Info on love rocket i found


So this stuck out the most For the remainder of Legion, players level 98 and above fit that criteria. The minimum level requirement will increase again in Battle for Azeroth, and will continue to increase in future expansions.

So what is the level needed for BFA ? going by this i would say 108+ can anybody else shed some light on it .

Lvl 110 to farm love rocket
(Xénon) #2

if that’s true this sucks, i have 2 characters over level 108, but have like 6 100’s


I just hope its not a thing because if i recall the headless horseman was not changed but i just wish they would say in advance so people can plan a little.

(Chocoh) #4

Love rocket hahaha

Gonna use that name for ermm… reasons


It would be really great though if we had this info .

(Punyelf) #6

I’m hoping they don’t up it from last year. I still have a reasonable number of characters I can run through the dungeon.

If it’s 108 I’m far more limited :sob:

(Goresh) #7

I give the wife the old love rocket every year. BA-Dum-Tsh!


(Dottie) #8

I have only 16 110+ but another 19 at 100+ so if it’s still 98 I’m gonna be busy.

(Goresh) #9

I only have 4 over 110 :sob:

(Uldurin) #11

Man you are getting desperate :sweat_smile:


I assumed that the level limit was going to be 110 this year, so I’ve been levelling characters in advance.
Would still be great if the level limit was only 98, though.

(Uldurin) #13

What is the droprate on this bad boy?

(Punyelf) #14

According to MMO Champion, the drop chance of this is 1 in 3333, or a 0.03% chance to drop from something which is only available once a day per character FOR TWO WEEKS . It holds the honor of being the rarest item in-game.

(Uldurin) #15

Well i’m gonna get it on the first try easy peasy :sunglasses:

(Punyelf) #16

Last year or they year before a few guildies got it. I’ve not been that lucky. And neither of them mass farmed it, unlike me.

RNG is a cruel mistress!!

(Uldurin) #17

Since i don’t have that many characters leveled yet i’m only gonna have two shots at it lol :scream:

I’m never lucky so i’m not feeling too positive :sweat_smile:

(Punyelf) #18

Two shots a day!!!

(Tiranja) #19

Forgive me,but i don’t get the fuzz about this mount.
Besides from being the rarest drop,it’s not very pretty to look at.
Looks like something hammered together in a garage,and spraypainted pink. :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face: (Sorry)

(Punyelf) #20

I really like it but we all have different tastes/preferences.

(Tiranja) #21

True, i meant no offence :slight_smile: