[PCU] Plotline: The Prophecy of the Fallen Moon

The Prophecy of the Fallen Moon

A new cult rises in Azeroth sworn under a little known prophecy. They aren’t idle either; members scour the continents and begin their infiltration at various places and settlements. Most worrysome is their familiarity with magic and meddling with ley-lines and artifacts. One - a nefarious scythe - they seem to have crafted themselves.

Though engaged while executing their will and defeated momentarily, the greatest foes the Vor’dorei conspiracy could face - the Kaldorei and Shal’dorei forces most familiar with their dealings - have erupted in a strife that could compromise the safety of Azeroth and allow the cultist free reign as the elves fight amongst themselves.

I hereby decree, with Elune as my witness, a Divine Struggle against the orders of the Concordat. - Matron Erena Lunarglade

How will the events unfold while those who have the information and power to halt them fight each other? Will there be once more unity between Horde and Alliance as there was briefly in Felwood?

Dark clouds loom … the Moon beckons.

The Story thus far

Before the rip in the sky, before the conclusion of the fourth war an unlikely cooperation of Draenei, Nightborne and Night Elves ventured down to the dephs of a forgotten Elven ruin in Felwood. What they found was a coven of demons; ruins infested to great lengths.

But therein, in the depths of Lothenir, the enemies were scattered - all but a trio of them defeated. A crazed warlock and a pair of fel-stained druids; none of those present expected to meet them any time in the future after their escape.

Six months passed.

Shadows gather around a Moonwell in Felwood; one that was previously used to fuel a portal of the demons while corrupted. The forests around it teem with a strange vision.

A coven of elves gathers up around the Moonwell, their leader bearing a scythe. Incantations follow before the scythe’s blade falls into the water, tainting it a violet hue. No words are exchanged outside the forbidden language of Shat’yar except for a message of prophecy.

The deed is done. The path of the fallen Moon is unveiled. The pact of the broken children is sealed.

One month passed.

The Alliance, the Horde and the Shadowscale Naga allies of the Vor’dorei fought over an artifact in Nar’thalas. Eventually claimed by Night Elves, both the Horde and the Naga supposedly managed to activate it beforehands. The night saw the unofficial re-alignment of the former cooperation known as the “Concordat” on the alliance side; soon followed by a declaration of divine struggle by the Eternal Sisterhood.

The Horde pursued the trail of the Orrery they had uncovered before losing it to the alliance. They ventured to Pandaria and rescued a void elf who sought to claim and corrupt Paragons of the Mantid for the Vor’dorei cause. The Sisterhood interrogated the void elf and gained valuable knowledge about the Vor’dorei, the prophecy and all those involved.

Valthyn Nightsong had a candlestine meeting with Secretary Featherstring in Stormwind, reporting on the events in Nar’thalas. Both were assaulted by Kaldorei cultists. The secretary was carried away to the Cathedral for healing, then was presumed dead while Valthyn was interrogated by the city guard.

The Vor’dorei continued their enigmatic efforts and gained a new, unknown ally for their ranks along with vast knowledge to fulfill their prophecy…

Another month passed.

The Horde ventured to the edge of the cosmos to explore their void elf prisoner’s personal rift and home. They discovered the site where Vethalis crafted Esgalroth’s scythe from the crystal shards recovered from Deepholme. They also claimed the sword of General Milieux, a former hero of the Kaldorei who led forces against the Zandalari empire during the ancient skirmishes against the trolls.

The Magisterial Secretary left Stormwind in secrecy and re-convened with the Dirge of Teldrassil in Everlook. She provided them with information in exchange for shelter and pledged herself to aid them. The Dirge investigated the disturbance at the Moonwell in Felwood and found an old enemy of theirs lurking for vengeance. Their enemy defeated, the Dirge interrogated her ghost and gained valuable information about the Vor’dorei, their prophecy and the Scythe of Esgalroth.

The Vor’dorei continued their effort and ventured to Coldarra, sapping into the ley-lines in Northrend, now Esgalroth’s staff almost complete.

The Antagonist Cadre

The Vor’dorei as they call themselves are a loose group of elves nominally sharing the same belief in the Prophecy of the Fallen Moon. In reality, however, they are as fragmented as the Horde or Alliance - many within their ranks have their own personal goals.

