Im really sad that this company is so out of Touch

12 days notice until prepatch hits. only 2 weeks of actual prepatch, nerfing honor by a factor of 10 making it impossible to farm even a weapon in 2 weeks with 8 hours straight pvp.

how can you be so out of touch. honestly honor was fine, could have even been more since prepatch is only 2 weeks.

edit: i know now why ppl still put up with it and still pvp, just farming 100 marks each for tbc. was not my goal so im still very disappointed, whats the big deal with ppl having 75k honor capped and 100 marks each, plus gear that gets thrown out before youre even lvl 70


I understand why they nerfed the amount of honor gained(Stock up for TBC gear). but they could’ve at least nerfed the amount of honor required for the level 60 PvP gear.

I think the high honor was fine, especially if you consider that most people have a lot of alts that they would probably like to get some gear on.

This would not really change anything for TBC, and people were having fun and playing. I did address it in another post that I dont remember it being this bad during the prepatch since I had the wep and shoulders on my Paladin and I really did not do many BGs.


The things you mentioned are minor. Honor nerf affects everyone, it’s not required to play TBC or to gear up a player.

How about them stating gold transfer cap would be raised from 2k to 5k, then not doing it when they said they would? That is a real affect to many. I’ll include the blue post:

If stockpiling 75k honor for lvl 70 is an issue, why not implement a full reset of honor when TBC launches with the so called “honor gain nerf” to stimulate the “classic feel of TBC”?
That way, people can have fun PVP’ing, getting some gear, replace most of the gear at lvl 64ish. And no one sitting with 75k honor cap.

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