Introducing the World of Warcraft Classic Summer Bowl!

Introducing the World of Warcraft Classic Summer Bowl!

We set our eyes to Classic Warsong Gulch to find our Summer champion!

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Bringing e-sport stuff into classic WoW now? Interesting.

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The graphic of the new map is cool,

But seriuly the design of the old map ( i mean in cataclysm) was way soo much better.

I hope the next time they redesign Warsong glutch they set the same map as Cataclysm.

Able to climb tree, you could jump over the wall in horde side etc.

inb4 salty classic hardcores - ’ BlIzZaRd RuInInG ClaSsIc WiTh E-SpOrTs ’ or some other bullsh*t that shouldn’t concern them


Clashick WoW PvP Scene is the :boom:

Of course with strict rules, like no warlocks, shadow priests and warriors get a 3 second head start to chop once and of course mages are forbidden and reck bombadins and shamans and rogues. Hunters can’t kite also, only melee. Druids are cool, I like druids, Then it’s balanced :slight_smile:

Wonder how diverse the teams will be in terms of class comp. :slight_smile:

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Im sry, but eventho i really want you guys to find succes in E-Sports for WOW, i dont see how, arena cup is boring M+ even more so… Maybe this will be better and then u can expand in RBG E-Sports on Retail.

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so people with better gear win since it is played on live servers?

probably the same clown fiesta as AWC and MDI to highlight the inability to balance a game.

In this case it is ok though because #nochanges
anyway I guess there are no time limits so the tournament could take forever to finish?

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Wow! What a prize!

Ah, the MAGE bowl, because Classic is fine, no need to nerf mages in pve or pvp content…just working as intended :slight_smile:

There is a classic forum you know :wink:

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Nice looking forward.

are people allowed to invest in flasks and consumes? most gold wins concept ? :rofl:

So you recognize how popular classic BG’s are and how many pre mades are playing round the clock?

How about moving pre mades out of random queue?

Hardcore raiders are going to win … Casuals are cannon fodder …

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I got a team of 9 bots i would like to sign up.


Its not like casuals should be expected to win in anything that is competitive in the first place.

I have never heard anyone say they want Classic pvp to be an eSport. I have seen A LOT of players ask for casual and pug friendly fun pvp though…

Fixyour crappy servers and customer support.
Spend that 4k dolladolls where we need it.

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If neither team has captured any flags, the game will be won by the team who secured the most kills.

This is a rather dangerous win condition. I can already see turtle teams focusing solely on denying flags and killing even 1 player more than the other team.