Esgalroth leads the Vor’dorei, a former Kaldorei but now turned worgen carrying an enigmatic scythe. The Dirge of Teldrassil have learned the sheer insanity behind the material that was used to forge the Scythe, while the Eternal Sisterhood (unknown to them) used the same material to create a lesser staff of their own. Esgalroth offered a brief showcase of power to the Eternal Sisterhood where he caused the very stars to fall from the sky and bombard them. His location is unknown, but he is presumed to have left Azeroth to fulfill his prophecy in Outland.

Adrissa Felglow is the vengeful leader of a fel-tainted druidic coven from Felwood. It is unknown what she has done between the events in Lotheril and Aszuna; though it can be easily assumed she harboured deep hatred towards the Dirge and the Sisterhood for foiling her previous venture. Adrissa was finally laid to rest by the Dirge of Teldrassil next to the corrupted Moonwell, her soul raised from the dead and interrogated.

Vethalis is a void elf warlock who participated in a remarkable amount of villainy against various factions before. Her current alignment with the Vor’dorei seems to be one of mutual benefit. She loaned her personal rift, a voidscape she calls “the Empire of VETHALIA” to the Vor’dorei and reclaimed a set of crystals from Deepholme which she then used to craft the Scythe of Esgalroth. She was, however, left in the dark about the true nature of the crystals. Vethalis was imprisoned by the Eternal Sisterhood and interrogated. She was rescued by the Concordat, but found greater enemies in the and was eventually executed by the Dirge of Teldrassil after a brief interrogation.

Lady Vor’ashar is the leader of the Shadowscale Naga. Her forces harassed lingering souls in Nar’thalas to harvest them in order to fuel Esgalroth’s artifact. There, they also tried to claim the Orrery, unbeknownst that Esgalroth cursed the artifact and never intended to actually hold onto it. The Shadowscale have since abandoned the Vor’dorei cause after learning Esgalroth wanted to desecrate the Moon and destroy Azeroth. Lady Vor’ashar Shadowscale has since defected to side with the Mistbreaker rebels.

A presumed Nightborne benefactor funds and aids the Vor’dorei. Nothing is known about them yet, apart from the fact that the Vor’dorei seem to be well-equipped with Suramar-made weaponry and supplies.

OOC Information

This thread aims to collect information & guidance with regards to a long-running campaign I have started last November pertaining a cult of elves. I feel the plotline expanded enough to warrant a forum thread on its own; and I believe I am ready to involve those interested in it. Those involved should expect exploring elven ruins, uncovering artifacts and lore and fighting a myriad of conspiring creatures and cultists!

Understand that this is both a new venture and a wild experiment of my own to see how a largely freeform, laissez-faire storyline could work. We’ll see - and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Event Schedule

Events will be loosely arranged on an “ad hoc” basis, held for a guild involved and announced the week beforehands. These will be either one-night events, or events to be held after regular RP hours for a smaller audience. Larger events, dubbed “mini campaigns” will be arranged two weeks ahead and will last two to three days in a dedicated “campaign location”.

I will seek to keep an orderly arrangement to simulate “time passing” by allowing one major event for the alliance or horde, then one for the other, and finally, deciding on a move for the Vor’dorei / The Elven Cult.

Information available on this thread will not precisely be “open” or “available to all”, but I will note everything that has been revealed to both alliance and horde side of the events.

I am planning to run the campaign/plotline for the next couple months; but I plan to conclude it before the 9.1 patch release (expected-ish late spring).

The Interactions

I aim to handle all interactions within the plotline on a guild-driven basis. That is, there is a whole slew of options available to the guilds and characters involved; the Vor’dorei will react appropriately and enact their own actions and plans.

OOC Co-operation will be involved at every step; I believe the positive relations and common goal to have fun and engage in a storyline thus far created the right attitude between us all to progress on.

I am up to DM & help arrange:

  • Attempts from one group to claim an artifact from another
  • Attempts from any group to engage with the Vor’dorei in Azeroth
  • Attempts from characters to scry and discern more information
  • Attempts from guilds or characters to engage with and influence individual elements of the antagonist cadre
  • Anything else you can creatively think of! The story is somewhat-set, the goal is there and the means exist. How and when things will unfold is wholly up to those involved.
What to expect

Artifacts and Items

There will be a modest amount of artifacts dispensed and involved in the eventline. They will be handled with the “Ability already around - enhanced” attitude; I am not planning to implement anything weird, awkward or game breaking. Artifacts will carry most of their worth in sentimental value.

