Important FPS drop since patch today [PC]

Is the problem still there? I can’t get the FPS to drop as much as they did - yesterday there was a patch downloading from what I saw.

Still there.

Maybe not relevant for everyone but the latest windows update changed the power saving setting for my pc which caused huge frame drops for me because it throttled my CPU down to less than 1 GHz, changing it fixed my problem

I’m also having issues since the 9.0.5. patch. My FPS was fixed at 60 with 50-70% gpu utilization, but this patch managed to dunk my FPS to 10-30 with 100%.
Since the problem doesn’t seem to be resolved, I’m cancelling my sub. Sadly the game is pretty much unplayable for me.

Lenovo Y50-70

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Still not fixed.

Ahh, okay i am not alone then.

This month been rely weird, like DELAYED LAG?
But my connection works just fine, i am thinking either the patch or server issue.

Previous months no issues.

I even chanced my ssd and made new windows install, and my computer is under year old with custom cooling solutions, so its not heating issue, i know how to build proper gaming computer.

Intel i5 9400F
32GB ram
1650 GTX
500GB ssd, i only have windows and wow on this drive now,
so it has plenty space, i was gonna do clean format\install anyways, now is done and getting same issues.

I do use addons, but they are there for a reason, cause Blizz default suuuuuuuux^^

WoW is CPU based game, not GPU… lol

You can play the game with like gtx 700, if you have proper CPU and RAM.

Not on higher resolutions and/or higher quality settings. Some current zones like Ardenweald are quite GPU demanding, especially with increased resolution.

each windows / gpu driver update does that.
you gotta change the power managment settings on both each time you update.

if you reduce graphics to low settings, yes…
try runing wow retail @3440x1440 on a low gpu and you’ll see it doen’t work like this.
Retail is not the same as wow vanilla. what you said was true a long time ago, and when we used to run wow at 1080p

Make sure the game is respecting the power profile in the nvidia control panel too.You can easily tell with a programm that shows your gpu clock.

I noticed the game sometime launches into a power saving state even if you set it to maximum performance in the Nvidia control panel

I posted the issue on guru3d forums and some ppl noticed the same thing

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After setting nvidia power managment to “prefere maximum performance”,
go to the gpu software MSI AfterBurner or Asus GPUTweakII, and set the profile to OC mode if you don’t want to make your own profile, (never use 3D OC or AI OC).
After that, go to advanced and set Power Target to max, mine is 116%
and GPU voltage to max, 100%.
Your gpu should not downclock anymore.
If you’re OCing your CPU and have a decent cooler you can do the same.
My 9700k never goes below 5.1Ghz on all cores, with IDLE temps ~30cº and max spike! temps 70Cº.
If your GPU has a physical switch most RTX3080s have, switch it to performance, it only changes the fan speed curve!
You can not have 2 different GPU control programs running at the same time,
if you’re using Asus AI Suite 3 it has gpu managment, so also using Afterburner/Gpu tweak wont work properly.

Bit overkill for wow.

All you need is to enable the high performance power mode for w10 and maximum performance in the nvidia CP.That’s it.

Sadly,like I said the game sometimes doesn’t respect the Nvidia setting for some reason.Only game that does it bdw.

(Just incase you where talking to me) Also I don’t use msi afterburner for nothing else besides keeping check on frametime/clock.I only run it when I feel something is “off”.I also don’t feel its worth to Oc’ 3080.

Even after doing every change you mentioned, regarding the Nvidia settings, I have huge frame drops when I face anima conduits of any kind…

Yesterday everything was working fine, but today after patch i get 59fps top and it’s really game lagging. If i keep the game alt tab but still see the screen everything is smooth and higher fps, i had to do this on the world boss because it was so bad. i have no clue whats going on. i had 90+fps normal but now its locked on 59.

those settings were not to fix that, you have the same problem we all have, probably spires is impossible to play other than gta2 style…

Check if VSync isn’t turned on in game settings (same for frame limiters or increased settings)

But you ignored us so much time. And you want us to believe you?

Fix the bastion arena blizzard holy moly before the patch i had like 100 fps on that map and now 48-60 how is that even possible literally unplayable.
Ohhh and srsly why is it that bloody bright you need sunglasses for that arena.

Blizzard, please fix whatever is causing this… do not ignore this thread. This problem should be your main priority…

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