I'm so tired of premades

every season i’m like this is the season i’m gonna focus on pvp/bgs instead of pve but then i do a few bgs and then i’m like hmmm better go back to m+

can you pls fix this bs already

literally enable queuing as either horde/alliance like blitz and boom bgs fixed.

queue times fixed too.

thank me later.


James franco “first time” meme (5 seconds) (youtube.com)


Just had a pleasure to fight vs “Alfredo” premade in Wintergrasp. A lot of reports etc., they still coordinate via discord of BF Commander and queue same time. We lost under 2 minutes? TY v. much for that type of “Random BG experience”.


This definitely would help fix the problem. Random chances for the 5 man groups to be put on either team to stop them syncing more than 5 people together would be great.


I think u and many others just don’t understand that the “random” in random BGs refers to the map selection and not the ppl who participate.

If some u guys do PvE stuff on the side too u probably also should know that it’s the same principle with the Dungeon Browser when u queue for “Random (Normal or Heroic) Dungeons”. There u also won’t meet random NPC opponents but a Random Dungeon.

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Thanks for the lesson on the meaning of the word random. It’s called random battlegrounds and that person was just describing his “random battleground experience”
Also, you’re allowed to join “random battlegrounds” with a party of 5 people max. Wich means that all the other people in the group should be “random” people. (mindblowing I know)
The fact that you people need to groupsync to bypass that restriction, to create these perfectly stacked rdps healer comps is just pathetic. It makes it NOT RANDOM. so stop giving lessons about the meaning of the word when you’re on purpose cheating to make it not random.


I’ve played since 2008 and i’ve always been searching for the dumbest comment on the forums. After all these years i found it.

RBG’s also give a random map. Oh, right becuase random means random people, not the map.


For someone who comes from 2008 you are very lost.

The vulpera friend is absolutely right. In TBC there were no “Random Bgs”, only “specific bgs” existed.

In Woltk they released “Random bg”, which was a modality where you could randomly touch any map.

Both in specific Bgs and in “random BG” you can freely make 5/5 premades

The only difference is that in “Specified BG” you can choose the map you play, while in “Random BG” you can’t.

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Lmao its not.

Thank you m8. Finally some1 else who understands it too. :heart: Thank you, God. :pray: Well, I assume they r just sad and frustrated. Let’s forgive them and rejoice in their reactions bcoz there is nothing else left for them to do :rofl: :+1:

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Right about what? Pointing out the obvious? Like no one knew that random battlegrounds means random battlegrounds? lol like wth is the point? specially given the context of what he reacted to. No one denied random battleground doesn’t mean random battleground. Ofcourse it does… But it also means meeting random players as the max group size allowed is 5 players. so everything else should be random players by default in a random game mode like random battlegrounds… You are right though. in early wrath I had to walk to specific location to queu for a specidic bg and I only would meet “random” players from my server. Then they introduced random battlegrounds wich meant exactly that. A random battleground with random people from different servers. As again, it shouldn’t need explaining that if max groupsize allowed is 5 then everything above that is random players… Like what is the point of the argument here?? there is none.

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If you read above and in other threads, there are people who do not understand why groups of 5 are allowed in the “random bgs” :wink:

Yeah I don’t agree with those people. It’s an MMO ofcourse you should have the option to play with friends and I think 5 man is managable. I don’t mind being up against a party of a few as I like a challenge and I personally don’t really care if I lose if I have some nice fights etc. My only issue is with groupsyncing.

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The only one who got frustrated was you lol. That’s why you felt the need to give an entire lesson just to state the obvious. The person was literally just describing his “random battleground experience” as you know, that’s what it’s called…And somehow that triggered you so much you felt the need to go all teacher mode? weird… my guess it’s the name dropping that triggers you people. You seem not to like that very much? Wich is weird as I though all so proud of your ingame behaviour? Or you telling me all the action hero roleplay is just a facade? I am truly shocked…

So u teach me that I teach others. (And my teaching wasn’t even wrong compared to what u’re trying to do here) u’re making urself more and more ridiculous with ur behaviour but don’t feel discouraged about it m8. :100: :+1:

We think it’s funny as fck how the only reaction u have left is flaming and raging in the forums and being sad. But don’t worry, u’ll soon be “taught” that in the end it won’t help. :raised_hands: :smiley:

Oh and btw, I wouldn’t characterise it as proud but we like to play the game the way we play it. I think that’s more accurate. Now go - next reply from u pls. Most of ppl in the Communities r laughing their heads off when they read this. So do us a favour. :rofl: :heart:

5man premades are fine to me, idc that much tbh, even though i’m not a huge fan.

but people who q sync are so cringe, like they’re literally killing bgs. population has been going down with every expac and in max like 3 expacs, if this is not addressed, bgs are legit are just gonna die.


Random BG as opposed to specific bg.

Playing with your friends is allowed, however, there is a restriction on that and that’s 5 people for all types of casual bg. Avoiding this restriction and joining with more than that is easy to do, but also lame and leads to super one-sided and frustrating rounds for the opponents. Frustration from unwinnable rounds against synchronized premade raids drives players away and that’s why it has to be abolished.


if u q sync youre bad and cringe sorry i dont make the rules (:


Your have nothing to be sorry about m8. Those people queue-sync’ing are proud of themselves as you can read and they are even ready to threaten others because of opposing opinions. It sounds like a part taken from a gangster movie.


Nobody cares what is allowed or not. People play however they want sync or not, your opinion DO NOT decide for other people what they should do!