However, do expect them. We’re going on an elven adventure!


Following the engaging and immersive standards of the PCU, all NPCs featured will be actual in-character NPCs.

Mechanics & Engagement

There will be no enforced mechanics, rolling or such. I aim to DM the events I will held with my general attitude, and encourage all the DMs I involve to do the same. All players involved will be expected to maintain a decent “power level” and roleplay appropriately; any complaints will be handled between officers.

As for event details, expect a lot of information-snippets sent to you in [!] Whispers! A bunch of environmental emotes and never, ever bank on the idea that it’ll be a ride, a fight and a treasure claimed. There’s always twists to have and I do like events without a fight too.

All the above should be the same as usually expected during PCU campaigns.


All antagonists will be RPd as NPCs, can be interacted with, negotiated with, turned against the others, bribed, etc. Killed as well, though there’ll be certain moments where I’ll shoot some “OOC negotiation” to keep them alive for one-more-day before their eventual downfall.

If you want to get involved, feel free to note it on this thread and we can possibly discuss further. I’m open to involving more people, always!

Last but not least…

Shoutout to wonderful people…

... who have, on their own accord, contributed to the Event-chain!

Estalar, for his repeated DMing and NPCing on various events.
Arcaraan, for his assistance in the Felwood mini-campaign.
Altharael/Durb, for his assistance in the Deepholme mini-campaign.
Vashava, for reviewing my full lore/plot draft and providing me with advice.
Tuzoh, for his continued support and NPC appearance as a MURDEROUS night elf out to kill Valthyn & Variona.

Kump, Miwah & Thurondrath for their repeated participation in the mini-events involved.

And the wonderful leaders of the guilds currently or formerly involved…

Lunarglade; leading the Eternal Sisterhood.
Vashava; leading the Dirge of Teldrassil.
Ranko; leading the Dustpaw Caravan
Trautfizzle; leading the Bilgewater Battalion
Ryder; leading the Assemblage of Uld
Valthyn; leading the Umbral Reliquary
Phaidros; formerly leading the Order of Oronaar


I’ve had it with these Elune damned cultists on this monday to friday planet! (I’d love to help be involved with this!)


There is nothing to say but Based.


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Murder in Old Town! Culprits possibly on the loose?

One headline from numerous amongst the news spreading in Stormwind. Penned by the talented and largely avoided journalist Audery Donowan, the article details the strange events that transpired the night before.

Elven cultists attempt to murder a magisterial secretary in the Pig & Whistle! Half a dozen attackers swarmed a table last night and inflicted a mortal wound on a High Elven secretary while she was enjoying a private function with a Ren’dorei companion.

It took less than five minutes for the Stormwind Guard to respond; their timely entry prevented the death of the Ren’dorei companion and the patrons within the tavern. The magisterial secretary has been carried away on a stretcher and is reportedly in critical condition, attended to by the healers of the Cathedral.

The captain of the guards present refused to comment further on the rumours of an elven death-cult or fel-cult, neither did he accept an interview request other than offering re-assurance that the city guards will clamp down on any uprising or cult before they can cause any spreading harm to the Kingdom.

There is no further word on the elves, their purpose or their fate, perhaps unusual. Nevertheless; those who witnessed the scuffle in person or handled the surviving cultist might have learned more; whereas others now pray for the recovery of the secretary Featherstring.


Shoutout to Hodge/Valthyn, who was completely in the dark about the assassination attempt and was typing mid-emote when it all unfolded.

Big thanks to Estalar & Tuzoh from the Sisterhood & Dustpaw respectively for aiding me with cultist NPCs.

And thanks for the roleplay participation of the Echo Company, the Stormwind City Sentries and all the patrons present!


These vor’dorei almost killed me in STORMWIND.
Elseth’s events always end up somewhere in my “top 10 best events” list.

Hyped for more!!! :purple_heart:


If only they had succeeded… Alas, there’s just going to be more based events with you instead.


Extremely cool and epicly detailed! Props to all the planners and GMs for the epic happenings…!!!

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Two investigation conclude, parallel to each other.

