[ Important? ] Building a better AD

Me at the gates of instanced dungeons I want to use for my RP events

Oh, the things I’d do with the Grimrail if only it were possible!!


I might be wrong but aren’t some of the Cata dungeons accessible without being instanced?

Lost city of the Tol’Vir is. But given what it is, the city of an unplayable race who are confined to a single zone it’s not a super friendly location for most people’s RP.

There are, thou they ain’t that interesting, plus they are still full of mobs.

Not -that- foolish. It’d work as an RP mode that you can opt-in to. Similar to warmode. It’d be a game mode that only has the essentials for roleplay on (barbers, transmog and flavour NPCs) and can be activated and disabled in main capitals on RP servers only.

GW2 has storymodes. It can be similar to that.


Which are just dungeon runs really. Still enemies everywhere, still scales with players, still max 5 people

Also why was this a reply to me im gonna sue

I played some GW2 way back, but not enough to know the full scale of the game. But that does sound like so much fun, if that was implemented into WoW… that’d be awesome.

Sadly it’s not what it sounds like, not by long shot

Awwwww, really?

It’s really just a dungeon run

Basically, GW2 dungeons have 4-ish paths
You start off with the story mode, the main-plot relevant story of that dungeon

Then, there’s exploration mode, which send you through one of three paths that explore a different aspect or story of said dungeon. All of these, story and exploration alike, function as actual max 5 man dungeon runs.

They’re not what you’re asking for basically


For those that want to see a better AD when it comes to big server events and whatnot, I’m running a three-day Lunar Festival event with others, check it out here: Lunar Festival 🌙 (12th/13th/14th Feb 2021)

More large events like this would be great imo, they really allow more cross-community interaction between guilds/people that might not otherwise meet. The next big event is Noblegarden, it’d be neat to see something for that.


Also nobody acts immersive in a story like way they rush through it like everbody does in wow dungeons.

On the wonderful topic of building a better piece of AD my little band of mischief makers are hosting yet another Moonlit Market this month to celebrate our guilds second year aniversary. Come take a look.

We’re generally trying to breathe life into Nightborne Roleplay, which has sadly been on the decline for a while now due to many factors (Blizz fix the models please). But if you can look past the janky looks we’ve a home for many Nightborne in Eternal Sisterhood.

If you’re curious about what we get up to, why not check out our ongoing big plot thread?


The market’s a great place to interact with other guilds of all races (yes even the fabled vulpera, although whos seen one of those?) It’s even a great place to see what Suramar has to offer for RP, and what ES does!


Been making monthly Horde magic meetings, great RP fuel for everyone. Glad to help to building better RP on the Horde side!


[A/H/N PVE RP] “The cackling deep!” - a FULL SCALE PvE campaign, 23rd to 31st July! - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey gamers-!

Hope you’re all well!

Please accept this tribute in the form of me shamelessly shilling* my upcoming PVE campaign - at the very least, it’ll be something to keep yourself busy with if we’re all back in lockdown come July!

I can’t promise a good time; but I can promise that every event will end with a titanic explosion, which will look awesome in your imagination and also pretty cool on the screenshots once youv’e gone on Paint and drawn it in.

(*I say this, but I’m actually very sorry)


Aye, we shall make Argent Dawn THE server!

Thought I also leave a little footprint and shameless self-bump in this great thread.

Since last October I have been organising a previously bi-weekly, now monthly Draenei-themed event on Azuremyst called AVH. It’s not only a nice opportunity to get your Draenei on (it’s still a niche race to play), but also a great opportunity for any Alliance RPer to attend an event in an area far away from SW and the usual hubs.

Next one is coming up on May 30th, as is custom on the last sunday of each month:


After speaking to some of the Tauren rp’ers on the Tauren Chieftains discord, I’ve been told here may be a good place to promote the Tauren gathering, Dance of the Earth Mother.

We’re spread out and in many different guilds but it’s a great opportunity for us all to get together and create some IC connections :smiley:

I’ve genuinely loved the previous ones we’ve had and if you’re wondering if Tauren rp may or may not be for you, we’re having it in Mulgore and by the Tauren start zone, so never a better time to roll a new Tauren chacter and try us out!


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