In Development: Guardians of the Dream

In Development: Guardians of the Dream

While stalwart champions defend the land against Fyrakk the Blazing's villainous ascension and the start of his quest to claim the power of the new World Tree, Amirdrassil, the next content update is in the making.

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that m+ pool…shivers

hyped for the legendary 2h axe though.

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A moment of silence for all the night elf enjoyers that were hoping to get druid of the flame customisation
More blood elf customisation though
poggers :joy:

Why don’t you just let us split 2h legendary axe into 2 one-handed ones (like Warian’s sword).

I want to finally get any legendary weapon on my enhancement shaman that is not the meme BG sulfuras ;(

So its about the emerald dream and you give an legendary axe… ?
Nothing for druids ?


Blood elf tattoos!! :crossed_fingers:

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I hope we get those rune-bear skins at some point :sunglasses:

  1. Emerald Dream
  2. Legendary is NOT for Druids.

Memelord status achieved.

Anyway, if you’d told me this patch was coming 5 years ago I’d have been stoked, but now…

I might just be jaded, I dunno, but what I’m seeing does not look like the Emerald Dream at all. It’s way too bright, you can see the stars through this brightness which is just bizarre, the legendary floating trees and massively exaggerated flowers aren’t there at all, and the swirly-misty hilly landscape doesn’t appear to be there, either - or well, it is in concept, but because Blizzard just can’t help themselves but making everything tightly packed and putting stuff everywhere they seem to be broken up so much they effectively disappear.

And it’s full of dragon isles architecture.

These artists DO NOT KNOW their source material. Or they’re deliberately ignoring it. They’re just making up their own stuff as they go along with no regard for what was teased before.

I am very disappointed. It feels like a puncture wound to a childhood memory. Ouch :frowning: Art team failing me big time.


damn, i was excited for s3 but seeing only 2 out of 8 dungeons being ones I remotely like (Atal and Darkheart), I guess I’ll just sit this season out as well.

hopefully blizzcon gives us some 11.0 sneak peaks that will bring back some hype :confused:

luckily it doesn’t look like we’re taking it from the emerald dream and instead it was brought there by fyrakk and will be taken from his hands.

I really couldn’t care less. Of course going to the Dream should be big for Druids, I don’t care how they do it. I mean… ffs. Art department is in free fall.

theres a good chance there will be druid weapon, it just won’t be legendary.

Looks good, renewed excitement.

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I’m kinda looking forward to it. Seems cool enough for me. I’m mainly interested in the raid though. The M+ dungeons seem also kinda nice honestly. Giant AoE in Everbloom is always fun. Might also change my main to DH, so I can burn down that nature with fel energy.

Public events though are kinda boring, because half the people just afk, and there is no way to fail.

Which is my complaint exactly.

If there ever is to be a legendary druid weapon, this would’ve been it. We’re going to the heart of their power source.

And then they talked about druids in vanilla as well. We’re still missing like 2/3rds of the druid class quests. I wonder if they’re there. I doubt it.

Look, I’m telling you something: This is not the last time, we will go to the emerald dream. This new zone only represents a section of it.

BUT: it COULD have been a polearm with strength/agi

Fyrakk’s axe. It does make sense.
We’re not killing druids and taking their weapons. :kissing_heart:

Anyway… I’m happy we’re getting a nice looking zone! I think I’ll enjoy being there.
I’m looking forward to it.

I’m really wondering if I’ll just do KSM and call it a day this time.

This looks so pretty!!

Why? Which dungeon is horrible