Incoming nerf to Paladins


    Divine Favor (Honor Talent) cooldown increased to 30 seconds (was 25 seconds), and now increases cast speed by 30% (was 60%).

Protection, Retribution
    Word of Glory’s healing has been reduced by 20% in PVP situations.

Yep it happened, now we are gonna have to play with insane god healers to survive in arena. Remember than without WoG spamming outside of our goes, we are as useless as a rogue without any cds.

this nerf is not enought. Retri hitting 2x damage and so big heal like holy.


If you can’t manage to kill aret as a rogue maybe the nerf isn’t the solution you need.

Rogue is trash btw. Counter classes is so powerfull.

So, nerf healing - give nothing in return. Just who expected that to happen? Literally EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. IN. EXISTENCE. that doesn’t work for Blizzard!

And of course it’s a “small tuning”, Blizzard promised often and small changes. How is nerfing basically entire Ret healing by 20% a small change?

The crying of the community the moment ret is not a free kill is amazing… Honestly I’m not even surprised anymore. They should at least give something in return to compensate since we are the most squishy spec out there…


This. I had the same thought. Maybe reduce the CD of bubble or increase the strength of the shield.
Rets advantage was the offheal outside of burts phases.

IMHO divine stead should make you immune to slow and root effects.

What did you lads smoke? You ain’t need nothing in return.


QQs with an low lvl twink.



c’est la vie.

Most squishy? Cmon man. Try feral and think again.

Not much of a twink, is it? Here’s my main darling.

Lol, how many things Ret has compared to Warrior? The only thing that Warrior lacks is ability to pop wings for burst phase and use healing magic, everything else is basically already there.

Not gonna argue here but the thing is feral has ways to get out of harm that ret doesn’t. Having said that, I’m not in favor of nerfing things but in buffing underperformers.

As for my complain about rets, I actually have two. First is Blizzard’s reflexes are not nearly as fast when it comes to balancing other specs (BfA havoc DH or even worse Destro lock comes in mind as two apparent examples).

And nerfs that hit us early in the expac w/o compensation follow us for the next two years as we scale too poorly. And most important they end up messing with PvE too.

Backpedling mouthbreathers complain for ret damage and utility and at the same moment ret is the LEAST REPRESENTED SPEC in m+ and mid-bottom in Mythic Castle Nathria.

Blizzard could for once try to balance us w/o breaking us. Just an example, they could nerf the prot leggo for ret. Just saying. And if that was not enough, then proceed to healing.

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Why would they give something in return lmao, your heals are still op btw


I will only say that everything in Paladins has multiplicative nature. Their damage and healing alike. Paladins get high numbers by stacking multiple bonuses on top of another ones, so 20% crit and 20% damage + healing from wings, 65% bonus from Healing Hands, another bonus from versa etc.

So if you nerf one of these multipliers (e.g. Healing Hands from 65% to 50%) you are only cutting that 15% missing that is applied on top of some other multipliers. But if you nerfed base value by like 20% it can effectively be nerf by WAY more than 20%. It can easily be 30-40% nerf in practice because every next value from which you calculate another multiplier will be smaller.

I’m not sure if Blizzard employees are so stupid to not know this (but I wouldn’t be suprised at that point to be honest), so I think that only thing they did was (all of the WoG things that were happening before) * 0.8. If they nerfed base by 20% it’s probably going to be super overnerf that may kill the spec in pvp.

For ret 20% is nothing xD
But holy pala i think Divine favor was buffed and loved now nerfed and killed :smiley:
but i’m just a pvp pleb what i know there are gods and they will tell us soon enough

Feral is rogue with the ability to go into tank form basically. I don’t see how you could be less squishy.

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Like ok u can remove ret paladin healing completly i dont mind that BUT GIVE US SOMETHING IN RETURN. Beside bubble u die in a stun , there is no real defensive cooldowns. If u start spaming WoG’s u are turteling yourself u use holy power to heal u dont do pressure. And outside the 2 min cd’s u are basicly useless , no MS etc . Like i said its oke to nerf the healing or comepletly remove it but give us someting in return.

On top of all that ret paladin in PVE IS TOTAL BS. Nobody wants to take u as ret in a mythic+ , on raids its sad also . So the only part of fun was PvP for ONCE! And now u want to nerf him.

I srsly hope the person who balances your game does not get paid.


Yeah, good points. I agree that feral has a good mobility in general. Its just that once you got yourself stunned without trinket, you’re basically gone. This isn’t the case with ret tho, right? It makes feral feel very squishy when playing against certain classes. Sometimes it feels like wall or barkskin aren’t even worth to use, you’re just going to die anyway.