In a deep Warden vault in the depths of mount Hyjal, members of the Dirge activate the recovered Orrery. It does not only prove to be a beautiful artifact of elven hegemony long gone, but also a valuable map to guide them through the events that had recently transpired.

The Vor’dorei have gained a formidable enemy the night their Naga allies engaged the Dirge in battle.

Meanwhile, in an Suramar experiment chamber by the Promenade

Two Vulpera and a Nightborne engaged in the strangest of rituals the chambers have seen. Unfolding from a memory and a haunting, continuing with an Apexis crystal and a memory binding and culminating in a scrying spell cast through a void singularity - the shadows revealed much to the Dustpaw members and the Sisterhood darkcaster present.

They could now attach vague faces to their enemies. Even better, they now had a fair guess at the origin of the Scythe wielded by the Vor’dorei. An origin the elves had been more entangled with than they ever expected.

In Stormwind, a secretary disappears

Brought to the Cathedral for healing by the Echo Company, the magisterial secretary made a slow recovery. First able to make out visitors and then answer rudimentary questions, the secretary disppeared from one hour to another, her previous presence at the Cathedral no longer acknowledged by the priests therein.

Please, do not ask about her. I know I'm not supposed to tell you this, friend. But I shall speak no lies or deception in these holy halls. The secretary is well and has retreated into obscurity. I am sure she will contact those she trusts ... soon.

While many eyes were following the actions and progress of the Dirge and the Sisterhood, there was only one - a magisterial secretary - who knew that the full extent of the events and happenings was clear to nobody else but one other void elf.

One by the name of Valthyn.

OOC Update

The plotline continues, with a more-reserved to days excursion coming up next week. I hope everyone involved has been enjoying the plotline thus far. I welcome feedback, and if you want to be involved, just shoot me a PM through discord. You can tag me in the open AD/D chat, [FOE] Elseth.

Extra credits to Vashava who was kind enough to read over my full event/lore/plotline draft and provide me with opinions and suggestions.


Only real Elune worship is Moon Pope worship. Stay woke Elunites! Have lotsa fun though! <3

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I heard these events are superior.

Phwa, oh-so superior.

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With the full-count PCU campaign over, the Prophecy of the Fallen Moon plotline is back on track. The Sisterhood have already made their move and progressed on their side; an update is to be expected when the alliance chooses their step. For until then; a teaser from the Sisterhood’s pursuit.


After venturing to the Dread Wastes in Pandaria, the Sisterhood uncovered the success of the Vor’dorei in abducting an amber-frozen Paragon of the Mantid, while failing to secure another. The Sisterhood saved the Paragon and communed with him; the Paragon agreed to aid them infiltrate the Heart of Fear and reclaim a prisoner the Mantid have taken.

The prisoner turned out to be the rogue warlock Vethalis, one of the five Vor’dorei leaders and the one who has arranged the prior assassination attempt against the Magisterial Secretary and Valthyn Nightsong. The Sisterhood brought the prisoner to the temple of Fal’adora and interrogated her, then locked her in a magical vault.

Pursuing the clues uncovered from the interrogation, the Sisterhood decided to venture into the deranged warlock’s personal rift at the edge of the cosmos, using her dagger as a focus to open a portal.

The venture proved extremely dangerous as the Sisterhood and their Vulpera ally, Tuzoh, found themselves in outer Nether-space with nothing to breathe, and close enough to the edge of the universe that their sanity started slipping the moment they arrived and their stay remained a ticking bomb.

The company recovered an artifact sword from the realm before members of the expedition slipped from their sanity one-by-one. Saved by the brief activation of a dark crystal that seemed to prop up the rift-world and maintain its stability, the Sisterhood retreated from the realm claiming both the sword and the crystal.

Further poking at the void elf in the presence of the Highblood Myrmidons revealed the more insidious nature of the conspiracy; Vethalis mouthed about the end of the world and wielding the scythe Esgalroth crafted to force the Moon to crash into Azeroth and “allow the Black Empire to be re-born from its shell”.

The Sisterhood have successfully plotted the next assumed point of Vor’dorei attack where they expect Esgalroth to wield his scythe and tap into the ley-lines. Though the theory is only supported by assumptions and the geometric alignment of prior attacks on the ley-lines, the Nightborne are still dedicated to set off and investigate.

