Before the Storm to teach Anduin the same lesson, that some people might just be beyond redemption and have to be taken down. Teaching him that actually no one is ever beyond redemption totally makes sense as a next step. . . Whatever.

Though saying it like that, it does make me wonder if they might show us Garrosh’s progress towards redemption first, before selling us on Sylvanas’ redemption…

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True, he had his defeats in his own crusade - but as it seems now this thread that they are showing us with new cinematics will play out two ways - Anduin falling in trap that has been layed out for him and actually fall for dark side or he will defy all and manage to pull what he could not with Garrosh and bring light even in most irredeemable characters.

Could be interesting. But would that have to do something with Anduin? Doubtful.

The messaging would have something to do with it. It would show that the lessons Anduin learned in the mentioned book were not exactly right, which could be used as an additional clue to Sylvanas’ fate. While it wouldn’t be Anduin having that realization, it would probably be set up by the same author, Golden.

I’m just trying to think about what they might be doing messaging-wise. And I lean towards Shadowlands being all about no one ever being beyond redemption, with the Maw being abolished in the end.

That’s why I actually think that Anduin will have become the new Lich King against his will, that we will save him, probably with last minute help from Sylvanas… and maybe Arthas. And even if Sylvanas dies, and I don’t find that unlikely, she won’t end tortured for all eternity, but at most be put into a Master-free Revendreth for reformation.

Not sure about Sylvanas’ Free Will nonsense-speeches and where they are going, but I do think concerning forgiveness this addon might actually have a nice, clear message in the end, that most players could live with.

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Yeah that sounds very likely. It fits well into the there is no darkness without the light and vice versa - looking at Bastion here as well.

I think something along the lines of finding the medium for Shadowlands is what will happen in the end. And maybe her free will thing might tie somewhere in between.

True a neutral ending of BFA mess that won’t leave one side outraged, and yikes that means Tyrande has high chances to be under the wheels of that bus.

I’m really not sure. I mean… if Sylvanas dies, goes to a place where she is made to feel all her sins, and all Nelves are saved from hell, couldn’t that be enough for Tyrande? And Sylvanas-fans would have the promise of her redemption in the end of the Revendreth-process…

I mean, optimism in WoW’s lore is a hard thing, but I do feel they have an obvious, but inoffensive way out of this mess with Revendreth.

I should hope so.

…the boy-king serves at the master’s table… three lies he will offer you…

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