Introducing the World of Warcraft Classic Summer Bowl!

I bet my black lotus on Team Bot. But I am not sure if I ll go for Team UnGoro Stompers, Hinterlands Jujus, Feralas Ogres or the favourites Stratholme Daddies.

I was invite to this 2 month ago: they say bring a party of 10: i say: i dont need 10 i can beat all the honorful horde and hacking apes bring it on

Blizz send a swag bag to me: all akon CD and a bottle of oil to my car so i can log in to best wi fi in europe

Something for those premades everyone is complaining about to do. I hope anyone caught cheating will be banned from real WoW classic too.

Who gives a damn about this crap FIX PVP useless company.

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A slap in the face. F.

The tournament is taking place in real classic, using real classic characters.

It isn’t broken, it’s working exactly as intended: useless poster.

So is this Blizzard was of saying premades in normal BGs, not the bowl, is completely fine?

Blizzard wont ever say that because if they did, they’d upset a bunch of people and frankly: being honest was never something Blizzard excelled at.

Supporting teamplay via this tournament however, is a good indication that Blizzard do actually want people to premade and play as a team.

Who cares? Fix the game you have layered to hell and ban the botters instead, Freaking trash company.

It is great, that classic have a tournament BUT :

  • Consumables : Feels like you have hundreds of golds as an entry fee.
  • Class stacking enabled : Every pvp guild will bring 4 warrior, 3 priest, 2 mage. Some choose to have 1 rog or 1 druid to run with flag. This is not a tournament for other classes I guess.
  • Live servers : This is the worst part of this event , they give advantage to the hardcore player - which is not fair.
    People with “low” gear will have no chance, because they do not have spare 4h+ a day to play the game. What are the odds against a group with full legendary warriors, best in slot trinkets, rank 14 set?
    For example Tank+heal BIS gear druid who can change depends on which role he needs to play ( capture flag or help to offheal ). These tools will not be available for the average but skilled team.

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