Meanwhile, their Myrmidon allies venture to the North to investigate the most recent confirmed disturbance, presumably the cultists tampering with the ley-line feeds and rings between Borean Tundra and Dragonblight.


On the Alliance side, the failed assassination attempt left the Magisterial secretary fleeing the Eastern Kingdoms. No longer able to rely on Valthyn Nightsong, she sought out the Dirge of Teldrassil and invested in new allies.

After a brief exchange of information, the Dirge were convinced of the threat the Vor’dorei posed and agreed to provide the Secretary shelter in exchange for more information.

Members of the Dirge of Teldrassil embarked to investigate the ley-line disturbance at the tainted Moonwell close to Jaedenaar. There, they were ambushed by a group of fel-corrupted druids, their bodies twisted beyond recognition. They unleashed a flurry of demonic insects and felfire at the Dirge who stood their ground, eventually defeating their corrupt kinswomen.

Karinar Bloodmane then raised the ghost of the fel-fallen leader for interrogation, who revealed herself to have been a former druidess of the Emerald Circle overwhelmed by the corruption of Felwood. The druidess explained her regret of being twisted to the dark path and revealed much to the Dirge about the Vor’dorei conspiracy and Esgalroth himself.

The Death Knight released her grip on the soul and allowed it to drift away. The Dirge returned to Whisperwind grove where they met the Magisterial Secretary. The Dirge did not share the information they had recovered from the fallen elfess, but the Secretary revealed to them that she had invested much to lure the Shadowscale naga pursued by the Dirge of Teldrassil to the shore. A meeting would take place between one renegade tribe of Naga and another, and the Dirge wouldn’t miss it.

Then, the Secretary bid the Dirge for discretion and moved to the very edge of the grove …

… to discuss recent scrying from the outskirts of Suramar. The demonic attack on the Temple of Fal’adora allowed her to discern the location of the ren’dorei prisoner held by the Sisterhood. Though still very much in the dark about Suramar, the Sisterhood and Fal’adora, the Secretary promised the Dirge to gain them allies for the eventual reclamation of the prisoner.


The Highblood Myrmidons ventured to Northrend to investigate the 4th ley-line disturbance. There, they entered the old campsite of the Dirge and the Sisterhood, disabling their wards left behind from the time of the Dragonblight campaign.

The Myrmidons discovered a group of Ethereals negotiating with them for information. They managed to uncover their allegiance to Esgalroth and the Vor’dorei, but refused any further trade after the Ethereals asked for Anyssra Lenothel’s scimitar in exchange for information.

The Myrmidons fought the Ethereal after a spell of light cast by their paladin imploded the ley-line tap in a flurry of magical energies creating a severe storm.


The Dirge of Teldrassil, informed by their High Elven companion, ambushed a meeting between the Mistbreaker rebels and the Shadowscale tribe on the northern coast of Azshara. Unbeknownst to them, the Mistbreakers were sent there to negotiate at the behest of their benefactors.

The Dirge witnessed the Shadowscale turncoat to abandon the Fallen Moon Prophecy and join forces with the Mistbreakers. The Shadowscale further revealed the dark truth behind the crystals used to craft Esgalroth’s scythe - not any shards recovered from Deepholme, but the very crystallized blood of Deathwing himself.

The Shadowscale forces were decimated by the Dirge in the ambush, a single one of them escaping into the waters with the Mistbreakers.


Melythis Winterspyre presented an eerie theory to the Matron of the Sisterhood; her scrying and plotting of the Vor’dorei ley-line taps allowed her to anticipate the next attack and the last site of activity. Indeed, she discovered that the Vor’dorei were casting a rather literal pentagram over Kalimdor, Pandaria and the Broken Isles - its centre right above the Maelstorm.

The last of the tap-locations was estimated to be in southern Kalimdor, either at Dire Maul or Desolace. Fearing the presence of Sentinels and the Dirge, the Sisterhood opted to venture to the Desolace first, where they discovered a storm of shadows. Wading through the swirl, they found the land and ruins sundered, the ground split and the waters turned into gleaming, tainted swirls of void tendrils.

The three members of the sisterhood met Esgalroth perching over the ruins, channeling the ley-energies and shadows into a pillar of darkness that shot skyward.

