Interesting new changes in 10.0.7 for FDK

Looks like we’re getting a good QoL buff in 10.0.7

Aye they released the class updates a few days ago my dude 🫡

Datamined 8 hours ago.

  • Frost
    • Remorseless Winter has been removed from the talent tree and now learned at level 19.

    • Might of the Frozen Wastes has been removed from the talent tree and now learned at level 25.

    • Frostreaper has been removed from the talent tree and now learned at level 28.

    • New Talent: Fatal Fixation – Killing Machine can stack up to 1 additional time. Replaces Frostreaper on the talent tree.

    • Biting Cold has moved to Remorseless Winter’s old position in the Frost specialization tree.

    • Everfrost has moved to Biting Cold’s old position in the Frost specialization tree.

    • Obliteration now causes Soul Reaper to also grant Killing Machine and have a chance to generate a Rune during Pillar of Frost

      • Developers’ note: Frost will be seeing a few updates to their tree in 10.0.7. Currently Frost feels 1 or 2 points off from being able to make more meaningful choices within their spec tree. To help ease some of this we are shifting a few talents to be auto-learned on level up and replacing them with a new or existing talent. The new version of the tree should offer a little more variety and feel less linear when allocating your talent points and give you more choice based on the content you are running.

It’s all the biggest things we asked for. Blizzard did really good work this time!

Feels good lads, feels good. Essentially we get about 2 more points to play with if you’re 2H frost.

Those 2 points were huge. You can now take Everfrost AND AZ at the same time as 2H which is going to put us in a really good position in M+ after todays changes too.

My only issue is FDK’s final tier looks a bit unfinished. CBR and Invigorating Freeze needs to be changed to something more interesting. Also we still need PvP talents against physical comps.

Also Soul Reaper interacting with Obliteration

Lets not be overly optimistic :smiley: Lets wait until we actually get all that on retail :smiley:

Wasn’t this released on general with class updates, or have they added more changes?

Depends what you refer to. We got the hotfix today, then there is the new talent changes to Frost DK.

I meant the former, noticed there was some talent changes on the way after I’d replied

Are they kidding? I JUST got rid of killing machine ruining obliterate with frost damage, why are they making it baseline??? Just give me the talent alternative of bumping up the base damage by like 50% instead of doing frost damage already…

Yea those are actually excellent changes.

merik, wtf are you talking about ruining obliterate? That change to killing machine was excellent, as it also makes mastery scale well.

No, it is not, under no circumstances should an ability RANDOMLY change damage types meaning if you are about to kill an enemy with PHYSICAL damage and then it triggers, your enemy survives because they were immune to magic damage.

You are literally advocating for the game to screw you over for no apparant reason by supporting such a capability, any and all frost damage tied to obliterate should be placed into the single target output of howling blast so that you can control wether you are dealing magic or physical damage, even if this means that killing machine can grant a guaranteed rime proc.

Furthermore, there is nothing that says that the frost mastery shouldn’t be doing both physical and frost damage both, the frost mastery has always been bad because it is completely boring, uninteresting and does not even represent frost dk gamplay at all.

Says who, you?

Killing machine doing frost damage does more damage and solved mastery scaling, literally anyone who knows a damn about frost dk tells you that it’s better this way and that it was a change that was asked for quite some time.

Your argument literally makes no sense. Screw you over? What the hell are you even talking about.

This whole argument reeks of “in my opinion” But the problem is that you don’t know wtf you are talking about.

ok lets say I’m 1 hit from killing a rogue, he pops cloak, killing machine triggers right as im about to killing blow and then he gets immune and healed because blizzard don’t know how to develop so took an idea from people who have no idea what they are talking about beyond “me do damage number”.

I would have absoloutely no control over the fact that I took the correct action yet lose this scenario because the game decided to completely randomly “increase” my damage by reducing it to 0.

and quite frankly, anyone who thinks that allowing even the possibility of this happening is “ok” is a moron and the reason this class never gets a half-decent development cycle.

what if my enemy dk uses ams? now im randomly dealing 0 damage and giving him RP for no apparant reason.

what if a paladin spell wards my target, well guess what I once again lose a kill because randomly the game decides to mass proc KM as i press obliterate.

So that clearly means that just because something could happen in a very situational circumstance that means the change is bad?

Just drop it, you’re completely ignoring the fact that on the other hand frost damage ignores armor and deals more damage overall.

And what do we call that? It’s called cherry piking.

Effin pvpers man.

Not really, its more like telling a builder to stop replacing random bricks with sugar bricks.

and then that builder just says its fine because it will still build a house and that you are the problem if you don’t like having random bricks made out of sugar.

Look, i already said to drop it, your argument makes no sense and you cherry pick points to suit your argument.

when half my house dissolves because it randomly rains, i don’t think that would be cherry picking to complain about a stupid building material.

I wouldn’t build my house out of sugar just because its unlikely to rain.

oh, and FYI, this is not cherry picking because this is the exact reason they unhooked KM from frost strike, because it would randomly proc as you pressed frost strike and mess up your obliterate and vice versa. You don’t unhook that then for no reason put the problem back into the game even worse on another ability, if this was the case then killing machine should simply be triggering from frost strike and not obliterate, this passive makes no sense no matter which way you look at it because the tools are already there to deal a guaranteed frost critical strike and the developers easily have the tools to add or remove numbers based upon that.