Important FPS drop since patch today [PC]

Yeah it’s been unplayable inside dungeons this week. I tried everything but nothing works. Gonna have to unsub if it’s not fixed after reset. :smiley:

Very much unplayable for 3 weeks now… and nothing changed


Since 9.0.5 Spires of Ascension has become literally unplayable for me. It wasn’t good before but I got a relatively stable 60-90 FPS. Currently I can’t really get above 30 FPS and that’s me not moving my character or the camera. When I move the camera, it’s so laggy it feels like a slide show (yes, really!).

This only happens inside the dungeon. The moment I go out everything is back to normal.

I tried toggling every graphics option there is, to no avail.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3700X
GPU: Radeon RX580
RAM: 16 GB
OS: Windows 10 + latest drivers


Here almost month after patch, still having flickers, fps drop, game is just not playable since 9.0.5. I have update all drivers, with or without addons. Scan and Repair did not solve this. Tuning graphics, checked all settings in game from 1 to 10. Do we really need month to fix something its not low end pc problems.

Asking my self why in the hell i still pay for game that’s most of the time broken, not finished, they just show how much they respect us and how much we mean to them, ignoring something they made bad, or have no idea how to fix.

CPU - i5 6500
GPU - Radeon Rx570
OS> Windows 10 + everything up to date, last version of bios.

All other games i play (Witcher 3, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War) have no issues, they work as good as they did with every update for AMD Drivers,


So many people encounter this issue, I’m still wondering how isn’t it fixed yet. It’s not like it’s very hard to encounter.


I think that blizzard doesn’t care about fixing this issue. Today its exactly 1 month sice 9.0.5 came out. A lot of people have fps drops, Spires are unplayable. The one thing we should do is to cancel our subscriptions and stop paying for broken game with very bad service… because they only care about money and that 200 milion bonus for CEO.

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Someone in General forum said they fixed it like this:

SOLVED for me
I tried ALOT of things, but found what worked. Delete the cache, GPU cache and WTF file in your wow folder. Then i went from 9-21 framrate to 60+ (remember to restart pc, or shut wow completly off)

Just Checked if it will work for me, and after deleting cache, GPU cache and WTF file, nothing changed and Spires are stil stuck at 40 FPS for me. Before 9.0.5 I had stable 60+ FPS in Spires with no issues.

notice drops as well
desktop is fx9590 5ghz octocore > 32gb ram > 2 gtx960 4gb cards in sli
laptop is r7 -3750H 32gb ram rtx 2060 6GB
on both
also today suddenly getting 2k ping in both home and word on 100mb fiber
(checked with no network issues )

Try lowering particle density in graphics.

Tried everything, changing settings dont affect this issue, even if i go very low and turn off everything FPS don’t go up. Following this topic (and what people post) We can assume that this issue is not on the user side. it’s an rendering issue caused by anima conductors and heavy renders in SoA. Blizzard needs to fix this because trust me we tried almost everything and nothing works.

i have the same problem, nothing seems to work, makes the game unplayable

SLI could cause problems, also the FX CPU is really bad in WoW and will bottleneck you in most scenarios even with a 960.

I wish I could play spires with 60 FPS again… now I play with 20-30. Maybe if we all put money together to get bobby kotick a yacht again something will be done.

Is there any update on this problem? We are more then a month further and i just checked and i have still horrible frame drops…
I canceled my subscription can you tell me how to get the already payed months refunded? This game is unplayable in my covenant area and SoA. Since Shadowlands main thing is the covenant i am kinda screwed…

I go exactly the same problem the people mentioning above, please just fix it.

Very good post on reddit with a lot of details. maybe Blizzard can look into it.

Of course this reddit post didn’t get much attention, but people making cheap cosplays and kindergarden jokes get 5k upvotes.

I already published this on the forums and made a bug report on PTR (as it’s still there) while collecting data for that analysis :wink:


Hey guys, I just want you to let you know that 3 days ago new thread about SoA appeared on the internet and they’re done some pretty much good job with analyzing it. Hope Blizzard that might help you.

Just replace (dot) for .

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