After a brief exchange of insults, Esgalroth revealed to the Sisterhood that the Alliance will soon lay siege to them, and that all their efforts had so far been meaningless in the face of the greater conspiracy. He revealed that the Orrery was an artifact designed and disguised to serve as a major tap, now connected to the Ley-lines in the Dirge’s vault.

Esgalroth then warned the Sisterhood that soon he would disappear from Azeroth, and that in ten days he would stand to fulfill the Prophecy of the Fallen Moon. Before the Sisterhood could act, the worgen disappeared. As he did so, however, the stars were unhinged from the sky and began to crash into the ground, leaving craters as the Nightborne fled.

Matron lunarglade tried to wield the crystals shards recovered from Deepholme to control the falling stars. She managed to briefly stop one, but the shards overheated and melted in her hands, burning her palms and coalescing into a shadowy, malformed spawn of Deathwing that assailed the Sisterhood with shadowflames.


After a brief venture to Auchindoun where two from the Sisterhood interrogated a fallen soul, one of the Auchenai - a former member of the Oronaari - travelled to Azeroth to inform the Order of the darkness the Sisterhood is involved in and plea to the Draenei to act against them.

Parallel to this, the Dirge had been planning to lay siege to the temple of Fal’adora spurned by the Magisterial Secretary hiding under their protection. The Dirge and the Order of Oronaar united to besiege the temple.

The temple was defended by a prepared force of the Eternal Sisterhood and their allies from the Bilgewater Battalion. The Horde forces were pushed back slowly, calling for the occasional retreat one layer backwards in their defenses.

Draenei of the Order of Oronaar decided to skirt around the defenses and infiltrate the temple using the tunnels underneath Fal’adora connecting the temple to the greater system of ruins underneath. In the tunnels, they met the fleeing Vethalis who had previously “freed” herself from the vaults in the chaos of the battle.

The Horde forces retreated to their vault underneath Fal’adora where an eerie ritual took place.

The sisterhood empowered the Nightshard, the captured dark Naaru X’ozu. Matron Lunarglade revealed that the retreats called were merely a lure to pull the Alliance forces into the vault. There, the full power of the Nightshard was unleashed and horde forces were empowered with shadow. In the eventual push, they routed the Alliance forces who retreated with the void elf prisoner and used Variona’s arcane beacon to return to Kalimdor.


After the battle, the Alliance interrogated the void elf prisoner, torturing her into revealing the Prophecy of the Fallen Moon and its full extent, as well as the likely location of Esgalroth and his allegiance with void Ethereal and nether dragons. The void elf is promptly executed by the Dirge of Teldrassil afterwards, her mutilated head sent to the Sisterhood in a box.

Parallel, members of the Sisterhood ventured to an arcane observatory overlooking Suramar where they engaged in a ritual of scrying to unveil the location of Esgalroth and the conclusion of his prophecy.

The Sisterhood witnessed the destruction of the planet K’aaresh in the vision, then the carnage of Dimensius the All-Devourer across the Cosmos. Finally, they saw Dimensius manifest in Outland and defeated by forces of the Protectorate. Not long after, Esgalroth arrived to the lingering shadowy tear of Dimensius to drain it with his scythe and gain the last empowerment he needed.

Esgalroth, right after, opened a gargantuan portal with the scythe not unlike the one created by the Sargerite Keystone a few years earlier, using the ley-taps as anchors to pull the remains of Draenor towards Azeroth and crash them into the Maelstorm, cracking the planet and unleashing the horrors that dwelled inside its shell.

Felled by the horror revealed in the vision, the Sisterhood gathered to discuss their next step, and agreed that the matters have gotten out of hand and beyond their power. They discussed the powers of Esgalroth they had seen in Desolace and a single flicker of hope was agreed upon; an idea that could potentially foil the ritual of the Fallen Moon.

Soon the Pridesworn would convene to unite their forces against the Vor’dorei and put an end to their deranged prophecy.


Glad to be hosting the conclusion of the Fallen Moon Prophecy plotline in the form of a campaign involving eight (8!) guilds! I sure hope everyone’s having fun and forgives for the blunders made during my first-ever actual campaign.

For now, some teaser screenshots!

Pridesworn forces arrive to Blade’s Edge

The Vulpera of the Dustpaw Caravan seal a deal with the Bladespire Ogres

Concordat meeting in Sylvanaar

Variona deafeated in her true form