Lvl 110 to farm love rocket


Are you serious Blizz ? i’ve been trying to farm this damn thing for years! why can’t you just let it be 15+ like it was a couple of years ago. Which i farmed on 50 chars a day btw . How to make a rare mount even rarer. Just no fair on collectors at all.

Once again fun detected , fun neutralised. Fun removed.


already and ongoing thread about it with a blue post in it .


completely different topic asking when will there be a confirmation posted days ago


We knew last year they were going to up it .
All iwanted to know if it was 108 or 110 and they answered you cant be angry over 12 months notice .

(Lepanto) #5

“Farming” a mount that’s only available two weeks a year with a 0,003% drop chance… Good luck to any and all.

(Punyelf) #6

The existing discussion if you’d like to join in.

And the blue post confirming the level 110


Please use the existing thread that Punyelf linked to. :slight_smile: Thanks!